Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan

Unlike most of the ladies featured here, art student Michelle Phan, aka “Rice Bunny,” isn’t in the entertainment industry. She’s done some modeling (Vietnamese T-shirts from Ahn Oi being her first project) and is very popular among the readers of her Xanga site (the girls; mostly because of her much-requested make-up tutorials, the guys; mostly because of her), but she tells me her main focus is on her artwork, and some good examples of it can be found here.A huge Batman fan and avid gamer, Michelle’s goal is to work in the video game industry as an art director. Her favorite game is Metal Gear Solid and she told me one of her best achievements was getting first place on Gran Turismo on the 200th lap while she was resting her eyes and memorizing the course with her analog. (That’s unfamiliar to me, but you gamers should appreciate it.)

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan

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  1. She is HOT, HOT, HOT. Love those big dark eyes and legs. Just my type. Love the southeast asian look. Rice Bunny is nice. Me like

  2. If I was a phebophile I’d find her more interesting. She is small – yes – but not fantastic.

    thin thighs and A cups just arent enough for me.

  3. She’s very hot to me. Something about being a real person and that she is a geek just makes me want her more. Her balance of makeup is pretty good without going too much overboard.

  4. She’s a pretty girl–her appeal is her conspicuous youthfulness; she’s not a woman though.

  5. Her geekiness, somewhat in the vein of Shoko Nakagawa but more “real” to me, I find sexy. Plus I’ve always had a weakness for art students!

  6. I’m just not seeing any thin thighs here. I do see a nice pair of heathy, normal ,sexy legs. She IS hot. And that’s that.

  7. i don’t like how in every single post – makeup tutorials aside – she manages to post a photo which she’s taken of herself. i guess it could be a tactic to bring in readership i think it makes her appear very vain. it’s cool that she’s into video games and helping other girls out with her makeup tutorials and has this ‘geeky’ side to her, but i also think that she’s the kind of girl that looks good and knows it and is unafraid (if not eager) to show it. if i were a dude, that would be a total turnoff, no matter how pretty the girl is.

    analogously, for instance, getting hit on by guys that know that they look good is the worst, imho. (they expect you to like them back and if you don’t they assume you’re a lesbian, or they invest too much in their looks and not enough in personality, etc.)

  8. She’s old enough and she is petite, I don’t see anything wrong with liking the petite type.

    Please don’t make ‘phebo’ generalisations on these things, sorry to say but it’s dumb and opportunistic. 2 references in the same week starts to be a little too much. And I do take this kind of matter very seriously.

    Back to her, she is a total beauty and she knows how to tease. I agree with Christine that she knows how to use her looks to her advantage. But, hey, at least she is smart too. Not easy to say that from a lot of other pretty women out there.

    So, yes, it’s good that she accepts her looks and she doesn’t flaunt it too much, for my taste. If she has it, don’t be shy to use it. Beautiful and very sensual, too.

  9. To Dr. Lee,

    Yes, I am Vietnamese. Are you saying you are Viet too or in relation to the Michelle Phan?

    On another note, I find it hard to find a cute/hot Vietnamese-American girl. So when one comes by I get excited. Maybe its my geography.

  10. Hi Tho. I meant in relation to Michelle – I am Australian! And I agree, it is difficult to find cute/hot Vietnamese American models, even though I think Vietnamese are the most beautiful women in the world overall. It seems the good ones just marry themselves off, instead of modelling or whatever. Hopefully that will change over time!

  11. It is as though you expect all good-looking women to model.
    I have a question: is this site run by people of asian descent or no?
    Purely a question, not derived from any underlying racism.

  12. No it isn’t. I don’t expect all good looking women to model; however, I do find it frustrating when those who do choose to model are less attractive than other people of the same race who don’t. I feel a lot of the girls who model these days (especially on the import scene) do it to try and prove they are attractive, when in reality they are only average at best.

  13. Dr. Lee, do you prefer the light-skinned Viets or the darker ones? I prefer light-skinned lately.

    But yes, the better looking Vietnamese girls do fall through the cracks. But this site is why this site exist to find whats hidden in those cracks! I’m glad I finally made a name and posted after lurking for over a year.

  14. As our regular readers will know, I generally prefer the lighter-skinned ones, although I have seen several darker-skinned Vietnamese women who I find very attractive as well.

  15. what is a phebophile?…dont tell me it is something about liking little kids…please becareful with this kinda thing….way too uncomfortable of a topic….

  16. “I feel a lot of the girls who model these days (especially on the import scene) do it to try and prove they are attractive, when in reality they are only average at best.” – Dr. Lee

    I so agree with that quote; I also believe that a majority of the import models aren’t attractive at all.

  17. i agree with you Dr. Lee — it takes a certain type/kind of girl to want to go into modeling, furthermore import modeling.

    instead of validation for their looks, i think another reason people go into modelling is because they are unenthusiastic about other career options. the two models i know (a guy and a girl, both signed to well-known modeling agencies) both dropped out of college in order to pursue modelling because they were not doing well in college and didn’t know what they wanted to do with their life; the two were more into partying than studying!

  18. There are some SoCal models that do both, study and party. But I believe that is a minority. Well, we know models, we can’t expect too much. I prefer a pretty non-model girl everytime. At least, less chance of me getting bored in the first 10 minutes. 🙂

  19. I don’t want to generalise too much – after all, I work with a model who certainly doesn’t fit the usual model mould in terms of her conduct, although Sachiko only works independently and doesn’t work with any agencies. However, it does seem as though the low opinion many people have of the kind of people models are is sadly justified in many cases.

    Christine obviously studies very hard though. 😉

  20. Michelle’s not only beautiful, she also seems very down-to-earth without the “party girl” mentality.
    I’m sure she could become a professional model if she chose, but I doubt she’d ever consider it because it would take too much time away from her video games.

  21. I’ve never really played video games, not since the first nintendo in the late 80’s, so I don’t understand the fascination with them. I almost despise them, especially when grown men at work start talking about the latest games they play like a bunch of kids. I can’t help but to laugh at them all. It’s a little funny, she’s a gamer.

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