Mio Hu


I’m not going to lie. I mostly chose Mio Hu because of this first photo. She’s not your traditional model, but she photographs well.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’2
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Guangzhou








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  1. …man…you’ve been doing so well lately….maybe you should of just posted the first photo….the rest sort of scare me , though i am sure she is a very nice lady….looks like a bit of a bunny boiler…(fatal instinct)

  2. bunny boiler…funny!

    The photography stinks. I think she is kinda cute- I like the teeth not being O.K. But they are pretty far from being O.K.

    From the movie Pulp Fiction:

    “You O.K.?” (Butch, to his boss Marcelas- who was just gang-raped)

    “Nawww man. I’m pretty far from O.K.” (Marcelas, replying to Butch)

    She has very narrow shoulders.

  3. I’ll admit that I find at least a few redeeming qualities in every model featured here.

    And while I agree with Doc she’s not ‘model material’ she does have an attribute that I find appealing in some women: she looks crazy!

    She’s a bit awkward and gangly – true! But she also has a look that communicates, ‘I’m Mio – I’m crazy fun – and you’ll have a wild night with me if you look past my ridiculous poses!’

    To which – at one point in my life – I’d say, “Great…let’s do it!”

    Like Arf said, she looks ‘kinky and playful looking…like she never gets tired’. Yes!!!

    She actually looks semi-conventional in the photo where she’s on her knees in the white t-shirt…but that’s also the one where she’s giving me the ‘do-me’ vibe!

    Maybe its the fact she’s wearing her bigger, taller sisters clothes in most of these photos?


    The teeth are a huge turnoff. And considering she’s only 5’2, she’s not all that shapely. I thought you had to be like 5’10 to be a Asian model.

  5. ya the first pic is nice. the 2nd last one isnt bad but she will have to get braces in order for her to look better

  6. Dios Mio.

    Struggling on this one, not only to look, but to keep from saying something that would bring admonishment from the Doc. How about…

    “Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” Confucius

    Guess I’m abit blind on Ms. Mio.

  7. My favorite Hu would be the American actress Kelly Hu, hu single-handedly made the Scorpion King worth watching.

  8. @dbldipper: that was one of the most skilfully judged negative comments I’ve seen – well done. πŸ™‚

    @nicholiservia: we’ve featured many models 5’2″ and shorter here. Myself and many many of our readers really like them petite actually.

    @AmericanArsenal and arf: you do have a point! Thanks for pointing out the positive here.

  9. Yeah, not model material but she has some raw qualities. She’s hot in pic 1, 2 and the next to last.

    The teeth are a turn off. Not so stunning girls, really can make up for it by being crazy. So who knows?…

  10. The first pic is dangerous. The other pics leave a lot to be desired, but like others have said, she has certain redeeming qualities.

  11. As Aesop once said, “Every one to his taste: one man’s meat is another man’s poison, and one man’s poison is another man’s meat; what is rejected by one person may be valued very highly by another.”

  12. Picture 6 looks like potential. but up against the others. it loses its niceness fast.

    as for another mans poison. my friend has this thing for asian’s teeth. the more weirdly shaped the more he is interested. canines growing out in odd angles and all.
    not i thank you.

    she could be the cute girl down the road. or the lady that you see at the bus stop that while you wait think. “she is cute” but not sure about the 2nd glance as you almost walk into something/one.

  13. i’ve gotta admit…she’s not conventionally or typically sexy or visually outstanding… but i second a few comments above. I reckon she could be a LOT of fun…

    Something about her gives me very naughty thoughts….. the kind of thoughts that would cause my dear old Mum to drop her bingo cards in shock if she knew what her innocent angelic son was thinking…….

  14. I’m confused… the 2nd to last pic is quite appealing to me, as the 1st one. But when i take a look at the rest, it’s definitively a turn-off.

  15. There’s some high standards around here. Looks pretty normal to me, like a woman next door or something. πŸ™‚

  16. Travis…it is the SURPRISES you bring the members that keeps us tracking-back to A-S…very clever!!!
    There are many NEW ‘tags’ providing comment to the presentations (very welcome!) Some are cautious, not yet certain of the allowed envelope, the old-timers (you know who you are) maintain a broad commentary-base.

    This ‘sometime-participant’ is most grateful that A-S is not restricted to the ‘models-of-perfection’ from Asia. Most interesting is the fact that Ms.Hu need not ‘defend’ her appearance: Many member’s comments recognize the subtile attractions of an Asian woman that does not fit the PERFECT mold!

    I find this ‘accepting-attitude’ extremely refreshing!!! THANKS GUYS!!

  17. Yeah – with the exception of nicholiservia (as usual) and HarlequinsCrest, I’ve been impressed with the civility of the comments here, considering the generally negative tone. This post is a clear demonstration of how it is possible to express a negative opinion without being nasty or insulting.

  18. We’re spoiled. A trip to the dentist, some better clothing and photography and maybe a few more trips to the gym, and she’d be great.

    You could probably say the same thing about me:-(

    David Hume: “Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.”

    Benjamin Franklin: Beauty, like supreme dominion
    Is but supported by opinion

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