Fast Times With Phoebe Cates


While not exactly an Asian Siren, Phoebe’s roots are Chinese/Filipino and Russian/Jewish, a lethal combination not unlike that of the lovely Maria Ozawa!





Born in NYC on July 16, 1963 no one knew that she would turn into the 5’ 6” Snow White of a woman that she was, and still is today. She studied ballet at the School of American Ballet in NYC until she suffered a knee injury that started her on her path to the silver screen. Like most of the women on AS she was a model and did some TV commercials as well. Her big break came when she played the part of Sarah in the 1982 movie “Paradise” a knock off of “Blue Lagoon” (Brooke Shields, NOT an Asian Siren).

Phoebe Cates-Fast Times At Ridgemont HighCelebrity bloopers here

The actress formerly known as Phoebe Cates has been in other movies like Gremlins and Gremlins II, but the one we all remember the best is Fast Times… C’mon now! You can’t honestly tell me (the guys at least) that you watch Fast Times at Ridgemont High for any other reason than Phoebe Cates! Well, I watch it because I love the 80s and because it’s crazy funny, too. Every time Comedy Central shows it I have to run to my computer and see Phoebe’s boobies again. Science damn it, she’s got quite a pair! While not button busters they have got to be one of the most perfect pair I have ever laid eyes on


Alas one day in nineteen-eighty-nine
Sweet Phoebe was taken from the world of men
And turned into a Kline…



Phoebe Cates has been married to actor Kevin Kline since 1989 and they have two lovely children, Owen and Greta. And she’s still hot!

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  1. Always had a crush for this chik.She was unlike any White girl I had ever seen in mass media.Now we know why.;->Nice one FLIP

  2. I still loved this woman! She was all I had in the 80’s. Everyone else with long hair and make-up were guys singing in metal bands. So it was either Phoebe or Cyndi Lauper… and of course the chicks on Kung-Fu theatre every Saturday afternoon. : )

  3. Hmm…never thought of her as Asian.
    Hard to believe it’s been over a quarter of a century since that famous scene from Fast Times.

  4. I got Paradise last month. She very impressive so cute …..

    I like her and finding another movie about her.

  5. Kevin is a lucky guy. Smart and funny as hell, and still got the girl too. lol

    That Fast Times scene is a classic. Love the 80s.

  6. I remember being in the Philippines in the 80’s and there were tons of posters of the lovely Phoebe Cates, which was when I discovered she was part Pinay. Although she doesn’t look that Asian, she sure is HOT!

  7. Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, man. I will never tire of Phoebe Cates. Fantastic post!

    I recall that there was some controversy about “Paradise” when it came out. Phoebe said (I paraphrase) that she thought what she did in the movie was “very pretty and nice.” I think it came out later that a lot of the nude scenes were done with a body double and without her knowledge or assent.

  8. The cool thing about her is that she left the game while still hot & in demand.She has deftly managed not to OVEREXPOSE.

  9. I think I first saw her in Gremlins when it first came to VHS and a short time later saw Fast Times. It was one of those life changing things back when I was a little boy. You all know…”ooh ooh boobies”

  10. She’s one of my favorites. She was also in two female oriented mini-series called “Lace” and it’s sequel where she was also extremely hot in (wore a lot of lingerie).

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