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Iris Yang turned heads at some car show a while back and instantly garnered her own Internet fan club. The Chinese model has won a few awards since then. Despite that, I had a hard time finding stats. So you mostly get photos.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Chinese
From: Shandong Province














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  1. She’s got that look that I really go for, so I’ll give her 2 thumbs up. If she just got a little more toned, she’d really be hot.

  2. Nice.If this is the Chinese version of “The Girl Next Door”…I gotta’ do a roadie to her province.

  3. Very interesting – I thought she might be a bit too mature looking to get such a universally positive response. Still, that’s no problem for me at all, and her body looks very nicely proportioned indeed; I like her too! I’m not sure I’d call her beautiful, but she’s a very nice package overall, and quite natural looking. Her look is fairly common for Chinese, but her body isn’t.

  4. I actually thought she looks more Korean than Chinese esp in 3rd and last pic. First time hearing about her. Thanks Travis.

  5. Wow. Very nice looking. Found information from various sites:

    Iris Yang (翟凌)
    From: &

    Birthday: 08/18/1987
    Height:176cm (about 5’9″)
    Measurements:88/60/88 (35-24-35)

    more pix:
    Personal Blog
    From some personal photos on her blog:

    Looks very different without the makeup, but still very nice.

  6. Nice work dinker! Perhaps Travis will want to add your info to his article later.

    Judging from the photos you link to, I’m practically certain she has a nose job, but that’s hardly unusual these days, and I still think she has a quite natural style. And I really like her body – as I said, she is very nicely proportioned. Another example of the difference makeup can make though.

    @kevgud: northern Chinese and Koreans can look quite similar.

  7. Am I the only one that noticed her funky looking toes in picture #3? Or am I just seeing things?

  8. Damn, girlfriend needs a toejob. I wouldn’t turn her down because of some mangled toes, but I’ll have to keep a sock over that joint.

    Anyway, she looks good and is well proportioned. Another awesome find Travis. And shoutout to dinker for providing the links. Saves me alot of trouble of trying to find more pics of her myself. It’s good to see some more Chinese women on here.

  9. I hate it when something like that is pointed out, I would have never noticed otherwise! She is gorgeous nonetheless.

  10. Given the proximity of Shandong and Korea, it is possible that she is Korean (one of the ethnic group in China). Nonetheless, northen Chinese and Koreans can look quite similar, just like you said doc =)
    In regards to the toes, I think it’s just the angle the picture was taken.

  11. That “not so gorgeous” shot appears to be sans makeup – is slackerking or anybody else still trying to argue that these girls look just as good in real life as they do in their glamour photos? 😉

  12. Candy, you kill me… “Damn, girlfriend needs a toejob. I wouldn’t turn her down because of some mangled toes, but I’ll have to keep a sock over that joint.”

    I didn’t notice the first time but I had to go back… making me feel like Eddie Murphy in Boomerang… haha! I could just imagine her scratching me with her “joints”… I shudder at the thought… haha!

    Over all I agree with the Doc that she’s a nice package but I wouldn’t call her beautiful. I do like her in the pic where she’s coming out of/ going into the pool though, I dig her hair… haha!

  13. She’s from what province again… haha! I couldn’t resist, sorry Doc… haha! Shan’s what??? Oh my… haha, I’m a bad, bad man… hehe haha!

  14. Of course she’s not going to look as good as she does in real life than she does glammed up, just like most women.

    I hate it when someone notices something that I don’t. I didn’t notice her krinkled toes since I’m not paying attention to her feet since feet are not the first thing I am looking. She’ll probably have an internet foot fetish club after this article.

    I think she looks good, but it’s not like I’m sitting here doing cartwheels over her like I’m doing with other chicks. She has a nice body and is alright to look at when she’s wearing makeup.

  15. Regarding wf19’s shot, make up is not the problem. The angle’s all wrong, the camera’s focused on her nose and her hair is pulled back in a very unflattering way. Anyone can take a bad picture, no mattered how dressed and how made up. It’s interesting that this one reached the web, however.

  16. While I have to agree with you about this shot, others in the same series (and other similar ones) do show that this is basically how she looks without makeup. And while I think she actually looks alright, it is also very clear that the glamour makeup and touch-ups do make a big difference, and neither of them are particularly heavy in this case either.

  17. I like her, but I get a kick out this one…

    Winking never looked so hard. Still she managed to keep her mouth closed while doing it. Ever notice we girls wink they tend to open there mouth?

    It took me a few scans to notice the feet, until I saw them I was thinking about how they use to bind girls feet here to make their feet smaller, cuase we all now small feet are sexy on a woman right?

    I think its the light/angle ontop of the fact she should have clipped her toenails…

    Do you ever feel we are WAY to picky?

  18. I don’t know Halapo about being way to picky, because with over 3400 viewers and 28 posters, checking out one cute Chinese chick not much is going to slip by us. I think she is well porportioned and has a decent range with her facial expressions so she should continue to get modeling work, except for maybe open-toed shoes…:)

  19. @ Dr. Lee: Once again you’ve misinterpreted my posts. I said many of the car models look nearly the same at the shows as they do in the modeling pics. I’ve never seen any of them without makeup, they wear makeup at the shows. But I’ve seen most of them dozens of times at various clubs and shows, and they all look basically the same. I’d post some pics but I don’t know how, but you can find thousands of examples at or a dozen other sites.

    And once again and for the hundredth time, most of us other than Dr. Lee aren’t really interested in seeing models without makeup. Whether people like the JAV girls or the import models, most of us want to see them looking at their best. Even the posters here who don’t like alot of makeup I can promise wouldn’t really want to see most women without their makeup. They may like them to use less, but I doubt most people really want to the see the pimples and pockmarks, the bruises and bumps etc. If you do, it’s all good but I certainly don’t subscribe to PB or Maxim to see reality. Out of all the women I’ve been with, I can count the number on one hand that looked great w/o makeup and even then they were young and in their early twenties to late teens.

    On a side note about makeup: My wife and I ran into Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart at our hotel in Monterey this weekend and Calista had no makeup on and looked about 60 going on 80. No joke, I’ve seen homeless women that were better looking.

    As for this girl, I don’t think she looks good in any of the photo’s makeup or not except possibly the past two. However it’s not because she’s not attractive, I just don’t like sharp, dainty or long featured women which also why I’m not really into Japanese women but prefer islander/viet girls.

  20. Well slackerking, your contention was still that these girls look in real life like they do in the shots for example, when they simply do not. Indeed, in Candyman’s last post, he links to other photos of Wang Yi Bing where she still has full makeup and touch-ups, but still looks very different from her shots (which are even more heavily processed). Your story about Callista Flockhart only reinforces my point – I think a lot of our readers are interested to know if these girls are real natural beauties, or artificial creations.

  21. I agree it’s interesting to know which are which, but I think for all but the most naive we understand that some of it is smoke and mirrors. And just like the artificial creations, natural beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I can guarantee you 100% that you and I for instance would have polar opposite opinions on which women were the most beautiful without any makeup. What’s even more interesting though is that because all of us are on this site, all our ideas of what is beautiful are somewhat outside the mainstream at least in the western world.

  22. Hold on a second here. Japanese women are “sharp” and/or “long featured”? I can buy the argument that they might be “dainty”, but the other two adjectives simply do not pass muster.

    *Japanese defense systems blaring*

  23. Indeed – I have to agree that “sharp” or “long feaured” is not an accurate description of Japanese women’s features at all. Quite the opposite in fact!

  24. Maybe sharp isn’t the word I’m looking for, but this model (although Chinese) is exactly what I’m talking about. To me here face is long and her features are , I don’t know…sharp.

    Sevendeuce, I’m not disparaging Japanese women other than I just personally happen to find them less attractive in general than other asian women (although I will say one of the most beautiful woman I ever dated was Japanese). However they’re still beautiful and I still love them too, my personal preference just happens to be Vietnamese, Filipino and Chinese. I find their facial structures, body types and skin color much more physically attractive but I can see why many people would find Japanese and Korean women to their liking.

  25. Lips, toes, chickle-tickle, face-too-long (Jessica Sarah Parker Syndrome [JSPS]), toenails, hair all wrong…you guys are brutle. Thank God she doesn’t have cankles like a model not long ago…

    Wait a minute, I adored that gal too. Just like women in general I guess. Morning face w/no makeup and bad breathe…if she still gets you hot she’s a keeper for sure!

  26. “Sarah Jessica Parker syndrome” – I like that! I’ve never been able to understand why she is considered attractive – to me she looks like a witch!

    And slackerking, I once again find your characterisations of different Asian women very curious. Japanese look far more like most Chinese and Vietnamese than most Koreans and Filipinas! (Although northern Chinese can look quite Korean.) Koreans often do have quite sharp features, yes, but Japanese are anything but sharp featured!

  27. SJP, in the movie Ed Wood opposite Johhny Depp, actually says the lines “Does my face REALLY look like a horse?!”. Last year she was declared one of Hollywood’s most unattractive women due to her horse-like face. She hasn’t looked good since LA Story…

    But I digress….Iris is adorable, toes and all 🙂

  28. Okay, seriously Chinese women do NOT look anything like Japanese women, nor do Vietnamese who sometimes can look vaguely Chinese. I’m not sure where you’re seeing your women (unless they look completely different in Australia than they do in California or asia), but they look nothing alike. Not only that but many of them would be entirely offended by that statement (on all three sides).

    Secondly, once again that wasn’t what I said. I said I prefer V, C and F because I like their rounder faces, flatter features, darker skin (although many Chinese have very light skin, many do not), and body shapes. I find Japanese women (and this is a generalization too) to generally be too thin for me, have not much junk in the trunk, and odd shaped bodies. This is just my opinion, you don’t need to try and change my mind. You can disagree all you want with my description but my likes and dislikes come from years of dating within all of those ethnic pools.

    Love the SJP syndrome. That’s hilarious. My friend’s wife is a small time actress who bears a striking resemblance to Julia Roberts, and people all seem to think she’s amazingly beautiful. I think she looks like a donkey (yes I know that sounds mean but it’s not something I would say to her) with a giant mouth.

  29. @Dr. Lee, the girl posted after her “Ayumu Kase” is exactly what I’m talking about in terms of Japanese girls. She looks exactly like a thousand JAV models. You may not find here features sharp but I do. I find her nose sharp, her mouth too big. I don’t find her body proportions to be physically exciting to me and while it’s not a deal breaker I prefer more tanned or darker toned skin. Again, not saying she’s not attractive she’s just not my type. If I saw her on the street I’m sure I’d do a double take but I wouldn’t ever have tried to hit on her.

  30. @slackerking: for a start, you should not be judging Viet girls by the import models you know and love – please refer to my most recent post to see the classic Viet look, which is in fact quite Eurasian looking. I have a lot of Viet, Chinese and Japanese friends, and have travelled to their part of the world – I know what they look like. And most importantly, they know what they look like – I co-authored my last post with a Acumen (who is Vietnamese), and Sachiko is a mix of Chinese and Japanese. Your assertions simply do not tally with what any of them say or think.

    The tanned look you prefer is not the look of Chinese or mainstream Vietnamese at all – it is the look of islanders, such as Filipinas or Issarn Thais. It is true that there’s a lot of dark skinned Vietnamese, but they do not form the main body of the Vietnamese population, and they are not considered beautiful by Vietnamese themsleves.

    Very few Chinese are dark-skinned, and apart from northern Chinese (who can look quite Korean, because they are from the same stock), they bare a lot of similarities with mainstream Vietnamese and Japanese for a very good reason: because they are from the same stock as well (light skinned Vietnamese are descended from Cantonese, for example). Japanese are famous for their rounded faces and “soft” look – how on earth you can consider them sharp and edgy I don’t know. And they certainly don’t look a lot like Koreans as a rule, although there has been some mixing between the two, so there are some Japanese who do look a little “in between”.

    Regarding Ayumu Kase, I think you have been fooled by her nose job.

  31. SJP isn’t gorgeous by any means, but I still find her attractive and have ever since her early acting days. “Can’t explain, I think it’s love”

  32. @Dr. Lee: I’m certainly not judging viet girls by import models, although many of them are vietnamese and look like many of the other vietnamese girls in the southland. I’m judging them by the hundreds of them that I’ve know over the years, by the women I’ve dated, by my travels to Vietnam, China, Japan, by the huge population I live within of ALL asian nationalities. It’s quite possible you’ve been to those countries more than I have since you are much closer, however i’ve been to each of them a number of times especially China and Vietnam over a dozen times, so please stop trying to tell me I don’t know what they look like. I’ve been engaged to two vietnamese women both born in vietnam, dated dozens of others. I’m married to Chinese girl (born here, but her family lived there when she was “created”). I know the eurasian viet look, the upper class Chinese look, I understand what each country finds attractive (and it isn’t what most westerners find hot in asian women), it has NOTHING to do with my likes and dislikes and truthfully I don’t care in the slightest what any of those countries find attractive as a whole any more than I care what Americans find attractive as a whole.

    Once again you miscontrued what I wrote. The truth is you just take what you want, so you can write your “educated” answers but you consistently ingore the context I write them in. I wrote about my preferences in women specifically in regards to sevendeuce’s offence at my statements. It’s possible I didn’t word it the best way to make my point, I write these posts quickly.

  33. Regarding Ayumi Kase, I really don’t look for things like nose jobs but you are probably right. I just look at them as a whole, but I will say she represents a wide section of the JAV girls who do similar things. Eye’s wider, sharper noses, all types of surgery to look more westernized. The Japanese seem to love to incorporate American culture into their lives in all aspects which may explain part of why I find them less attractive than other asian girls. if I want to date an American girl, then I’ll date a white girl (well I won’t be dating anyone cuz my wife won’t let me)

  34. Well slackerking, I was once again correcting your false assertion about the appearance of Japanese vis a vis other southest Asians. The fact that you base your impressions of their appearance on surgically enhanced J-idols suggests you do not have very much experience with the real thing. Also, this type of surgery is hardly uncommon amongst wealthy Chinese anyway (especially in Hong Kong and Taiwan). If you don’t want to be “educated”, then I suggest you stick to commenting on that which you really know.

  35. When did Michelle lose her eyes?

    I’m so sorry, I just couldn’t resist — I’ll try harder next time.

  36. How can these girls be stupid enough to allow this stuff to be filmed? And we have idiots complaining about being featured on this site!

    And yes, I think I might do a post on this, but I have another scandal that I want to post too – and I have a feeling there may be another one coming.

  37. More scandals? Doc, are you involved in some way? Or wish you were? 🙂

    That video is pretty lame, I was not impressed at all. Moaning sucks, I’ve hear a lot, lot better.

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