Minka Back Online


Throughout Asian Sirens’ existence, there’s one very famous Asian model who’s always been conspicuously absent – the biggest-busted Asian of all. I am of course talking about Minka!

Recently she’s been having some very serious problems with her webmaster – so much so that she has made the decision to take over control of her web site, losing all of her members in the process! She’s hoping all her current members will move over to her new site – you can go here for more information.

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  1. I like big boobs but find her tits too big. This looks very unnatural and I bet it’s uncomfortable for her.

  2. Well, Yes. I know of women who had trouble (backtrouble) from their large breasts, and have had them surgically made smaller.

    This woman looks not healthy to me.

  3. Some people argue that more than a mouthful (or handful) is a waste!

    I remember that Minka used to be one of the featured porn star dancers at this infamous brothel masquerading as a strip club called Market Street Cinema in San Francisco. I never saw her when she featured there but she seemed to draw in folks in the same way a freak show does. These people are not necessarily turned on by the way she looks but they have to see her boobs in person with their own eyes.

  4. An interesting thing about Minka is that she has frequently made a point of saying “I will keep doing porn until I die!” Usually the models with breasts this size just do it for a few years then get a reduction. So it seems she’s able to handle them better than most – she is certainly very fit. In fact, tits aside I think she has one of the best bodies of any Asian model – very trim and taut.

  5. imo, there is almost no such thing as too big. the bigger, is the better, usually, for tits, as long as the quality equals the quantity, especially for asians, who are almost always completely titless. as for the minka, many people consider one of her earlier boobjobs, 1 or 2 before this one, to have been the most perfect tits on earth. also, she was an athlete and is a sportswoman, and that whole pain in the lower back cliche is considered a false stereotype, by many big tit stars. imo, minka is too tall, too skinny, has no ass, is not really pretty, and has a lousy attitude but those tits, on an asian, wowee. minka for mayor.

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