Kanda Kan


Kanda Kan is from ThaiChix. She pretty much only has one “look” but she does that look fairly well. She’s clearly not in this for the modeling, and it arguably a little out of shape, even for a low budget porn star, but she’s been around for a bit so she has some fans.Stats:

Age: ? (Somewhere it said she was 19, but I doubt it).
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Thai
Located: Thailand















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0 thoughts on “Kanda Kan”

  1. Clearly she won’t have fans of:

    A. ‘Darker’ Thai women with an ethnic emphasis

    B. Fans of the clean shaven look.

    Me? I like! Nice darker complexion, natural smooth body, sexy face. Though I concede she could trim a little down there, maybe a landing strip.

  2. A little out of shape??? On what planet LOL! I think her body is perfect.

    A very pretty girl although a smile wouldn’t go a miss

  3. A little work could go a long way on this girl. Some working out, a trim, and maybe some pointers on how to pose could move her up a few notches. Still, she’s certainly not bad as she is now.

  4. As Strout said, not a fan of the darker, but she is still nice. Her hair makes up for some things.

  5. Yes, Mzungu, I agree a smile would do wonders for her (and us). Why do so many Asian girls who pose, hide a smile? It is as if they are told men prefer to see a girl showing no emotion on her face. I think most guys would rather see a smile on a pretty face.
    Full lips, sexy eyes (a little ott with the makeup) and a stunning body; a 10 from me.

  6. AussieMike: I suspect many girls are told to keep their lips tight because their teeth may not match the rest of their perfection. Having said that, it does appear that Kanda has decent teeth and I think it would be nice to see a smile or two!

  7. Out of shape Travis? She is very much in shape and she has some great tits too.
    Kanda is the kind of girl who makes me wanna fly. As in, catching a plane. 🙂
    Just great.

  8. just wondering — this kind of porn, with the stereotypical thai girls…is it produced in thailand? so are the companies that produce and market this porn american/european companies that are stationed in thailand?

  9. Basically Christine, yes. These girls are popular with white guys, they don’t cost much, and they will do just about anything for money, so it is a good business model.

  10. There’s an idea…go to the land of smiles and work as a porn star all day and night after I start my own movie business. I’m sure daznlover would be up for it. 🙂

  11. These girls are shot on location, yeah, in thailand. But it’s not legal so it’s a very risky business.

    arf you offering me some stake in your business? So let me guess, you would be the star and I would get the girls for you? lol

  12. We’re all stars in thailand…we can even take turns at the fluff boy duties when the other is shooting a scene. Man…this sounds so exciting!

  13. I believe standard procedure is to pay a little extra and shoot it yourself with your spare hand. This explains the quality photography and innovative camera angles. I guess this means you may need to fluff yourself Arf 😉

  14. My favorite skin color of all… and seems to be a Thai natural, in very “natural” shape. I like Thai. I like her.

    She needs a new makeup person tho.

  15. I already submitted my resume.

    Actually, when it comes to Miss Kanda, submitted is the word for sure;-)

  16. We’ll soon have a whole porn production crew on the set working for Miss Kanda. It’s so exciting watching it all come together. I can’t wait to start filming.

  17. You can hold the boom Niners…or be the director if you want. Even handle the close up shots with the handhelds too.

  18. Ok guys, let’s make another box office, in blue version.
    Arf and Daznlover you are stunt men.
    For cameraman is Luke72.
    I am a volunteer including director. Thanks guys.

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