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Sarah is an AV model that goes just by the name Sarah. I don’t have much to say about her, since she hasn’t been around long or done anything interesting, other than she’s half Brazilian.

By the way, I noticed we have a lot of female Asian Sirens readers that comment once in a while. How many of you are there? We get a lot of bad press from people claiming we’re a male only site, and while we’re certainly male dominated, it’s clear we’re not male only. If any of you are willing to do a sign like the one by Lana Lee, please email us here. You don’t even have to put your face or any identifying information in it if you don’t want to. Also, if you’re a male but your girlfriend/wife knows you browse the site and is okay with it, let us know if you’re willing to do that too. I’d like to make a post of those types of shots so that any time someone claims we are either male only or degrading to women I can point them to examples of women that approve of the site.

Anyway… Photos!Stats:

Age: 20
Height: 4’11
Ethnicity: Japanese/Brazilian
Located: Japan










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  1. The first picture initially turned me off because of the darn shadows making her look odd. However she comes across as a real cutie in all of the other pictures.

  2. Nothing odd about the first pic to me. And the pics just got better and better.
    Delicious indeed. Love the second pic!

  3. The blend of Brazilian and Japanese make a great combo on her and she’s cute as could be. Plus, she’s the perfect size 🙂

  4. she debuted exactly a year ago. Google for Graphis 242 Sarah, her maiden photoset. There’s another gallery for same website, but number escapes me. It was sort of “behind scenes”. Incredibly attractive woman, even among beauties of JAV. I didn’t realise though she was so petite.

  5. I fail to see how appreciating photos (nude or not) of beautiful women could be construed as ‘degrading women’.

    Yes, i can understand how certain genres of pornography could be seen in that light. (ie, Bukkake anyone??). But I do not think simply appreciating the nude female form on the internet makes me a pervert, nor do I believe it denigrates the women themselves.

    And any woman who is still insulted by an internet site devoted to beautiful naked women, you are more than welcome to peer through my bathroom window while I’m having a shower. I’ll even jingle the tools to give you greater viewing pleasure.

    By the way, I think Sarah is beautiful, and while I happen to think she would look even better laying on top of me, I also acknowledge that she probably also has a brain and a certain degree of intelligence and as such should be respected for more than her delicious lady bits. There, i hope that makes the female hairy-armpit brigade feel a bit better.

  6. Not all that Asian looking (except for the cosplay photo) but damn fine nonetheless!

    Female members/visitors here are certainly going to be in the minority, cuz we’re only showing photos of hot women.

    Agree with everything kroos said.

  7. As someone who often dislikes obvious breast augmentation can I say that while fake looking in some shots, her boobs look great to me. I think it is a very nice size.

  8. Face isn’t amazing but still cute. Body is incredible (needs a little ‘trimming’ in the one picture).

  9. Female Asian reader here. Im not lesbian (used to think i was bi until i had my first encounter) but i do enjoy looking at fellow Asian beauties.
    Love the work you guys do on the site!

  10. Hi Sienna – as I mentioned the last time you posted, the feminine perspective is always especially welcome here! Thanks for your compliments on our site. As I also mentioned last time though, I suspect many of our readers will be curious to know what you look like – indeed, your “fellow Asian beauties” comment has got me curious now. 🙂

  11. Hey Doc,
    I’m afraid I can’t share anything with you guys since I don’t pose nude to make a living.
    Unless my exes have posted old photos of me (bastards) I don’t think you can find out what I look like.
    Oh and I want to keep my job too! Lol

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