Michelle Branch: Singer/ Songwriter/ Hottie & Surprisingly Part Asian


I hope that none of you are going to be disappointed with me for posting mixed women here on A-S. Being mixed myself, I do feel quite an attraction to others of mixed Asian descent.

I always thought there was more to Michelle Branch’s brunette beauty. Until recently I presumed she was just a wonderful mix of white and European. It turns out both her maternal grandparents are half Indonesian, yay for us!




This Cancer (July 2, 1983) was named after the Beatles� �Michelle� and has been an active singer/ songwriter since she was young. At the tender age of 8, Michelle was taking voice lessons and after receiving her first guitar from her uncle when she was 14, emerged from her room days later having composed her first song� dedicated much?

Below is one of my favorite songs by Michelle �Breathe� from her �Hotel Paper� album

After playing in clubs for a few years Branch independently released her first album �Broken Bracelet� in 2000 and while opening for Hanson (NOT Asian; NOT Sirens, although the keyboard player (Taylor Hanson) looks kinda like a girl� haha) signed a deal with Maverick Records.


In 2005 Michelle and long time friend and collaborator Jessica Harp (also NOT an Asian Siren) formed The Wreckers (short for The Homewreckers, a nickname given to the two by Michelle�s husband� more on that in a sec) and released �Stand Still, Look Pretty� (pictured above). The duo joined country music stars Rascal Flatts and Gary Allan on a sold out U.S. tour and in December 2006, the Wreckers were nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal for the song “Leave the Pieces”.

Michelle married her bass player Teddy Landau (19 years older than her pictured below) and together they have a baby girl named Owen (isn’t that a boy’s name???) Isabelle.

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  1. There are a lot of part-Asian women on AS, Flip. No need to apologize for that, IMO. You may want to apologize for the picture of the bass player, though. :#)

    Michelle is cute and fairly talented, IMO.

  2. what should I say? her grandmother was half Indonesian, not her. She’s pretty cute and has a great body shape by the way. and I thought I’ve seen the fourth picture somewhere else.

  3. I’ve always loved Branch. That fourth pic is from her Maxim spread which I really really dug. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but she kinda drives me crazy. 🙂

  4. Definately no need to appologize for halfies or quartieries, etc., so long as they are hot or famous and semi-hot.

  5. Flip, if you are playing a joke with posting a picture of that guy, funny, but really you should remove it. This is asian-sirens.com, not olddouchebags-galore.com.

  6. Actually Flip, it’s okay to post a pic of Michelle with her hubby, but I’m not sure a pic of her hubby alone is within AS guidelines. Robin?

  7. I thought the entry on Phoebe Cates was pushing it, but I definitely don’t think Michelle Branch qualifies to be featured here.

    Don’t get me wrong….Michelle (as well as Phoebe) is beautiful, and I like reading about her, but the name of this site is “Asian-sirens”, not “A-small-part-Asian-sirens”.

    I don’t know….maybe Doc and Robin want to change the course of this site by having more part-Asian ladies featured, but then where are we going to draw the line? I think Jessica Alba’s hot, so if I find out her grandfather on her mother’s side is an eighth Chinese, then is it okay to feature her here too?

    I don’t have a problem featuring part-Asian girls here but I don’t want to look at a new entry and think; “Huh?? She’s Asian??

    Anyway, that’s my two cents on the matter.

    Oh, and posting the photo of the bass player: That’s just all kinds of wrong and, in my opinion, catapults over the line.

  8. Actually CEC, I’ve already done a Jessica Alba post, on the basis of her very Asian looks (if not blood). The fact is, AS has a long history of this sort of thing, going back to when Marco featured Busty Brigitte, even though she doesn’t have a drop of Asian blood (and she is blonde too!).

    I agree about posting her hubby’s pic though – I will wait and see what Robin has to say on this.

  9. I like how Flip is trying new things here, but l have to agree with CEC32 – The line must be drawn somewhere of what is considered “Asian.” Technically Natives Americans and many Hispanics could be considered to have Asian lineage because the Americas started to become inhabited by people from Asia 3500 years ago when there was land between Asia and Alaska, but I don’t think those sorts of people should be considered “Asian” today, and most importantly Hispanic and Indian women should not be posted here. The line must be drawn somewhere.

    Maybe a woman should just have noticable Asian features to warrant a post on this site, I don’t know.

    On the pic of the dude, that was just a simple mistake anybody could of made that’s easily corrected. Flip if I where you I would just photoshop Shu Qi next to that guy. You will turn a small blunder into the ultimate triumph!

  10. Haha… you guys! I posted the pick of her husband because I thought he might (due mainly to his TODDliness) give someone out there somewhere the hope of landing one of these lovely, lovely ladies. I have no qualms about removing his visage from my post, though. I think I’ll wait for Robin’s response.

    Regarding the posting of mixed women, maybe I’ll draw the line at half Asian. Would that be a good place to draw the line? Let me know!

  11. 100% Asian is the best.
    50% Asian is great.
    25% Asian could be good, depending on the Asian features.
    Anything less then 25% is probably not for this site…

    What do you guys think?

  12. i dont mind as much…just as long as they have “a little asian in them” :)) but at least shows some boobs will ya:))

  13. Reagrding Michelle’s husband: it doesn’t matter how ugly you are if you’re a rock musician, so that doesn’t count. After all, you know what they say: “God invented rock’n’roll so ugly guys can get laid”. 😉

  14. I’m fine with asian (little “a”) amongst Asian big “A”)…I’ve always thought Michelle was a Babe (big “B”) but why do these hotties marry such Dweebs (BIG “D”)…I say good for him…lucky bastard <g>.

  15. Dr. Lee, all you gotta do is look at Lemmy from Motorhead, the nastiest looking of all yet Maxim rated him as amongst the lifetime rock n roll studs. BTW, Lemmy IS God…so maybe while now in his sixties gals are still lining up to ride while there’s still something to jump on.

    I say leave the hubby pic, this time, as an example of “DO let this happen to you” and encouragement to all us Lyle Lovetts in the world <gg>.

  16. Yes, yes, YES! Another fantastic post, Flip. I love MB, and I was surprised and pleased when I saw her Maxim photos.

    I swear, though, if you do a post on Nia Peeples or Sydney Penny I’m just going to freak right the F out. (Oh, wait–Sydney is Cherokee. Never mind.)

    Anyway, great stuff. As for the discussion, I’m all for a little variety. It’s not Asian-only Sirens, or Extremely Asian Sirens, right?

  17. Yeah, Lemmy’s got to be just about the ugliest SOB I’ve ever seen – I’ve never seen a guy with so many warts on his face! Like I said, the rules are completely different for rock’n’rollers than the rest of us – although I am happy to say that traditional Asian girls usually aren’t very impressed by them.

  18. Ok everyone, say buh-bye to the pic of Teddy. I promise in the future NOT to include crusty old dudes in my posts… haha!

    I’m a semi-pro bass player, but I’m not exactly sure if I’m a TODD or not. Can a Nor Cal born, So Cal raised half Pinoy be a TODD? I do get a lot of attention from the Pinays, though… especially when I lay down the funk… haha!

  19. All of us posters here have gone a bit off topic at times; sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. Heck, I even posted a Met-Art girl once who we later figured was likley Russian! haha!

    As far as mixed…..I think less than 25% is a good rule of thumb as Robin suggested. But hey, when it’s Jessica Alba, who’s gonna complain! 🙂

    Myself and others have occassionally posted women from India here too. I don’t care much for the Indian look…but every now and then you see an outstanding one. And technically they are Asian.

    Anyway….the slightly off topic postings I think are no big deal as long as they are few and far between. I think it would only be an issue if we were seeing these OT postings on a very frequent basis.

    Besides, it usually stimulates a good discussion!

  20. I’m with Northman on this one. Although I personally disgreed with him posting that Russian girl (as she really didn’t look Asian at all to me), I think that if the girl looks Asian at least (and even better actually has some Asian blood), then I think its okay from time to time. I think Robin’s the only person who could complain about me posting Jessica Alba. 😉

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