Miss Vietnam Global 2007


Miss Vietname Global 2007 was held and the winner is Jennifer LĂŞ from the USA.

Do I really need to write about all this? Or do you just want to head on over to the site and enjoy all the goodies? Well, since I am in a hurry and nobody else is posting, I suggest you just click here! 😉

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  1. Not feelin’ ANY of them.Trannyriffic. I know there’s hotter Viet babes out there.Hell the one I dated in Westminster (OC) would put these girls to shame.

  2. Well, out of the 8 shown, the winner WAS the prettiest one (in my opinion). I don’t think Miss Commerce was pretty at all, and some of them (particularly “Miss Photogenic”) even look like cross-dressers.

    (And, unfortunately, much to my chagrin, I’ve seen cross-dressers who were “prettier” than some of these girls.)

    In any case, I’m glad that the one who most deserved to win did so. I just wonder what all the other girls these 7 runners-up beat out looked like.

  3. That can’t be for real! This must be a campaign to reduce the number of sex tourists visiting the country.

    As Borat would say, “Ugh, not so nice”

  4. It is against our posting guidelines to just come right out and say the girls featured here are ugly, so just let me say that I continue to be astonished at how totally unrepresentative of Vietnamese beauty the girls in these so-called “beauty” pageants are. IMHO, the vast majority of the girls just walking on the street in Vietnam are infinitely more attractive than this. If you want to see some real Vietnamese beauty, go here – the girls in this beauty pageant are not representative of the true beauty of Vietnamese women!

  5. i think the key word here is “GLOBAL,” seeing as clicking to “contestants” would show you that most of these girls – with the exception of, say, five – are college students from the US.

    looking at the locations of these girls – like, long beach, seattle, etc. – chances are that they’re not really going to super big-name colleges. maybe all they really do all day when they’re not studying for the MCAT (or vainly looking at themselves in what they didn’t know was a funhouse mirror) is scope out beauty contests to enter in and lose.

    unfortunately for you guys, when college co-eds aren’t studying, we’re not really having ‘sleepovers’ that turn into massive lesbian orgies. case in point– these girls found some obscure vietnamese beauty pageant. this only comes from hours spent online, fellas!

  6. another thing is – this pageant is only two years old! the first one was held in august 2006. i mean, i bet that girl in france that got runner-up last year (according to the press release) won solely on the basis of entering in a contest with a website written entirely in english and held thousands of miles from her homeland.

    seriously, as a judge, i would’ve just given her kudos and said “hey, you’re probably 10x smarter than miss congeniality over there studying pharmacy in tucson, here’s your prize – though it probably won’t cover the costs of your airfare”

  7. What Christine says is true as far as it goes, but even in that context, there are far more attractive Vietnamese girls going to colleges in the US than these – like the cover girl for my ao dai post, for example. Once again, it seems as though only relatively unattractive girls bother to enter these pageants, perhaps in a desperate attempt to prove they are actually attractive (yeah right!).

  8. I suspect this super sexy ao dai is what won the day for Jennifer:

    It’s still not enough to make for her nose job IMHO, but it’s a hell of an ao dai – would love to see it on a really beautiful Vietnamese girl! 🙂

  9. wow, that girl was totally lackluster in the myspace photos — that ao dai is working wonders for her! personally, i think she would’ve looked better had the ao dai been in emerald green instead of this trite tealish blue colour.

  10. Perhaps you should get an ao dai Christine – you’ve already discovered your “inner bitch”, so maybe you can find an “inner lady” as well. 😉

  11. Maaaannn…I think I’m startin to hate those trite tealish blue ao dai’s now, as well. Thanks alot christine…just yesterday, I would have given two craps less, but now…look what you’ve done. >_<

  12. I just went out and bought an ao dai for men, in christine’s favorite emerald green color. I’ll have to show you guys…that is if you all want to see it.

  13. I too don’t see what the fuss is about with these contestants. Here on the west coast on a university campus, within ten minutes’ time I can see at least five Viet chicks who are far hotter than any of these!

    I thought the center front one was Miss Congee (from Taiwan, hahahaha)!

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