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Melyssa Grace (aka Melyssa Grace Roberts) was named Miss Maxim Philippines in 2007. I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of her before. Kinda hard to believe since she is quite a looker.She’s got a Catherine Zeta Jones kinda thing going on, only with much better lips (WOW). She seems to always know what to do with them… haha, stop thinking dirty! IMHO I would much rather be seen on Melyssa’s arm than CZJ’s (@ Michael Douglas – no offence)… haha!

Ethnicity: Filipina/German
Location: San Diego, CA
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 125 lbs
Stats: 36D 25 36

There isn’t much on her as far as info goes. She doesn’t do nude and from what I see she isn’t primarily an Import Model though she has been featured in Import Tuner and Maxim .There are some pics and interviews on both sites. Her website doesn’t put much up by way of a bio either. Here are a few quotes from this Gemini:

“I was born in Oakland, California and spent my childhood in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. I finished my middle and high school years in Ventura, CA. I am of Filipino and German decent (a Filipina Princess) and I am fluent in Spanish and English.”

“I love fast cars and fast bikes (I’ve owned my own Ninja) and I love to travel and enjoy new experiences and people.”









Maybe she’ll Google herself some day and find this posting then decide she might want to tell us more… haha! She’s on myspace as well with many, very nice pics up. Unfortunately her profile is private so her other (more candid) pics are unviewable unless you get added as a friend. Luckily for us she is also on Flickr where there are a few candids of her.

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  1. Very pretty woman. Hopefully more will surface for her. Interesting to see that she put her profile as private. Most people are glamour hogs.

  2. Gorgeous, but it’s very difficult seeing her Filipina side. Had I not known that she was mixed I wouldn’t have easily guessed that she was – and if I did guess, I probably would have said Hispanic-Caucasian mix.

    Suffice it to say, beautiful face and body, though I’d like to see some “natural” pics of her (as always).

  3. Overall, pretty nice.

    In the second to last picture, she looks almost Middle Eastern, or some sort of Mediterranean. Maybe even Iranian or Turkish.

    And, as sevenduece mentioned, in others she looks a little bit Hispanic, which isn’t that odd for a Filipina.

    Nice eyes, for sure.

  4. The boobs are a touch overdone. They look okay in some photos but in the bikini shots she tends to exhibit a racquetball effect.

  5. She likes fast car and bike. How about fast man around here?
    Doc, probably we can become compatitor against miss universe contest. How about that sound?

  6. She’s quite popular in the US, she’s another “import” model and always featured in the car mags. She’s right up my alley. Great post.

  7. As with most Filipinas and import models, her build is just too stocky for my taste. And while she can look quite pretty with the right makeup and touch-ups, in reality it looks as though her face is actually quite masculine as well.

  8. Alright: Bambi19’s subthread was already one of the most pointless and ridiculous discussions I’ve ever wasted time participating in, and it was really taking over this thread with silly, off-topic discussion that I’m sure nobody who came here to read about Melyssa had any interest in. So now that Bambi19’s decided to get abusive, I’ve had to delete it. And given their multiple infractions of our posting guidelines, I was left with no choice but to ban Bambi19 as well. Now (in Bambi19’s words) this case really is closed. 😉

  9. Are you ever going to actually make a point lamboap, or just continue to take petty swipes? Your continuing accusations of bias are pretty ridiculous, given that I could in theory have nuked Bambi19’s comments right from the beginning – or yours for that matter. You are completely free to express your opinion here, as long as you stay within our posting guidelines (i.e don’t get abusive like Bambi19 did).

  10. Bambi19’s made legitimate points and posts which did not need to be censored and deleted.

    In fact Bambi19’s facts and points-of-view owned Lee and the other guy to the point where they could not respond.

    All over a girl who identifies, tatoos, and calls herself “Pinay Princess”.

  11. And what legitimate point was that? The fact that Bambi19 couldn’t make their point without getting abusive strongly suggests to me that they actually didn’t have any legitimate point.

    We do allow some off-topic diversions when they are related to the main thread, but when it starts to take over the thread – especially when one or more of the participants starts to get abusive – we have no choice but to nuke it.

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