Annie Violet


Annie Violet is a Cosplay/Alternative model. She’s a cam girl on NPModels and she has her own personal pay site here with regularly updated photos and videos. What I personally like about her is that she’s decided to take the alternative/cosplay route despite having her own paysite. It’s clear, at least to me, that she’s doing this for fun. I like that. Also, she’s tiny. I like that too. I’m not a member of her site, but from what I know about her she’s got one of my favorite personalities in the business.Stats:

Age: 19
Height: 4’11
Ethnicity: Chinese/Vietnamese
Located: California











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0 thoughts on “Annie Violet”

  1. My favorite thing about this Asian Siren… I’d hate to see her leave, but I love watching her go – if you get what I’m saying.

  2. Great DNA! My only hope is that she plays it a little conservative with her deepest reaches. Let the lions (alley cats) hunt, dear. Givin up the kitty too easy costs you coin, not them.
    California still has some gold in it, huh.

  3. Love the shots of her in the red and black taffeta dress..she has a nice cheeky (to match her personality perhaps?) arse! totally confused me lol.

  4. That’s funny longtack…because Flip confused me too. He says he loves watching her go. Go where? Hope it’s not the potty. ;(

  5. I think her photos have way more personality than nearly any other model these days, which I think is why I like her. She’s essentially not a model. She’s someone that likes to be naked and do things and get her photo taken with a high quality camera. It’s nice.

  6. I like Annie
    She’s got a nice fanny (bum for you Brits)
    Tho’ lacking in height
    She’s really a sprite.

    β€˜Bout the color of her hair
    Whether black, pink or fair
    Really don’t care.

    Naked she likes to be
    That’s alright with me.
    Just more of her to see.

  7. I’m not really into the “alt chick” thing…but this one has something appealingly sassy about her.

  8. Fifth shot down with the red hair looking over her shoulder…her butt is so delectably yummy and magnificent. πŸ˜›

  9. Thanks Luke. Fanny is a not-uncommon name in the US & it’s a roar to watch the Brits faces turn red when introduced. Was not sure about you Aussies.

    I also have a couple of friends with the last name of Bonk. That one always gets a reaction.

  10. I like both her fanny (American) and her fanny (Australian).

    I’d love watching her go as well.

    Welcome back Flip, what’s going on?

  11. @ Wings and the Doc: I’m doing good, living in SoCal and doing some photography. I’m glad to be back!

    I can’t get over Annie’s booty. If she and KT So got together for a shoot… ugh… I just got really dizzy… haha!

  12. @ Luke72: Yeah, I used to think it was “take a load off Granny”!
    Course, I also thought it was “‘Scuse me while I piss the sky” but I was only a kid, so that made sense to me then.

    @Flipn: Photography, huh? Clothing optional? (for the model, not you).

  13. I’m not familiar with the song (heard of the band, but they’re not exactly in AC/DC or INXS territory here).

    However, you should check out, which has misheard lyrics for hundreds of artists and songs. It’s hilarious and shows that there are people out there who are even worse than I am at deciphering lyrics.

  14. Wingsfan, the original line was ‘Cheap wine and a three day growth’.
    And yeah, THANKS Luke, like kroos, I will be singing that too now, cursing you, but also laughing and remembering this moment.
    Oh and I’d like to kiss Annie’s fanny too.

  15. @ Wings
    Clothing is optional… but I’ll be keeping my own on – the better to hide my, um… enthusiasm? Haha.

    I’m on Model Mayhem, though I’m really looking to do less “commercial” photos, but everyone wants to get paid to do nude. I’d shoot for free if I could just get them to take their clothes off!

    I’m actually working on a “flasher” project, if you, the Doc, or anyone else know any Asian Sirens in San Diego who’d be down, I’d love to share the content with the forum…

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