Mercedes Cabral

Mercedes Cabral

Filipina actress Mercedes Cabral stars in Kinatay, the Filipino film which won the award for Best Director at the recently concluded Cannes Film Festival. She was also voted Most Beautiful Actress at Cannes last year.

Mercedes’ presence extends beyond the silver screen and onto the printed page: she was FHM Philippines‘ Girlfriend of the Month in December 2007, and Playboy Philippines‘ cover girl in December 2008. As you can see from these photos, the last two Christmases have been good for readers of both magazines.

Mercedes Cabral
Mercedes Cabral
Mercedes Cabral
Mercedes Cabral
Mercedes Cabral
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  1. What’s the Filipino word for ladyboy? 😉

    Judging from these FHM and Playboy Philippines models, it really seems as though my preference for feminine, slender and delicate featured Asian women is on a whole other planet from what Filipinos like. Very interesting!

  2. She may not be that ‘delicate’ but those full lips are hot and she’s damn sexy.

    An award for a filipino film at Cannes? Let me put it on my list. What an accomplishment!

  3. I dont know… what she needs to do is get her money back from that botched lip enhancement. That nose doesnt help either.

  4. I have to agree on her nose and lip “enhancement”, and her body is too masculine for my taste as well. Who voted her most beautiful actress at Cannes?

  5. hmmm….i’m pretty sure she’s a full blooded filipino male. Kidding! I love filipino women but can’t say she’s doing anything for me.

  6. I am with Dazn I think she is pretty sexy, some of the photos are not too flattering but the last two are nice.

  7. One term for ladyboys in the Philippines is Billyboy. Her face is not her best feature.

  8. Get ready for it guys… the following is all IMHO so ‘wag mo ‘kong babatoin (don’t throw rocks at me… haha)!

    The first pic made me wince. Being 1/2 and 1/2 and spending quite a bit of time in the Philippines, I’m used to seeing better, even among the “lower class” Pinays. “Bakla” may be a better term for ladyboy, but I guess it all depends… haha!

    Where were all the hot French chics when the nominations were getting put in? Did they all happen to be in the bathroom? There are many more prettier (is that even a word… haha!) Pinays than this one. Nekkider too… haha!

  9. eeek.
    I think she only won the “Most Beautiful Actress” because the European dudes were tired of seeing European chicks, so they figured they would go for the first “exotic” girl they could find.

  10. A man who passes himself off as a woman is “bakla”. A man who likes men is “gay”… at least that is how I heard it when I was there… but like i said, I think it depends on where you are… haha!

  11. Yeah the lip job is unfortunate. The nose is probably real though. I agree there are thousands of beautiful Pinoy women that are prettier but I still think she’s cute.

    Why don’t we see prettier Filipinas in print? I have puzzled that one out for awhile. They are notorious shy and humble, which probably comes from their strict Catholic upbringing and a generally low sexual drive among the whole culture (from what I see in the hundreds of Pinoys I hang with).

    At any social gathering of my friends there are easily 3-4 women who could win beauty contests, and every man in the room is following them around with their eyes all the time. Yet I know these women personally, and A) They don’t think they are pretty, and B) They don’t see what it would matter if they are. Sure, they like to be pretty, and they spend a lot of time on their clothes and makeup, but it’s not really all that important, it’s like a little hobby with them.

    If you want to see a good sampling of beautiful young Filipinas, start here:

    This is the top TV show in the Philippines. These dancers are hot, hot hot. And they are typical of a certain type of Filipino beauty that is pretty common. Dyno-mite.

  12. luvasianwimin what you talking about low sexual drive?? They are catholics on the outside, but warm and hot while indoors. 🙂
    Aren’t you married to a pinay? You should know, man!
    Typical filipinas appear to be modest but that’s usually no so true. They love attention, but guilt (religion) prevents them to be more open about it.

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