Miss Philippines 2009 Candidates in Swimsuits

Twenty-four beautiful young Filipinas strut their stuff in swimsuits as they vie to become Miss Philippines 2009. You may not understand Filipino, but curves in swimwear form a universal language. Check out a slideshow of these beauties here.

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0 thoughts on “Miss Philippines 2009 Candidates in Swimsuits”

  1. I do like Filipinas, but for some reason do not find any of the above girls attractive.

    Maybe it’s just the whole pageant thing….

  2. A few of them are pretty attractive, but the rest range from average to… well, I’d better not say. 😉 And sadly, most of them don’t look very Asian at all. 🙁

  3. wow! Filipinas are hot! one of the hottest asians including the ones in the U.S. Maybe they have more goods and curves than most asians.

  4. Some pretty ones, none stunning on sight.

    In a country where they where under spanish and american rule for so many years, no wonder that the tallest and model-like girls are not so genuinely ‘asian’. It’s a big mix, but with wonderful results too.

    Interesting to see a swimsuit contest in a country where so many girls are still shy to wear a swimsuit at the beach. Gladly, that’s changing.

  5. Miss Philippines or Miss Mix Eurasian??

    I am with Doc, some nice girls, but the rest seemed manufactured to uphold the tradition of white/European looks that still permeate the Filipino culture 🙁

  6. So if they’re pure Filipino, they’re too native, indie or whatever term we may have finally agreed upon. And if they’re not, they’re too Eurasian?

    Granted, the mestizo look seems to be the predominate standard of beauty in the Philippines, but the lighter-skinned look seems to be preferred in America and other places as well (Beyonce, Halle Berry, etc).

    Just enjoy the pretty ones and ignore the not so pretty ones (and there is one who is definitely not so pretty – did anyone say butterface?).

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