Kekko Kamen

Kekko Kamen

The creation of Japanese animator Go Nagi, Kekko Kamen first appeared in a popular Japanese manga series saying such memorable lines as “Nobody knows my face, but everybody knows my body” and “I don’t mind showing my body in the name of love and justice!”

The comic book eventually led to an original video animation series and several movies with four different actresses filling the role as the sexy masked superheroine over the years. The best-known being JAV idol Maria Ozawa, above.For those of you who aren’t familiar with the character, Kekko Kamen (sometimes spelled “Kekkou Kamen”) fights the evil forces at the “Spartan Institute of Higher Education,” a girls boarding school run by a principal named the “Toenail of Satan” who takes a sadistic delight in dishing out humiliating punishments to the students, most often, pretty Mayumi Takahashi, whose innocence and hot body make her a prime target for him and his perverted staff, so needless to say, Mayumi is often in need of Kekko to come to her rescue.

Wearing a red mask with bunny-like ears, a long red scarf, gloves, boots and…nothing else, Kekko is quite skilled with nunchucks, rides a red scooter and the finishing move she uses to take out her opponents, is a flying headscissors where she plants her brightly radiating crotch firmly in the bad guy’s face, breaking his neck and leaving him with a permanent death smile.

A good independent review, that pretty much sums up why Kekko fans are Kekko fans, is here and what you’re listening to now is Emi Shinohara singing “Kekko Kamen no Uta,” the animated series’ official theme song.

Kekko Kamen
Cover of the 2005 US DVD release (I love the what the header reads) that was actually a re-release of the 1991 and 1992 Japanese originals.

Kekko Kamen
Kekko, as she’s depicted in some of the later anime videos.

Chris Aoki as Kekko
Even though the credits show Kekko Kamen as being played by “?”, former Japanese Playboy Playmate, Chris Aoki (Please don’t confuse with the male golfer of the same name!) originally played the lead role in Kekko Kamen (1991), Kekko Kamen 2: We’ll be back… (1992), and Kekko Kamen in Love (1993).

Shino Saito as Kekko
After an 10-year gap between movies, Shino Saito donned the outfit (as it were) for the 2003 films, Mask of Kekko Kamen and Kekko Kamen:The MGF Strikes Back.

Misaki Mori as Kekko
Misaki Mori played Kekko for two films released 2004: Kekko Kamen Returns and Kekko Kamen Surprise.

Maria Ozawa as Kekko
Maria Ozawa (a search will yield several entries featuring her here) played the most recent (and most shapely) incarnation of Kekko Kamen in the 2007 releases, Kekko Kamen Royale, Kekko Kamen Premium and Kekko Kamen Forever.

A clip from Kekko Kamen 2: We’ll be back… with Chris Aoki. Here Kekko finishes off the villain with her flying crotch headscissors and then shows her skills with the nunchucks as she comes to the aid of some female students in peril.

Which actress made the best Kekko Kamen?


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  1. Just when I thought nothing new would surprise me from Japan… And I am shocked that it is over 10 years old and this is the first time I have seen it.

  2. Huh…a guy in Boston Common used to pull off this same shtick. I thought he was just a perv. Who knew he was fighting crime?

  3. What wacky brilliance! Cant believe Ive never seen this before too!
    Now we just need to find the video game adaptation & its journey to glory will be complete!

  4. I rented this vid from netflix, ms. kekko kamen behind the mask looked quite average IMHO. My attraction was drawn to Aki Hoshino instead 😀

  5. Hmm. I wonder how the heroine discovered her powers. It’s not quite like catching a falling object and finding you have super-speed & reflexes, or being struck by a car and noticing you are invulnerable to injury & pain.

  6. Lighten up! It’s almost spring! Besides we’re not blogging about world affairs here. In the world of stupid, this lives in the country of harmless.

  7. This looks like a perfect character for the La Blue Girl series.

    Easy to portry tentacle rape when there are no clothes to tear off.

    100% more efficient !!!

  8. Also…I can see the difference in Maria’s caucasian eyes compared to the other actresses asian eyes in the pictures above. Pictures 6 and 7. And I do realize she is half Japanese, but my magical powers let me see these sort of things when it comes to mixed women/pornstars. Am I lucky or what? I also want to apply to be her costar/partner in crime. Ooops…I just slobbered on myself.

  9. Well, the first half of your comment arf was the most thoughtful thing I have ever seen you contribute. I was scared. Thankfully the last part of your comment is classic arf and I knew the world was right again. =).

    Do I need to do the next post or does someone have one in the works? I don’t want to hog the stage.

  10. Come on Arf,don’t be like that. Actually, I more like her rather than meet superman. Do you??

  11. We can call someone a bitch now? But not butterface (which certainly doesn’t apply to Ms. Ozawa)?

  12. Whether “bitch” is okay or not depends on how it is used. I think butterface (as in “great body, but her face”) is okay.

  13. What Dr. Lee said.

    But if I owned this site I might call every last one of you the b word. Since I’m an extreme hater.

    But I am just a member here so I won’t curse again I think.

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