North Korean Traffic Wardens

Pyongyang Traffic Warden

Rather than traffic lights (and probably because they can’t afford to run and maintain them), larger cities in North Korea employ attractive and immaculately uniformed female traffic wardens at main intersections who direct what little traffic there is with military-like precision. Maneuvering atop small metal plates within white-bordered circles in the middle of those intersections, these ladies seem to have a sort of emotionless charm about them.

While I have heard that there are also male traffic wardens in some cities, the capital, Pyongyang, has only female ones, typical in appearance as the one pictured above.Women have to meet certain physical standards in order to become traffic wardens in North Korea. According to unconfirmed but knowledgeable sources, in addition to being in good health and at least 164cm tall (not consider tall by Western female standards), they must also be no older than 26, unmarried, and apparently, easy on the eyes.

Due to the relatively high status and privileges the female traffic wardens enjoy in North Korea, they are said to be highly desired by the North Korean men, so I assume the average man there would stand little chance with one of these ladies. All of the photos below were taken in Pyongyang. The uniforms they wear depend on the time of year.

Pyongyang Traffic Warden
Quite often, the ladies seem to be directing nonexistent traffic.

Pyongyang Traffic Warden
Very young-looking traffic warden with a communist propaganda sign in the background. The uniform she’s wearing is worn during the early spring and in the late fall. The shoulder marks show their ranks.

Pyongyang Traffic Warden
A white hat with the blue jacket is worn in the late spring and early fall.

Pyongyang Traffic Wardens
A group in the summer uniforms

Pyongyang Traffic Warden
The winter uniform

Pyongyang Traffic Wardens
Some off-duty wardens repainting traffic lines

Opening to a 60 Minutes segment on North Korea

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  1. And you’ll never come back……

    Seriously, if you bring them enough food, you might have a great chance with them (even if they’re not starving, their family might be).

  2. South Koreans also believe that the northerners are easy on the eye. Let’s see some more evidence.

  3. I’m glad there are traffic lights over here at the states.

    Those korean girls may look nice, but I don’t like moving my car across a traffic wardened intersection.

  4. Interesting. Is there a niche in the North Korean porn industry for traffic wardens?
    Sue Kim stars in: “DRIVE ME CRAZY”

    That’s all I got.

  5. There is a special military service unit for the most beautiful ladies – taken from high school and sometimes jr. high I’m told, that serve the great loser exclusively and the second tier members (read as older or maybe used and abused) handle his inner circle.

  6. So hot. I love women with high status jobs. While they go out and make the big wons, I can stay at home and play “38th Parallel – Kill GI Joe” on XBox.

  7. I had to do some searching on my own after seeing this post. North Korea is really odd…

    Putting aside the anti-western-ism most and questionable view on human rights…

    How can “the dear leader” expect to be taken seriously? This just makes it clear to the world that he is a horny old man who want to oggle chicks as he travels around town. I mean check the photo’s, there is never a car in sight! Not even parked on the street. So the trafick patrol is really a girls standing ever 200 meters or so for him to see.

    Mind you its a great plan, but still, serious?

  8. I really like the winter uniform-all the girls look really cute-I just don’t get the big hat thing,though.

  9. I like that classic Korean beauty on pic no.4.

    Weird, there’s NO real road traffic in NK. Seriously.

  10. Time to invade North Korea so we can take their women !!!

    As far as I’m concerned, these women are only attractive because they are virtually off-limits to us.

    They look just like the Chinese teenage waitresses and the Japanese women who greet you on elevators in Tokyo.

  11. They don’t have money for food over there in NK. Let alone money for gas. Most of the cars are from the elites. It’s another world, over there.

  12. Traffic Girl Haiku:

    Right Turn Left Turn Stop
    What Am I Doing Here Boss
    I’m Kim Jong-Il’s Bitch

    I do not find them sexy, cute or attractive. I feel sorry for them. Even though they may live better than most I feel for them.

  13. I had a chance to go there last summer. My buddy went, described it much a big beautiful city with no cars. then you go out into the country it’s quite different..
    I think i will try to go there again maybe next summer..

  14. Kyokoslave: I don’t get it. You went to N. Korea? Or your buddy did? Beautiful city? Really? The Paris of the far east, right?

    To anyone who doesn’t find these girls all that hot: Put any of them with a good photographer, dress them in spike heels & bikinis, have them strike slutty poses & facial expressions and let their hair down, photoshop their boobs, and not one of you would not be kneeling before their hotness!

  15. jdrevenge

    If I’d been president, we’d either be at war with North Korea right now (not Iraq) or we’d be at peace with them because Kim Jong Il would be dead.

  16. Personally, I am a person who very hates with traffic jam but in this case I will make exception. I will make my on traffic jam.

  17. Luvjgirls..
    dude, i am so sorry for the late reply. I do not know when you will get this , but what i was trying to say was I had the chance to go to NK. I did not go. I went to Japan for a month instead, but i did go to china, korea. I had a blast and believe it or not they do like americans… being black (i am) helps but it is not needed.

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