Erika – Free

Nevermind that Japanese singer Erika Sawajiri is cute, or that her single Free is a smooth listen. What the Hell is all that white stuff flying across her face?

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  1. Looks like The Facial has finally gone main stream (pun intended). Its finally getting the recognition that it deserves.

  2. I have no idea what she is saying but it sounds good. Someone was thinkin’ bukkake when they made this video. I’ve seen videos with bottle poppin’ but ain’t noboby standing there letting it stream across their face in amazement.

    And I don’t like how Erika looks in this video, she looks much better in her photos.

  3. Somehow they agreed to let me be a gaffer in the video, and I just got too excited during filming, and then…

    They told me they were gonna edit that part out!

  4. It’s a shame seeing such a beautiful girl getting mutilated like this. I wonder if sperm is healthy for the skin or something? Thanks LawBoy. Cool site.

  5. Eeeewww! The one guy just shot it on the other guys leg at the end of the video. Downright disgusting, I tell ya. ^_^

  6. Don’t worry LawBoy…I’m feelin some love right now. Bukake style. Too bad this isn’t the place. The enforcers are crackin down on us. 🙂

  7. off-topic? i think someone digressed into bukake 🙂 as you can see from the flow of the comments….its arf’s fault, he started it 🙂

  8. Not sure what would be worse…watching a couple of guys bukakeing on her face or a bird takin a poo on her. It’s a complete toss up for me.

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