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Suelle India is an Indian model that runs her own low budget website. There are only four available galleries online right now, so no one is sure what kind of content can be found inside of her website.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Indian
Located: ?














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  1. Hmmmm…. Pure sex kitten methinks…
    I imagine I would really enjoy spending a lot of romance time her.

  2. Man is that a tight body. Very nice. I don’t usually go for the Indian girls, but I’d make an exception for this one.

  3. WOW
    her in that yellow skirt just immediately caught my eye. What a babe, and Indian , really never expected to be so amazed.

    It must be that yellow on her cause i wouldnt have been so impressed if the first photos weren;t there

  4. Usually I don’t think about indians as asians. And usually I don’t see indian women as sexy, minus some exceptions. She is a big exception!! 🙂

    Great body, toned, thight. HOT!
    Doc, pic #7 leads me to think her sexy tits are fake? Agree?

  5. Actually I found many young indian girls very good looking. Many of them have natural big boobs, impossibly slim body, and sharp facial features. Many Miss universe were indians I think. Just don’t look at them after they gave birth.

  6. Just returned from a few weeks in India. Although I had some 5-alarm food, nuthin was hotter than Ms. India here. During my stays there, beauties such as this seemed few and far between as compared to the Far East. Maybe underneath those burqas there are a bunch of Suelles just bustin to get out.

    [note – in the area I was in there was a mix of Hindu/Muslim population. I was somewhat amazed by the nice style of many of the burqas, especially since you could get any color you wanted, as long as it was black (apologies to Henry Ford.)]

  7. “Just don’t look at them after they gave birth”

    if you’re talking about immediately after giving birth….. there’s not too many women out there would would look smoking immediately after that kind of experience. But I do agree…. I have seen plenty of chinese and korean MILFs…. but cannot recall any Indians.

    But im sure they exist. Actually I also have trouble regarding Indian women as ‘asian’. And I’ve never particularly found myself attracted to indian women in general. Except for one time… and indian classmate way back in my postgrad uni days… just a friend and nothing else. Except for one day there was some kind of indian festival and she came to class wearing this semi-transluscent traditional sari and all that. Bloody hell… my chin dropped just like in those old warner brothers cartoons… wow. This current model however, well, no offence love, but i won’t be taking YOU home to meet mum.

  8. Hate to admit it, but if I passed this girl on the streets of Calcutta…hell, anywhere…I’d honestly find nothing remotely ‘hot’ about her.

    Frankly she looks like Bollywood tart of the utmost calibre!

    She resembles those Brasilian girls I see in pornos in their cheap outfits and bad Peroxide hair! A hoochie-momma if I ever saw one. Yikes!


    What a stunning body! Those breasts are un-effing-believeable.

    And that ass is world class!

    Her stomach is perfection!

    Her hips, and her thighs…oh my god! So thin and toned. I love the daylight showing below her (ridiculous) 69 panties!

    And even her calves look proportioned and not too thin.

    And after all that – I’m practically speachless…

    Now – her face, hair, makeup, and eyebrows leave much to be desired, but her structure is really, really good! I would love to see this girl with a softer, warmer look…a better cut and color…less East LA-style’ eyebrows and less eye shadow.

    I think she’d border on being a near perfect 10 if she just had some proper styling, jewelry and wardrobe.

    Imagine this girl with a softer, warmer look in a short, summer dress, spagetti strap shoulders with no bra ans some sexy heels with nicely painted toes?

    OMG…her ass…I’m going to lose my mind!!! I’ve said enough…keep em’ coming Travis. Wow!!!

  9. @dazn: I’m not certain, but I agree that they do look like implants in that shot.

    Anyway, implants or not, I agree with everyone that this girls has a smokin’ hot little body. Her eyebrow drawing is downright awful in some shots though, which is an increasingly common problem these days.

  10. on review…. i think i was a tad hasty. Kinda like passing over an old ducati because the fairings and tanks were scratched and dinged… and thereby failing to notice that the engine was mechanical perfection and desperate to be taken out for a spin.

    Yeah, de-trampify her…… scrub her up a bit and she might surprise. She DOES have a fine little body there…. I was just put off by the ……. ummm… street corner harshness she seems to exude.

  11. She’s very hot, but I think she could definitely use some extra weight. Not a fan myself of the ‘skinny’ look.

  12. Wow…where to begin? I think she”s hot-but it took her down to pic #8 to close the deal.Reason being that her hair/makeup/wardrobe game is a “ghetto-fabulous-meets tranny-diva” TRAIN WRECK.I wanted to be sure she completely removed her bottoms before I started handing out the love.Afterall nobody pulls off hot chick better than an Asian guy sometimes.;-> Her makeup/wardrobe game is THAT BAD/GOOD.(?) I bedded my first Indian girl recently.Surprised me because like most of the other posters here I had come to the conclusion that there was a handful of Padma Lakshmis’/Priya Rais’ out there.With the rest being plow horses.This one was just girl-next-door attractive.Maybe improved diets & lifestyles is beginning to have a positive effect on the overall statistical sample. Young Suelle here is hot enough.Just fire the stylist.

  13. Well…look like i’m the only one not to like her.
    Maybe i will be too harsh on her but I wouldn’t have been surprise to discover some male attributs under the skirt. Perharps her body shape reminds one -to closely- of a young (she)male.


  14. Big lol, arf. 🙂

    Yeah her face and makeup is certainly not the best and I wouldn’t take her to mom either. But she should be a lot of fun!

    Her site is pretty weak, almost no teasing photos and I guess the members only get photos and that’s it. These days it takes more to register into a girl’s site. Blogs, communication, webcam shows, etc.

  15. Daznlover: Her website is weak as you said, certainly the reason why i feel this way. Especially that I don’t like being so negative about a girl’s pics.

  16. TAIL-END-CHARLEY says: All systems are GO for Suelle! Everything is the right size and in the right location! Even the ‘slightly-boyish’ look is a turn-on IMO. PLEASE..Suelle…be my Personal-Trainer?? That body of YOURS inspires me…bigtime!!

    (Sidebar: Ohhh STRIPES…you are so WORLDLY and Continental! Bet you give advice to George Hamilton? 🙂

  17. OH YES.

    I think its time to switch over to Indian models.

    McDonalds is putting the ASS in ASIANS.

  18. That is definitely one very fine ass; and she sure knows it:-)

    I thinks she’s pretty, but for sure could use better makeup, eyebrows etc. as others have mentioned.

    From a (temporarily) dejected wingsfan (it’s a hockey thing):-((

    Go Habs!

  19. Thanks Wings…such a tight, gorgeous, peachy butt. Love the close up shots from behind. 🙂

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