Asian Shower Girl

Here’s a pretty Asian lady taking a shower while being photographed. The background music is nice and relaxing. Can anyone identify her or her nationality? Enjoy!

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0 thoughts on “Asian Shower Girl”

  1. nice..but you big tease you…its like going to strip bar and they keep their clothes on :)) …. j/k

  2. yeah…..i wish she took it off too…but oh well…..she’s still nice to look at.

  3. She looks Northern Chinese.
    Maybe Shandong or Beijing.

    She’s very sexy but only because her body is size “nothing”.

    HEr skin is so lovely that all I’d do is give her a quick visit from my electric razor and then I’d eat her like a Mr Softee Vanila sundae.

  4. That last point was too crude NicholiServiaPhD – please stay within our posting guidelines at the bottom of the page.

    BTW, while this girl may indeed be Chinese, I think there is also a good possibility she may be Japanese – a lot of Japanese models have this look and style, even if it isn’t typical for Japanese girls who aren’t models.

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