Mimi Miyagi for Governor!

Mimi Miyagi for Governor

Mimi Miyagi, the Asian-American porn actress and star of such films as “Seoul Train” and “China Vagina”, officially declared her candidacy to run for governor of Nevada earlier this month as a Republican.Miyagi made her last porn movie, Happy Endings, in 2003, and has since moved on to low-budget mainstream productions, while continuing to work as a stripper and peddle Internet porn.

“I have nothing left to hide,” she said when filing her papers for the November election. “My slogan is, ‘I’m bare and honest at all times.’”
The popular American political blog, Wonkette, has already endorsed the candidate, who is running under her real name, Melody Damayo. “Do we really need any more reason to endorse her? She’s a fucking PORN STAR. Running for GOVERNOR OF NEVADA. As a REPUBLICAN. ‘Nuff said,” wrote Wonkette. Full story

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  1. Mimi’s early support for the Iraq war – which she is now backing away from given that any idiot can see it’s a disaster – shows that she doesn’t really have much idea. She needs to think her policies through so that they can be consistent and coherent.

    I used to find her pretty attractive too, but the surgery she’s had to combat the aging process is a little too much for me.

  2. Americans should be smart enough to know after putting Ronald Regan and then Swarzenneger in office that making film stars GOVERNORS is ridiculous.

    Let me get this straight…this chick blew and took hard cock from guys on film and she thinks she should be running for Governor?

    Sure it shows that America is a place where anyone has a chance to lead (which is a fantasy) but I find her running to be a mockery of the entire election system. Who’s gonna run next…street hookers?

  3. Been trolling this site for some time. Finally decided to jump in with a comment or two.

    Must admit that the site of Mimi these past few years is sickening. This chick in the early 90’s I would have died for. Go find some old Rosebud produced videos and you’ll see what I mean.

    In the “learn something new every day” category…….I never figured her for a Philipina. This shocks me.

  4. I’ll ignore Dr. Lee’s insults directed at the US (I think both he and Robin have inadequacy issues) and speak only to her candidacy: she should run as an Independent – Republicans are too conservative to back a former porn star. Even if many of them watched her movies.

    Anyone making fun of Arnold as our Governor here in CA has no idea how incompetent his predecessor, Gray Davis was. He was a total tax and spend, pocket stuffing, vote buying clown. If he’s a ‘professional’ politician, I’ll take an ‘amateur’ like Arnold any day.

  5. Firstly, the Iraq War is a total disaster – I think the word Quadmire is an understatement. PResident Bush seems to be doing everything he can possibly do to sell America’s interests to Asian corporations/ oil barons who in turn have many of our politicians in their pocket with campaign donations.
    I’m a NYorker. I was there when the towers came down. There was no reason at all for a response this poorly concieved and poorly executed.

    As for Mimi Miyagi she shouldn’t be running for anything of this sort. Sure she has the right to run but I think it is absolutely ridiculous – albeit criminal to elect ruling officials based solely on their credentials as entertainers.

    Bending over for an anal scene does not show me she has what it takes to be a Governor. Unless- that is, she’s taking one from an Asian corporation who also has her gagged and bound to do their bidding.

    Gray Davis was seen as too liberal by the Conservatives who balked at his giving illegal immigrants driver’s liscence and his poor handling of the energy crisis. He was just another Democrat who ended up a target of ever growing Neo Con hatred.
    They named him Governor LOWBEAM as a reference to his mishandling of the electricity crisis and his term as chief of staff for Jerry Brown, who was often mocked as Gov Moonbeam.
    At the start of 2003, not-suprisingly when the Iraq war began to heat up – calls began to start a recall petition drive to oust Davis.

  6. Everybody misses the point. “Mimi” is a commodity sold by Melody Damayo. The race for governor is a way to sell more product. She does it with a straight face and is having everybody on. A girl has to do something after her butt starts to sag and her holes have all been overfilled.

  7. Isn’t it kind of late to run for Governor given that many states primaries are next month? It does sound like a way to get some free publicity for her other endeavors but she most likely won’t make it past the republican primary so it will be a short run for office.

    During the “recall election” in California, a younger blond porn starlet ran against Schwarznegger probably for the same reasons. I don’t remember what her party affiliation was or her “positions” on issues. The “recall election” was kind of a free for all with lots of candidates listed so pretty much anyone could run as long as they got enough signatures and paid the nominal filing fee.

    I am surprised that Mimi filed for bankruptcy not too long ago since many thought her paysite was making tons of money. I saw her performing at strip clubs a couple times and also speaking on a panel about adult websites (bragging about how well her paysite was doing). The second time I saw her at a strip club was at the height of her popularity and she packed the club. One thing that amazes me is that she got away posing as Japanese for so long when she was actually Filipina.

  8. WestCoast, how on earth do you manage to misinterpret any criticism directed toward the Bush administration or the Iraq war as “insults directed at the US”? If you can interpert my comments above that way, then it is clearly you who has inadequacy issues – such a conclusion could only be drawn from a position of extreme insecurity.

  9. There is an unfortunate tendency among many of my countrymen to identify criticism of the policies of the US government — like the many hideous blunders of the Bush era — with an attack on the nation itself. I don’t like Thaksin. Does that mean I hate Thailand? Anyway, back to Mimi. She is one clever box of cornflakes, although I think she looks really scary. And all that anal sex over the years… I wonder if she had to have that back door repaired.

  10. I used to love Mimi Miyagi. Hell, I’d still do her.

    If you want to show that Mimi’s incompetent you need to find a better example than the war. Lots of people were in favor of it in the early stages. It’s just the continued lack of intelligence on the part of the Bush administration that has everyone saying enough.

    Californians love it when New Yorkers try to explain Gray Davis. You just can’t understand the lack of charisma and leadership that led everyone to leap at Arnold. And nobody outside of California seems to understand the divide between the liberals on the coast and the very conservative interior of the state. So, don’t give us that Neo Con junk, Gray Davis was bad for everyone.

  11. go for it mimi.i know you can do a better job than the knukleheads we got in office know.you got my vote.i’d still love to “do you” anytime.

  12. vote for minka for mayoress of las vegas. sakura sena for princessa of british columbia. it goes on. woo hoo

  13. There is not a comment in this thread that I disagree with; side of the infighting – yeah Bush is a jackass and has steered foreign policy of the US astray, blah, blah, blah…

    The story is about Mimi and as some of you pointed out it is equal opportunity in the US – give her a chance. I have little doubt that she will fail miserably compared to ‘real’ politicians, but the point is we got a right in the US. That’s it.

    Sex is human. Some of us hide behind shadowed doors, do it on a vacant beach to be an ‘exhibitionist’ or have fetishes that would have most party guests blushing… Admit it – all of you… C’mon…

    I’d take Suzi Suzuki (also beyond her performance years), Mimi, Lestari, and Sachiko in one failed orgy riddened fatasy for a night if I had the opportunity; most of those women being beyond my age, but I would still be in heaven. I assure you.

    I am not proud of a lot of things I have done, but last I checked, I am allowed to hold office in the US – and I actually did at one point. This is democracy.

    Just because I can see Mimi being DP’d or splayed over the back of a couch in a video does not deter me from taking her political points into view. Though I agree with foregoing comments that her stances are ‘developmental’ at best…

    If Jenna Jameson spoke like John Kerry (less than that pesky Vietnam record, which was good, but preceived and presented as negative), I wold have voted for Jenna. Who cares if someone has had sex on film? Most of the readers here know someone who has had sex on film or had nude photos taken. Sexuality is human. Period!

    Should a desire to record, share or act as an exhibitionist come into play – even to the extent to work and earn income from pornography – be a factor, the Political Science 101 teaches us that all candidiates must be taken seriously. Whether they are serious or not.

    This may be a publicity stunt, fine, but those ideas, experieces and outlook are unique and should not be discounted just because you can buy a video of her taking a ‘money shot…’

    My thoughts anyway…

  14. Another model glorifying guns – I am very uncomfortable with this. Anyone who does this would never get my vote, even if I did find her pretty attractive way back when…

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