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Mia Valeio is my idea of a great looking Filipino import model. Not sure why but recently I’ve been checking out the Filipino girls a lot more than I used to, they certainly have their charm. Check out her vids at the end of the post to see what I mean by charm.

Mia did do some nude modelling a few years back, when she looked quite different, you can catch them from the Asian Thumbs link below. She also evidently is not afraid of needles, Exhibit 1: her whole back tattoo (must have taken a while).












Age: 27
Height: 5′ 1″
Ethnicity: Chinese/Filipino

Mia @ Google Image Search
Mia @ Tumblr
Mia @ Twitter
Mia @ Import IconsMia @ Asian Thumbs

Mia Valerio – Asian Cutie by carwink

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  1. As I’m not normally a fan of Filipinas (with a few noteworthy exceptions), import models or girls with stocky builds (not to mention tattoos and bleached hair), this girl is unsurprisingly not to my taste. As with many Filipinas however she looks quite sexual, so I suspect she will have several fans here – well at least arf anyway. 🙂

  2. Don’t take this as a criticism, Shuai, but you do know you’re allowed to post nude photos here, yeah? ;). Mia Valerio has posed nude on numerous websites, and I noticed you have a repost coming up of a model that finally posed nude (and looks great doing it), but with no nude pictures in the post.

    It’s okay to post nude photos here =). I think it’s even encouraged. The video was a nice touch though!




    Most of them are old. I’ll keep an eye out for some newer ones. I’ll get some sets ready for the upcoming post too =).

  3. Nudity on Asian Sirens??!?
    Surely such a thing is indecent and will be reported to the appropriate authorities immediately.

    I’d better not joke about that actually, after all pornography is still illegal in China. Am I going to jail for this? Crikey that’s a thought, a martyr for the cause. Forget freedom and liberty, naked Asian girls, that’s a cause I think we could all give our lives for!

  4. I think her face is pretty, but she’s a bit thick for my taste. I think a lot of people here will love her though.

  5. SG,

    Don’t be a martyr for this gal .. it’s not worth it.

    Cute face, but otherwise not a standout … which is probably why she has over-the-top enhancement done.

  6. As arf would (and has) say, I do love me some filipinas. However, Mia is not really to my taste. Of course, I must again point out that if I saw her up close and personal, I would no doubt be attracted. I actually used to work with someone who reminds me of Mia, with the large boobs and lips. Whenever she bent over (and she always wore a shirt showing her cleavage) you couldn’t not notice.

  7. What a waste. Face isn’t drop dead gorgeous – but certainly very pretty. Body is great. Implants are awesome! But that tat is so nasty.

  8. Sometime when you’re not well
    And you think you’ve got a spell
    You’ll go to the doc, who in his own way
    Will something like this say…

    I’m not sure what’s wrong
    But take two of theses and you’ll be strong.
    Yet I think I know the cure
    It’s Mia with the odd allure.

    Thick, well, okay.
    For her breasts, she did pay.
    But if you really needed to play
    Your hunger she would allay.

  9. The face is on the wrong side of masculine.
    The tatt is just wrong.
    So the question becomes: Do I let that stop me from smashing? Hmmm…

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