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Dr. Lee’s article on Applegirl motivated me to finish this article that I have been working on for Marié. I also admire Asian women who are talented musicians, especially if they can play acoustic guitar which I love to listen to.

I found out about Marié back in January from this list of sexiest geeks that I found. Users on this site submitted photos for their nomination for who they thought was the sexiest geek. I saw Marié’s photo and thought she was pretty cute, so I started looking up her biographical information. Once I found out she was half-Japanese, I had to write about her.

She’s most recognized for her acoustic covers on her YouTube page, primary the below video of her acoustic cover of Umbrella by Rihanna which now has over 16 million views. So far, her videos have received over 87 million views, along with over 6 million views and 230,000 subscribers to her YouTube page. How many people who post covers onto YouTube have those kind of stats?

I think the combination of her unique beauty, talent, and singing to acoustic guitar is why I like her and continue to watch the covers and videos that she has available. I hope you guys do the same.

Age: 27
Birthdate: April 16, 1983
Birthplace: New York City
Ethnicity: Japanese/Caucasian












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  1. Very pretty and alluring to be sure (see the 4th picture from the bottom for hard evidence). Oodles of potential with her in a couple areas to be frank. With the right backing I think she will go far.

  2. Although I too am very much a fan of acoustic guitar – and she is a competent singer with a nice voice – I find her performance rather bland. On the other hand, this girl is about as pretty as it gets for my taste – Eurasian beauty at its very best. Doc approved™ with a bullet in the looks department, but as a musician, I think she needs a little work.

  3. Very pretty and definitely has that “girl next door” look. Not entirely stunning though and I’m a bit off-put by her choice of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” as a cover song (why not something from a band from NYC?) but I suppose these are somewhat minor quibbles.

    While I won’t go as far as to say she’s “gorgeous”, I would be most pleased bringing a girl like this home to Mom to present. 😛

  4. She has very nice hair…

    Ever seen the classic movie “Animal House”? There is a scene where frat boy (and future U.S. Senator) “Bluto” Blutarsky is walking down the stairs and sees a dude playing acoustic guitar. He grabs the guitar from the dude and smashes it!

    Well, I would not smash her guitar…she is hot.

  5. Beautiful girl with a beautiful voice, but there’s zero chance that’s not a professional production.

    Acoustic guitar on your living room floor in front of a big puffy couch won’t sound like that in even a best case scenario.

    Its been mixed, two guys with sound booms, hair and makeup, etc.

    That said, I’d buy her CD tomm.

  6. Very pretty and a GIANT leap above the talentless Trixies (or whatever is the Asian equivalent to Trixie) who are passed off as “pop stars” these days.

    Beauty and real talent. That just devastates me…in a good way, of course.

  7. I just looked her up on AllMusic. Her first album, 2008’s Unfold, received a very nice review for her as a mainstream pop artist, while 2009’s Breathing Underwater didn’t do so well, overproduced and very derivative.

    The video I linked to was from her first album. I was trying to think of whose voice she reminded me of when in the review, they compared her on one song to Aimee Mann. Bingo!

  8. arf, where did you get a good look at her legs? 🙂

    Pretty girl next door. She looks great with little makeup. Nice singing, but doesn’t impress me too much. Still, a pretty girl singing at home is a good recipe to get lots of views in YouTube.

    I think she has several singing flaws in the vid from this article. Still, she may work on that, I’m sure. The raw music talent seems to be there.

    And then Collector talks about production and guitars but I dunno about that stuff. Not surprised, though, cause people can pay for a little personal marketing these days.

  9. I wouldn’t say I got a really good look at her legs, just that shot of her kneeling down in her white lacey stockings. 😛 I guess I may have jumped to conclusions a little too early possibly. Wish I could see more of her. 🙂

  10. She’s pretty cute. I don’t see anything special about her video though. It was a straightforward cover with some sloppy guitar work. It wasn’t unlike something I’d see performed by somebody at a party.

  11. Alrighty then!…I just watched her youtube umbrella video, and all I know is that it sounds 80% better than anything I could ever do. Not that bad. If I was out drinking at a bar and she was playing live, I would actually probably enjoy it. Heard far worse for sure.

  12. Sounds 90% better than me, but I kind of doubt she’s going to hit it big. Hope she has a good Plan B.

    Hope that doesn’t sound too harsh, but the odds are against anyone making it in the music business.

    BTW, I love beautiful women (Asian and otherwise), but there’s got to be more ugly chicks out there that can really sing that swhould be popular.

  13. Wingsfan: Janis Joplin! She was not Asian, she could sing, and she wasn’t very….pretty.

    Best line: “(I) don’t go too fast, but I go pretty far”. That’s from the RollerSkate song…a.k.a Brand New Key.

    Hey, nice to see an Asian girl get noticed for music here in the States. It is Asian Pacific Islander American (APIA) month here in the USA this May! Go Marie!

  14. Who cares about her music? Anyone have a shot of this Olivia Mund-like cutie from behind?

    Would love to see a shot of her in denim or shorts so we can assess her legs and bottom!

  15. Probably better than most of the “musicians” on American Idol. Certainly pretty, not in the confessional way, but one that I’d take home to mom in a heartbeat.

    Make it big in music? As Doc Severinson once noted – there are 10,000 trumpet players better than him – he just got lucky. Maybe Marie can catch that kind of luck.

  16. French:

    The ’60’s are long gone. Pop musicians are manufactured these days. I doubt we’ll see someone who looks like Momma Cass become a pop star any time soon.

  17. @AsianD – I disagree to some degree. Witness the meteoric rise of Susan Boyle in the past year. It is her frumpish image and her less than feminine physical attributes that provide the extreme juxtapose environment for her stunningly angelic vocal capacity. To me a textbook “shock and awe” example in the performing arts world.

  18. Actually, it seems to me that the new generation of talent shows have given rise to a lot of stars like Susan Boyle. Because it’s voted on by an audience rather than an A&R man, I think they root for the people who they feel are like them (in other words, average looking), but with talent. This is perhaps the only good thing to have come out of reality TV.

  19. I do have to say though – Susan Boyle is the most extreme example I’ve seen. The audience clearly were not prepared for her depth of vocal talent, and she was probably too frumpy for a lot of the audience to relate to! She’s a rare case where pure talent has risen above all other considerations.

  20. ….sevendeuce….my sister knows kung fu…seriously…she would kick your ass…lol….

    Shes in australia….long way from the states

  21. French: I love Janis Joplin, but she’s dead (still). And Susan Boyle hasn’t gone multi-platinum that I’m aware of.

    Also, Melanie (who is pretty) sang “Brand New Roller Skate”, not Janis.

  22. She looks like a combination of Zhang Yizi and Marcia Cross.

    This is a compliment because I like both of them 🙂

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