Make A Hot Girl Laugh: Kaila Kim Possible

Comedians Ben Gleib and Owen Smith try to make Kaila Kim laugh her taut ass off.
(Thanks to Curtis G. for the tip)

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0 thoughts on “Make A Hot Girl Laugh: Kaila Kim Possible”

  1. Kaila is a hottie.Neither guy was rib cracking funny…but hey somebody had to win.Speaking of which…The Brotha’ actually won?! Wow.TODD did’nt win the Asian chik over.This has to be a first.;->

  2. I didn’t think they were funny at all. i don’t know how raunchy they were allowed to be, but I think I would have been funnier than either of them (although it’s a bit HARD to concentrate looking at a beautiful Asian babe in a bikini).

  3. She looks great in the 2008 Asian Angels calendar. January and February were great months.

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