Zhang Ziyi sexiest Asian woman (says Playboy Japan)

The Japanese edition of Playboy has selected the “100 Sexiest Women in Asia” and my favourite Asian actress, Chinese Zhang Ziyi is rated #1. The list is to be featured in the April 2006 edition of Playboy Japan and Zhang Ziyi will be on the cover as well. I would love to get my hands on this Playboy!

Another notable mention is Taiwan topmodel Lin Zhi Ling. She ended number 5 in the list.

Source: beautifulnewsmakers.

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  1. I’ve long been puzzled by people’s obssession with Zhang Ziyi. Maybe it’s because I live in Shanghai, and come across many women each day who are easily as attractive as her–and in many cases, much more so.

    What’s more, as an actress Zhang has her moments, but by in large is pretty mediocre to me.

    I worked as an extra in a Coke commercial where Zhang was the star, and I have to say that close up she excudes about as much panache as a 40-watt bulb.

    On the other hand, her high-kicking, kung fu stand-in for the shot–who rehearsed about 10 high-energy takes–was was totally engaging, athletically sexy and just supercool, leaving the takes with Zhang Ziyi pretty uneventful (accept for those who like to wet their pants over celebrity).

    I guess my point is that Zhang Ziyi–like a lot of ‘easy on the eyes’ starlets–just ain’t all that.

  2. I have to agree that Zhang is pretty plain (although her face responds very well to the right makeup). However, she does have a good body and she knows how to act sexy. Could do with a visit to the Doc though. 😉

  3. I hope my favorite Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai made this list and high up! She is astoundingly beautiful!

  4. According to this blog entry at The Marmot’s Hole, here’s how the Korean ladies did on this list: “And in case you were wondering, Jeon Ji-hyeon placed sixth and Choi Ji-woo seventh. Transgender star Harisu placed 11th. Which is just gross.”

  5. It never ceases to amaze me that people like to disparage celebrities. It always amuses me when someone says that they know or see many women each day that are much better looking and/or talented than so and so celebrity. It’s a bunch of crap. If you don’t personally like someone then that is fine, but when you say that Zhang Ziyi (or any other celebrity) is nothing special then you are just being silly. I am not a big fan of Jennifer Lopez, but I know that she’s much hotter than anyone I’m likely to come across today or tomorrow. Let’s be real.

  6. Don’t get me wrong Ziyi Zhang is very attractive but to say she’s the most attractive asian actress today is a farce. I believe her celebrity is what’s driving her to the top of this list. It’s kind of like having Lindsey Lohan as number one on the maxim 100 hottest women list but not as bad. Personally I don’t even thing Zhang is the best looking Chinese actress much less asian actress around. She is still very pretty though.

  7. Completely by accident today, I started watching the DVD of ‘The Horsemen’ – a gory murder mystery. Noticed Zhang ZiYi in a leading role in the opening credits. The name ‘rang a bell’ (an AS?) and after enjoying her strong acting performance, checked the archives and sure enough here she is.
    Surely she has gotten better since the 2006 comments above.
    And she looked good, too.

  8. Apologies: ‘The Horsemen’ was a 1971 movie starring Omar Sharif (and no, Zhang Ziyi wasn’t in this; instead she co-starred with Denis Quaid in ‘Horsemen’ made in 2009.

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