Babes of Naked Weapon

From left to right: Monica Lo Suk Yee, Maggie Q, Almen Wong Pui Ha, Anya Wu, Jewel Li Fei in Naked Weapon (2002)

Robin mentioned the movie ‘Naked Weapon‘ (aka Chek law dak gung) before when he featured Maggie Q. I still haven’t seen the movie but I was impressed by the girl featured in the mashup video ‘No More Naked Conversation‘ I recently found at YouTube.

In my search for the name of this girl – I’m still not sure if it’s Maggie Q – I checked out the work of the other girls featured in this movie: Monica Lo Suk Yi, Anya Wu and Jewel Li Fei.

Naked Weapon tells the tale of a female assassin ring trained and operated by Madame M (Almen Wong). When her one-and-only assassin gets offed, she regroups by kidnapping the world’s most athletic and fight-ready young girls, and whisks them away to a private island. There, she subjects them to rigorous training over the course of six years. The girls are schooled in the arts of guns, computers, feminine wiles, and the requisite martial arts. Charlene (Maggie Q), Katt (Anya) and Jill (Jewel Lee) are among them, and the ensuing battle royale leaves them as the designated hitwomen for Madame M’s future business exploits. According to the various reviews it’s a terrible bad movie but the featured girls are hot.

Maggie Q was featured before at Asian Sirens, the other girls are less known:

Anya Wu

Anya Wu

Anya Wu (aka Ng On-Nga) was born on February 17th, in 1976 in Taiwan. She moved to the United States, together with her family, by the age of 6. She was raised in New York City and there she also started her modeling career, that later on brought her back to Taiwan. When not modeling, Anya, both Fluent in Mandarin and English, was working as a DJ in a club. One evening she caught the attention of Golden Harvest, a film production, distribution and exhibition company, which cast her in her debut film ‘Born To Be King’.

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Monica Lo Suk Yi

Monica Lo Suk Yi

Unfortunately I cou;dn’t find anything about Monica Lo Suk Yi (aka Monica Lo or Suk Yee Lo) other than that she was the winner of Miss Chinese Toronto 1996.

Selected links:

Jewel Li Fei

Jewel Li Fei and Anya in Naked Weapon

Also little information about Jewel Li Fei (aka Lee Fei, Lee Hang Chi or Jewel Lee). It seems she was a Miss Macau beauty pageant winner and billed by some as Michelle Yeoh’s successor.

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More videoclips from Naked Weapon:

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  1. Naked Weapon is one of my favorite movies. When I recommend it to friends the title throws them as they think it is a porn video.

    It’s not that it is Oscar worthy but it is very addictive and entertaining in its own way.

  2. The rape scene ruined the entire movie for me. I don’t like watching white guys being intimate with my asian sisters much less assaulting them. Haoles stay away from asian women. Just kidding…but not really.

  3. Haole is a derogatory Hawaiian word for white person. IMHO it is as offensive as “honky”.
    Yondaime: Dude, if you have so much faintly disguised hostility toward white guys who love Asian chicks & feel so threatened by this phenomenon, you won’t get much support on this site, to put it mildly.
    Rape bothers me too. A lot. But it seems as if you wouldn’t have disliked the scene as much had it been Asian guys doing the deed.

  4. i dont care who’s tapping it…why not share the asian beauties…i am sure doc wouldnt mind if an asian brother is getting some cracker babe…..:))

  5. The evil white man. Everyone hates us until they need something. Plus I don’t think we’ll ever have a problem scoring asian sisters. They always seem to love us better than their brothers. Zoiks!!!

  6. There’s plenty asian sisters to go around anyway’s. Can’t hog a good thing from everyone.

  7. I was just joking by the way about loving us better than their brothers. Don’t want to make anyone angry at this Haole, or cracker or whatever the term of the day may be.

  8. I really was just kidding about white guys staying away from asian girls. The pairing can result in some beautiful women. Haole is the actual Hawaiian word for Caucasian so sorry if I was misunderstood.

  9. It’s kind of a sad commentary on our overly combative species that in a mere eight posts we go from discussing a movie to hate-mongering! What happened to just enjoying the beauty of women?

  10. Hey, yea. Anyway, I heard that Maggie Q was nude in the movie Manhattan Midnight. Anyone with the link to the photos or the video? Mind sharing? 🙂 Thanks

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