How to become a famous model in Vietnam?

Bao Hoa

As Robin will visit Vietnam in a few weeks, I did some research for him and found many interesting fashion models on sites like and Elite Models. Actually there are so many that you can hardly decide which models are interesting for an Asian Sirens photoshoot.

Models and artists like Ho Ngoc Ha, Kim Khanh, Ha Kieu Anh, Nguyen Hong Nhung, Bao Hoa and recently Yen Vy seems to have one thing in common. They all became victim of their (ex)-boyfriend or partner who published nude pictures of them on the internet.

Initially there was public sympathy for the victims, but lately the nonchalant reactions of some victims have caused people to suspect that the victims may have other motivations. Right, it’s the well known Pamela Anderson-trick (nowadays known as Paris Hilton-trick) to become famous. And the trick works as most of them were unknown before and now they are the most searched models in Vietnam!Read more:
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  1. Vietnamese are still very conservative when it comes to sex unfortunately, which is why the models you see are nowhere near the best looking ones. The good ones just marry themselves off!

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