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If the view count on the last post is any indication (5,000 in 24 hours), the long time readers must have been aching for a new girl over the weekend. Here is another to satisfy your hunger. This bite sized beauty is Anh Minh Le Doan. She is a singer, and was part of a Duo group known as Puriti before splitting off and starting a career on her own. Apparently she is pretty popular as well.Apparently Vietnam has good cameras, but poor disk space, because I could barely find any photos that were larger than 300 pixels wide, anywhere over the entire Internet. That includes on Anh Minh Le Doan’s own MySpace website. Go figure.


Age: 23
Height: 4’10
Weight: 95
Born: Saigon, Vietnam
Lived: Southern California
Ethnicity: Vietnamese














Old Official Website
MySpace 1
MySpace 2

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  1. 1) No nudes? 🙁

    2) Is she possibly mixed ethnicity?

    3) Butterface (as in, her body looks great, from what I can tell, but her face is even better!)

    4) Seriously, I’m gushing over her as Arf would

  2. Travis, in some of her pics I sensed possibly some Caucasian mix, but I’m just throwing it out there for discussion. Regardless of what her ethnicity(ies) may be, I just really like her look.

  3. Yeah. I see what you are saying. I disagree though. Also, don’t forget that Vietnamese does have a small hint of French. And her eyes are not actually blue. She has contacts in a few photos. Make those brown and I bet it looks a little less as well.

  4. Always had a soft (or should I say hard) spot for Vietnamese women. Personally I think she looks very Vietnamese, with no mixed ethnicity.

    Funny enough I had a friend at University that looked just like her and was probably no taller than 4’10 as well. The most attractive thing about my friend and Anh Minh is the face, very alluring.

    From the photos Anh Minh seems taller than 4’10. I guess she is not standing next to anyone to compare with. In any case she is a hot little package.

  5. IMHO she’s straight Vietnamese, and pretty hot too – thanks for posting some Vietnamese models who actually look Vietnamese Travis!

    For those who aren’t familiar with Vietnamese beyond those terrible US import models, they are definitely the most Eurasian looking Asians, and IMHO the most beautiful women on earth. They’re an absolute pain in the ass to date though. 😉

  6. Doc: “They’re an absolute pain in the ass to date though.” Now, see, *this* is interesting info. I’ve never known a Vietnamese girl – not even a terrible US Import model, or an evil elf. Care to elaborate?

  7. Nobody else quite personifies the term “walking contradiction” in the way that many second generation Vietnamese girls do – they have a real identity crisis in my experience (which is fairly extensive in this case). You think you know them, then suddenly you don’t any more. First generation Viet simply have a hard time coming to terms with western culture, and while they will probably get themsleves sorted out by the third generation (there aren’t too many third generation Vietnamese adults yet though), by that time that unique Vietnamese beauty will be gone anyway.

  8. Ugh, blue contacts on Asians is just SO wrong (and brown contacts are almost worse — WHY would an Asian need brown contacts?). Otherwise, she’s pretty.

  9. Yeah, put it on Kindle, could be a breakthrough. 😉

    Very hot girl, skip the lenses and give me those dark, beautiful eyes any day. Stay slim too, the body looks good, wish I could see more skin, though.

  10. I like the contact lenses, while I agree she looks better without, they definitely add a striking difference to those particular shots. She is hot either way.

  11. She’s beautiful, and I would guess full viet from dating quite a few of them. Wish there were some better quality pics, she’s fantastic. One of my new faves.

  12. First photo isn’t that great, makes her look a little chubby, but the other photos are good, especially the bad girl attitude.

  13. Are you serious?! chubby?! she looks skinny and fit….do you prefer anorexic or something? she might be skinnier in person since cameras can add pounds on a person…

  14. Dr. Lee: How thick in pages your instruction will be ? With Chapters devoted to each of the asian ethic groups, and sub-chapters for 1st generation, 2nd generation, etc. I am afraid it will be thicker than the phone book.
    Pain in the butt to date Viet females is an understatement

  15. I just realized I’ve seen her perform here in Socal, she’s from Bolsa in Orange County. I saw her with this white girl (can’t remember her name but she’s beautifula and sings in perfect vietnemese, sell lots of cds in vietnam). She’s really beautiful but then there are a lot of girls that look like her here in Cali.

    i second what Dr Lee said about them being a pain in the ass to date. Before I got married, i dated quite a few (they’re my achilles heel, think they’re the most beautiful women in the world) and they are difficult. While this is a generization, all of them were sweet, a little wild, confused between wanting to be traditional and wanting to be modern, great in bed, happy one day, stubborn beyond belief the next, independent and needy at the same time. Everyone of them had a difficult time dating out of race because of traditional families but they were all special in their own way and i treasure each one. In fact as a whole, vietnemese people are some of the nicest, kindest people i have ever met but date with caution especially if you want it to go somewhere past a fling. So i ended up marrying a (just as beautiful) Chinese american girl and no drama at all.

  16. wow one can make a story out of your life, slakerking. something like a bad Joy Luck Club version. sheeesh….

  17. i guess doc got pushed around a little by viet girls 🙂 she is just ok….imho…not that hot to viet standard 🙂

  18. My experience with Vietnamese girls almost exactly parallels slackerking’s, and I have a weakness for them for exactly the same reason. And just like him I ended up settling on Chinese girls – so much easier to deal with!

    I also second his opinion about Vietnamese being really nice, kind and warm people in general, which makes the difficulty of dating them all the more frustrating. Actually, I’ve found Vietnamese women are a lot easier to get along with after they’re married, and I have many good Viet friends.

  19. I have seen her in person at a concert and at a signing table. (It’s not my kind of music, but I was dragged along by relatives)

    Her voice is more powerful than you would expect. She sang a few ballads that surprised me, actually.

    She’s very polite, from what I’ve seen. Standing next to her, I found her quite petite, and I’m short, myself.

  20. And Vietnamese girls do have issues. I think being trapped inside the body of one for these “many” years makes me qualified to say so.

    I think the problem with Viet girls is that if they aren’t vapid and obsessed with clothes, they think too much and worry their brains away. Or maybe I’m self-diagnosing!

    Viet parents tend to put a lot of pressure on their children to succeed, etc. A LOT of pressure. Try growing up like that and being normal.

  21. Hey acumen – I wasn’t expecting to see you posting here again! Still, I was wondering if you’d read the comments in this thread. 🙂

    I have to say that I do understand why Vietnamese girls are the way they are, and while it is frustrating, I don’t blame them for it. Fundamentally, the clash between Vietnamese and western culture is just too great. As acumen says, they have a lot of pressure on them from their parents, and they feel they owe it to them because of the enormous sacrifices their parents made in coming to the west. Vietnamese mostly came to the west because they felt they had to, not because they wanted to. And they don’t have a very long history of emigration either, so they have had a much harder time coming to terms with western culture than, say, Chinese, who have been emigrating for many decades of their own volition.

  22. Personal tutoring to guide attractive viet women through western culture, anyone? 😉

    I recognize some of the signs, many asians have issues with western culture, specially those with strong family and community or religious values.

  23. Been there dazn, done that (or at least tried that). I believe I know how they can successfully negotiate this stuff, but they’re just so damn stubborn – it’s hard to even get them to admit there’s a problem in the first place.

  24. @daznlover: Attractive viet women can trade math/biology/chemistry tutoring for guidance through western culture.

    @Doc: Yes, I read the convo above. 🙂

    Pressure… Imagine your parents (and their relatives) come with nothing to their name and speaking little or no English, all become successful, and then have kids. Now imagine how it feels to be expected to do better than that. Tough acts to follow.

    Thus, the psychotic Vietnamese (or especially Vietnamese-Whathaveyou) woman of mercurial personalities and lofty ambitions is born.

  25. acumen, hows your math then? I should get an update, I forgot almost all the math I studied.
    Interested in a trade? 😉

    The kids of famous people go through the same stress. Key is to develop a strong personality and don’t mind much that pressure. Go their own way.

    There are no possible comparisons, because circumstances are always different. If parents don’t see that now, one day they will, hopefully.

    Their kids just have to teach them later how life is not a CD you can play and hear the same music again. I know it can be hard….. Sometimes it’s better to lower expectations as soon as possible and break with the pressure.

  26. Alright parfum – to flat out say that somebody’s look is “disgusting” is too much I think, and a breach of our posting guidelines. And that isn’t the only such comment you’ve made today – as you’ve already used up all your strikes, if you breach our guidelines again in the future you won’t be able to post again.

    And Travis: your comment was uncalled for as well (even though I might personally agree with you).

  27. Sounds like Perfum’ might definately be having a cresis himself. Maybe this is the wrong site for someone.

  28. Yeah, he definately neds a spel chekr. And. if he’s trying to be sarcastic, it’s not working.

  29. I like her make up in 1, 2, 8 & 11… haha! She’s a cutie and I would almost like to hear her sing… almost… haha!

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