Import Flavour presents Romeo TV

If you remember them from their DVD series, behold the behind the scenes footage from the vault of Import Flavour. Watch as they travel across the nation giving you the viewer an up close and personal look at the VIP parties and the models that drive the import car scene. Re-releasing the classic DVD segments as well as new footage.

When they started filming the import scene, they wanted to be different so they interviewed every model they could and partied with them also so the footage would be up close and personal. YouTube has given them an avenue to showcase footage that they have been sitting on for a while since the original website was taken down a few years back.

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0 thoughts on “Import Flavour presents Romeo TV”

  1. So, usually someone out there seems to delight in finding flaws in the babes posted here. Good luck this time, cause I’m not seeing any (except for no nudity)!

  2. You mean apart from the fact that hardly any of these girls actually look Asian, due to the bleached hair and facial surgery? Or the fact that all but a couple of them are totally unremarkable, as they look just like almost every other SoCal import model? Truth be told, I hadn’t even bothered to watch this video before you issued your “challenge” – whenever I see the words “import model” these days, I usually just move on.

  3. Ok Doc, so I guess I’m not as much a purist as you. Yes, I love the Asian women you see in the oriental markets and such (I’m married to one), but also the Asian and half-Asian girls in the malls. Even though these import models may be generic, they still look hot to me (c’mon, check out the legs and butts).

  4. Flaws?

    There are some very pretty women in there. Some nice abs. Some attractive butts. Some nicely-toned legs.

    But, as jinnika posted on YouTube (or close to this):

    “Most of you guys are just so stupid !! Fake tits and a lot make up!!”

    Unattractive surgery results galore.

    Teanna Kai’s breasts are just awful.

  5. Arf, according to you, who has the sexiest legs and butts?
    Don’t say Christine ok, I have no seen her comment yet.

  6. Niners, it’s almost impossible to choose one girl, because there are too many types of legs and butts that I like. But I will say this, Teanna Kai’s breast are just awful. Most hideous things on the planet. What in the world was she thinking. Of course I’m not serious. Just being silly. I like Teanna just fine.

  7. i take like two weeks off from combating the fake tits/painted face/fake tan/gross hair epidemic and this happens. guys, you let me down. seriously, i thought i was doing so well – i mean, arf even was growin’ up, saying one girl ‘didn’t do anything for him’ and i was getting so excited by all your increasingly refined tastes…

    y’all know i’m teasing, but dang guys. seriously? i liked that second girl’s body – she had a really slender build to begin with, then she worked out so she looked toned – but i can’t say anything for their faces. or their breasts. or their hair. or their fake tans. gah!

  8. Arf, I agree with you but the most important is when a person takes implant surgery choose a good one otherwise it will become a nightmare.
    Christine, everyone has their own taste and it will increase whenever we think and look for better shape. For you, don’t untill you loose your touch as a woman.

  9. Welcome back Christine – we need you here to keep everybody in line! 😉 As you can tell from my comments above, I agree with you on this one.

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