Maxim’s Hot 100 and my 15 Hottest Asians of 2009

Vanessa Hudgens

Each year, the various men’s magazine and websites that are out there come out with their list of the 100 hottest or sexiest women in the world, and each year I’m disappointed by their selections. Either I’m disappointed at who was selected at the #1 spot, their selections in general, or what I pay attention to the most is the lack of Asians that make it onto these lists. Maxim just released their list of the hottest 100 women to coincide with the release of their June issue and I wasn’t too thrilled with who was on it, so I figured it was time for me to make my own list.I’m pretty sure the reason that you don’t find many Asians on one of these lists is due to the fact that there aren’t that many Asian women in mainstream media. Most of the ones that are on Maxim’s list are either part Asian or Indian. That list is as follows:

96. Olivia Munn

95. Padma Lakshmi

89. Jamie Chung

80. Jamie Gunns

49. Freida Pinto

46. Nicole Scherzinger

27. Vanessa Hudgens

20. Moon Bloodgood

I thought Olivia Munn should have been ranked higher than #96 and that Moon Bloodgood should not be at #20. I think Moon looks okay, but to me she is not that hot to be at #20. I’m okay with where the remaining ones are positioned.

It’s easy to criticize one of these lists, and ultimately I needed to create my own because the really hot Asian women are never going to appear on it since they are not in the mainstream media here in America and would not be known to anyone else outside of those who know them already of frequent Asian Sirens. So I decided to put together a list together of who I feel are the top 15 hottest Asians right now. I thought about doing a larger list, but no one is going to remember who placed at which position if I did a list of more than 20 names. Maybe down the road I will put together a larger list, but for now, here is my top 15:

15. Jarah Mariano
Jarah Mariano

14. Aino Kishi
Aino Kishi

13. Seo Yoo Jin
Seo Yoo Jin

12. Kim Ha Yool
Kim Ha Yool

11. Wang Yi Bing
Wang Yi Bing

10. Jessica Gomes
Jessica Gomes

9. Aya Kiguchi
Aya Kiguchi

8. Yuuri Morishita

7. Yuko Ogura
Yuko Ogura

6. Aki Hoshino
Aki Hoshino

5. Park Hyun Sun
Park Hyun Sun

4. Sayaka Ando
Sayaka Ando

3. Song Ji Na
Song Ji Na

2. Hwang Mi Hee
Hwang Mi Hee

1. Nozomi Sasaki
Nozomi Sasaki

I’ve also compiled a sampler so that you can get a better look at each hottie that is on my list on the link below. I hope you’ve enjoyed my first official post here at Asian Sirens.


Maxim 2009 Hot 100 List
My Top 15 Sampler

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0 thoughts on “Maxim’s Hot 100 and my 15 Hottest Asians of 2009”

  1. Yes, welcome indeed!

    I’ve gotta say though, I’ve never been a big fan of these sorts of lists – it gives an objective air to something that is in fact very subjective, subject to change over time and often even quite arbitrary.

  2. Oh yes – not unexpectedly, Wang Yi Bing looks far less spectacular here than she does in the shots, although for me, I like the more natural geek look she has here more (I like Asian geek girls).

  3. Some good picks all around. Interesting to see that Maxim chose Padma Lakshmi for their list. I didn’t know who she was until I saw her Hardee’s commercial, but that commercial converted me.

  4. I’m not sure why people think Vanessa Hudgens is so hot. Maybe cute. but to be one of the highest ranking “Asians” on this list is ridiculous.

    I do like Moon Bloodgood, great look and definitely an up-and-comer. And of course, Freida Pinto, who has an amazing star quality. However, she is “Indian” not “Asian” (I’m sure Dr. Lee would agree)

  5. I do not know about “hottest,” but they are definitely hot. Nice list. Well done, Candyman. Thanks.

  6. Candyman, you are one of my favorite people. I don’t 100% agree with the list, but I don’t feel the need to comment on whihc since I think the majority of them are still very pretty.

  7. Candyman, great first (under your own name) article! The list of Asians on the Maxim list looks somewhat familiar but I agree that your list of the top 15 Asians is much better than that list. One thing to note about the links to Maxim is that those pages automatically go to the next on the list like a slideshow. The only way to circumvent this is to click the pause button on the page soon after you open it.

  8. 20 minutes in a high-end shopping mall in Shanghai, Beijing, or Hong Kong, and you will see at least 10 women to blow all these women away. (With the exception, in my opinion, of Jarah Mariano).

    No Lin Chiling on this list?

    As Dr. Lee says, highly subjective. But it does spark discussion.

  9. Thanks for the welcome. I figured that it was time for me to start posting on here since I was going to write the same stuff anyway on my blog. Plus on here, it’s easier for people to add comments.

    Originally I wrote about Maxim’s 2008 list but it was never posted. I completely forgot that I wrote an article for that until Robin emailed me just recently. So I figured that I would write a new article for here since my original article was badly outdated and since I was going to write about it already on my blog since I already wrote about their top 10. Click here if you want some bonus reading.

    These lists will always be subjective, but I find them to be alot of fun to talk about. I just get a little annoyed when it comes to the Asians that actually make it onto one of these lists, so I had to make my own. I was hoping to do a top 100 but had to scratch that idea due to time constraints. Plus most aren’t going to remember who made the list once you go past 20 names.

    I didn’t find out Vanessa Hudgens was Asian until I actually looked up her bio when I was looking up the bio for Cassie who’s also mixed with Filipino. I assumed she was just Mexican, but she’s also Asian.

    I don’t think Moon Bloodgood should be ranked that high because she is not that hot. She barely generated a response when an article for her was posted here. She’s probably at that spot because she is in the new Terminator movie plus on the cover of this month’s Maxim. If she had some bigger boobs, she’d really be hot.

    I’m pretty sure alot of people aren’t going to agree with my list. My list is of who I thought were the 15 hottest that are out there currently out there. You probably could find hotter in a mall in Shanghai, but how many readers are in Shanghai or would know who they are? And I like Lin Chi Ling, but she’s not hotter than Jarah Mariano, so she’s not on my list.

    I’ll probably do some additional writing on my top 15. As for my #1, Nozomi is absolutely flawless. I can’t think of anyone else that I would put ahead of her right now. If you have a name you think is hotter than she is or maybe a top 10 or 15, let’s hear it. Don’t just kill my list 🙂

  10. I’ll probably make a longer post later when I’ve got more time, but I just want to say to Candyman: God damn, you have excellent taste.

  11. Very nice list…but i think you could have found a few better pics. I don’t really like the ones of Hwang Mi Hee and Jessica Gomes as there are many better ones out there of those 2

  12. Thanks jdrevenge. I’m starting to hear that alot these days.

    Come on ….. My Top 15 Sampler contains some nice pics of Hwang Mi Hee. Plus there is a topless photo along with some high res shots of Jessica Gomes. What more do you want?

  13. Jarah Mariano and Kim Ha Yool are my favorites though Jarah looks less photoshopped. Did you know Yuko Ogura is a total 100% photoshop product? She’s still cute even with all the moles and freckles on her face though….

    Here’s a link to a Yuko Ogura youtube video with her moles and freckles visible.

  14. Ha! That’s pretty interesting about Yuko Ogura – I suspect there’d be quite a few more surprises like her. Actually, this has made me realise why I really like the classic JAV girls, but have not been overly impressed with the current generation – they almost all look much the same to me. I think it’s because they have the same Photoshopping – the classic JAV models actually had very little of this. And this is my problem with a list like Candyman’s – they are cute for sure, but there’s so many other equally cute current J-girls who could have taken their place.

  15. candyman… in the links you have some nice pics of those 2 but above, those are not so representative

  16. Candyman (and CEC) as well, are you familiar with

    I find his photography quite decent (usually), and great Korean ‘eye-candy’.

  17. Vanessa Hudgens isn’t hot? Really?

    Candyman, thanks for the list, but no Pinays or Thais on it? Well, at lest it’s eye-opening and thought provoking.

  18. I’m familiar with Anamboy’s work. I don’t go to the site since my time is limited, so I usually get my stuff from those who are more of an expert than I am on Korean photography. But I love Korean photographers and the hotties that they photograph.

    I think Vanessa is pretty hot. I love her and can’t wait until she starts doing more mature work. In the article I wrote last year, Maxim had Ashley Tisdale ranked higher than Vanessa and I could not believe that since Ashley is not that hot. This year they have her at 73. It’s stuff like that made me want to do my own list.

    If I did a top 20, there would be at least one Thai chick on it. However I only did a top 15, so alot of people are going to be left out unfortunately. I’m thinking next year that I would do more than one list since I will have more time to work on them, or maybe just stick with a top 15. I’ll figure it out down the road.

  19. Love Jarah and Jessica. The rest not so much for me, but it’s cool to see what someone else likes.

  20. I’m still mystified as to why everyone is so crazy about Jarah, but at least her and Jessica do stand out here. In that sense, I think they are more worthy of a “top” list – pretty much all the J-girls featured are actually much more attractive for me, but they aren’t any more so than a hundred other J-girls – they just don’t stand out from the crowd. Same for the Korean girls featured actually.

  21. It’s funny how I don’t know any of the Korean girls, even though Candyman picked quite a few.
    There are some on this list that I hope look better in other pictures because the ones here are not very flattering (take #2 for example).

  22. Jarah is a hottie. She has to be to model for both Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated. If she’s not, then who would you put ahead of her? I need a name so we can discuss.

    Nozomi Sasaki is just flawless. Right now I can’t think of anyone that I would put ahead of her and I haven’t heard any names from anyone else, so there you go.

    I’m sure there are plenty that don’t agree with my selections, but I’m basing my decisions on hundreds of pictures that I look at for each chick for the ones that I know of that are still current. I probably looked at over 20,000 pics while writing this article and over 300,000 pics for this year since I’m always looking for stuff along with reorganizing my photo collection. Then once I got an idea of who would make it onto the list, I started making my decisions from there.

    There’s better pics in the sampler which is why I uploaded it so you can get a better look at them instead of just looking at pictures that I had to resize and crop for the article. And I thought that pic of Hwang Mi Hee was a good one to use for the article, but I guess not. But I am basing my judgement from her body of work along with the 2100+ pics that I have of her myself.

    Like I said before, if I did a top 20, there would have been at least one chick from Southeast Asia on there. But with only 15 slots, alot are going to be left out, so this will probably be my first and last list that I will make unless people want me to keep making them.

  23. I’d put a lot of models ahead of Jarah! I liked her body when she was more slim and trim, but even then I still wasn’t crazy about her face. I really don’t like square jaws on women, and Jarah certainly has one – indeed, this is a key reason why I prefer Asian women in general. Plus she basically has an islander type of look, which as everyone knows is not my preference. I can understand why she’d be popular on a mainstream modelling site, but to me she isn’t much of an Asian siren. But clearly I am very much in the minority here, which is very interesting!

  24. Regarding Nozomi Sasaki, she looks like one of those largely artificial creations to me. Many of her photos do indeed look stunning, but others are much less so. I strongly suspect she is actually a little bland in real life – I think she’s one of those models who is basically a good canvas for the makeup artist and retouch artist. I guess this is why I’m not very fond of most current glamour photography – we don’t get to see the model’s own character any more. Indeed, models without much character are actually preferred, so the production team can impose themselves on her.

    Still, she’s certainly pretty, and can look very cute indeed with the right makeup (plus she does have a nice body) – I don’t think the shot Candyman chose here is a very good example actually.

  25. Does anybody know where I can see more revealing pics of Park Hyun Sun? She seems to have a great body, but I can’t find anything that shows very much.

  26. First of all…. so much love from me to Vanessa Hudgens. She is one of cute filipina mixed-types I’ve even seen. Mr. Zac Effron you better not break her heart! She is a total keeper.

    Regarding your list Candy-guy I like them all. All fifteen girls have a unique look. But I would put Aino Kishi in number 1. She is the most attractive to me. Followed by Nozomi Sasaki and Yuko Ogura.

  27. Hahahaha.

    I guess some models are on the “as modest as possible” side.

    She is still hot for an older girl.

  28. I’d have agree again with the Doc on Park Hyun Sun; she isn’t that hot looking. Still love her body, though.

  29. I’m not disappointed with Park Hyun Sun because her body is hot.

    @Alden, Aino Kishi is a cutie. I think I should have put her higher on my list now that I have taken some time to step back and observe my list. I could have swapped her position with Yuko Ogura in the 7 spot or just put her at the #5 spot because she’s cute, poses naked, and does porn.

    But these lists are difficult to come up with, especially one that’s on the web for anyone to critique and they aren’t going to be 100% perfect. If anyone out there wants to give it a shot, feel free.

  30. Park Hyun Sun does have a hot body, but she’s hardly alone in that – like the other K- and J-girls, I can’t see what makes her stand out from the crowd.

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