Grace Park in Maxim

Grace Park (Photography: Antoine Verglas)

Just in case you missed the semi-nude photos of Grace Park (born Jee Un Park on March 6, 1979 in Los Angeles) in the March 2005 issue of Maxim. Check out also the free image gallery at her fansite.

I know that it’s a few months old but hey, I have to catch up a few years 😉

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0 thoughts on “Grace Park in Maxim”

  1. I like the photo’s and I certainly like Grace! 🙂 Funny to see that on some photo’s she really looks Oriental, while on others she looks so different.

  2. No kidding. Now that I know some of the non-US versions of FHM and Maxim show more skin, she needs to accomodate our wishes.

  3. I’d like her legs better if they were wrapped around me. Nice boobs! (See, they don’t have to be huge)

  4. Uh Doc, Lawboy was talking about eating the kitty earlier. I just wanted her legs wrapped around me and i don’t think that was crude but I’ll be more careful.

  5. i was talking about that horible practice of eating cats and dogs in korea and northern vietnam :))) dont snitch on me wings 🙂

  6. Winsfan19: As I said at the time, I made a special exception for the pubes discussion, due to the nature of the post. As for the LawBoy’s earlier comment, he was more subtle, whereas your comment was very literal.

  7. Actually, after reviewing LawBoy’s earlier comment, I have decided it was outside the posting guidelines, so I have deleted it and the responses to it. You be more careful too LawBoy. 🙂

  8. man, i just cant win….you snitched on me wings 🙂 xin loi doc 🙂 stay out of it arf 🙂

  9. OK, I want her arms wrapped around me then. Lawboy, I don’t think it’s snitching to talk about a previously posted item – I’m just looking for a little consistency.

    As I’ve mentioned previously, one of the reasons I enjoy lurking 🙂 here (besides the photos of hot babes) is that the discussions are generally flame free and intelligent. This is, however, an ADULT site and i can’t see how my comment (without any any further descriptions) would be considered too crude on such a site.

    BTW, I didn’t mean my original comment the way you have apparently interpreted it (seriously, I meant more in terms of snuggling and anyway since I am ((mostly)) happily married and will never meet this young lady or have a chance with her anyway…).

    An ecstatic Wingsfan (it’s a hockey thing).

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