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Check out 12 photos of Aom and tell us what you think. (Asian or not?)

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  1. aom is a common thai name or nickname, so i will go with the current concensus and say she is thai.

  2. I don’t care how-Asian she is (I’m not a purist)…gorgeous gal. Beautiful eyes.

  3. I believe I posted a link to her the first time someone posted a model from this site.

    I posted because I thought she looked as though she might have some Asian blood…and because I think she’s pretty hot.

    I may be rethinking that, but I can’t wimp out now. I’ll go with “part Asian” and suffer the consequences.

    I’d like to see her smile, though.

  4. Yeah, I’d say she’s Thai. They’ve done an great job with the makeup and photography – I’m not sure if she’d look so great without all that stuff.

  5. Definitely asian, probably Thai. She’s got that asian-next-door look to her which I really like.

  6. Fore sure Indonesian and being a Dutch web site this also gives away the girl is Indonesian

  7. I definitely agree with the Indonesian vote. I’ll go one further and say she is Javanese, western Java.

  8. up on further review, i retract my previous observation. i still go with the thai name, but she does appear indonesian or malay or of that extraction.
    i contacted the website to see if they will respond. although the only dutch i can speak is “van halen” (who are half indonesian as well, doesnt count here though) i did my best and just wait to see if they respond.

  9. wow…van halen’s are half indonesian? damn! awesome band 🙂
    by the way doc, what happened to big boobs fridays? :))

  10. according to the reply i got from alessio from adversus, she is thai from the south or thailand. settles that.

  11. Good to know my initial impression was correct!

    As for big boob Fridays, you’ll have to ask Robin about that one. 😉

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