Miss Philippines-Earth 2008

Miss Philippines-Earth 2008

Miss Philippines-Earth 2008. Thirtyseven candidates endorsed by their respective city, municipality and province heed the call to be the next guardians of Mother Earth. Filipino communities in France, Germany, United Arab Emirates, USA East Coast and USA West Coast also sent their representative to the pageant.

Coronation Night will be on May 11, 2008 and will be telecast live on ABS-CBN and The Filipino Channel which is the most-watched Filipino channel for Philippine news, entertainment and advocacies in the Filipino communities abroad.

Click above image for a hi-res photo. Here’s antoher one. And be sure to check out the candidates. A brief history of the pageant can be found on wikipedia.

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0 thoughts on “Miss Philippines-Earth 2008”

  1. Classyclassy — meaning you don’t like them or you’d like to be holding them?

    I like the one second from the right best, but some of them look Tranny hot, which after the Harisu thing is extra scary now.

  2. i was going to say the same thing…some of the contestants look like she may have an extra something something 🙂

  3. They do have them in the Philipines too! I wouldn’t get caught out this time though – Filipinas really aren’t to my taste in general.

  4. I’m usually down for the Pinays… but trying to choose which of these ladies I think is the best looking is not unlike deciding which of my toes I would eat first if it came down to it. Interestingl but not something I would look forward to. I’m glad I’m not one of the judges!

    I have to agree with Wingsfan… Looks like it could be Miss Bakla Philippines 2008!

    In the words of Achilles (Brad Pitt in Troy): “Is there no one else?”

    BTW… I am only sebentin yers ohld… haha!

  5. Mr./ Ms Bakla Philippines World, you have a phone call holding on line one… haha!

    I guess it’s cool because the whole point of the pageant is to raise environmental awareness… or some junk like that… haha! I really don’t find any of them to be consistently attractive. I’ve even gone through most of the pics on the official website just to see if I could choose one or two that I really like No such luck for me… although Ms. West Coast does have a pretty nice rack, IMHO. I guess it’s because all the most beautiful Pinays don’t care much for the environment… haha! Hmmm I wonder…

  6. I like Philipinas, but I might be biased because where I live there are tons of them and I tend to date them frequently. My gf at the moment is in fact of Philipino ethnicity. They are fairly underrated and lets not forget that HappySlip is this type of woman and she’s hawt. There’s this interesting video I’ve stumbled upon on HappySlip with cool music. Check it out.

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