Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson


A former bikini babe with a background in the martial arts turns Princess of Pain as an MMA fighter.Ethnicity: Thai/Caucasian
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Height: 5′3
Weight: 115
Measurements: 32-25-35

Michelle Waterson appeared on Oxygen’s Fight Girl in 2006 and is currently still fighting, as far as I have seen her last match was in April of this year. When asked to describe herself Michelle answers:

“I am an easygoing girl who loves to have fun. I am very adventuress and full of energy. I am hardworking, open minded, flexible, responsible, honest and devoted. I have great leadership skills and I am willing to work with others to make an environment fun to be in. I am very passionate about everything that I choose to do!”





She is currently modeling with Team Allstars and has a page where you can view her
profile. You can also find a few vids of her on youtube. Michelle has been featured on a few other websites but mostly as an MMA capacity… sadly, they don’t showcase her hotness.

As far as I have been able to find out, she’s dedicated herself to being a fighter, leaving her job and home in Colorado to train full time at Greg Jackson’s MMA center in New Mexico.





As of this writing Michelle’s myspace is public and you can find some pics and an interview on her career as an MMA fighter as well as some of her background. You can also check out this video of her from Bikini.com. I found it… entertaining… haha!

Below is a vid from with highlights from, what I believe to be her first MMA match. On a side note… I wonder if she, during an… uh… “intimate moment”… ever choked a guy out, by accident of course and not because he asked her to… haha! Shame on me for having such thoughts… (sound of index fingers rubbing together) haha!

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  1. The top pictures make me very happy. The bottom ones (especially the third one) make me kinda’ scared. Nice fierce look though!

  2. I love this girl. She’s a pretty good fighter. Between her and Gina Carana, there’s some beautiful women in mma. Don’t really get the sad comment, because she’s a martial artist? Some of the best mma fights I’ve seen are womens’ matches. Beautiful, beautiful girl.

  3. The schoolgirl outfit is oh so nice, but after the fifth shot down, something went awry. Maybe the hair. Maybe her jowl. Not to sure.

  4. arf, I’m pretty sure it’s the mouth piece that’s making her look “awry”… haha! Could be wrong though… a training mishap maybe?

  5. BTW I included the school girl pics for those of you who are in to that… we are a bunch of sick freaks are we not… haha!

  6. Don’t even get me started with MMA, it should have been the next logical step up but it didn’t turn out that way… see there I go getting started… haha!

  7. Looks like she’s got good “ground n’ pound ”
    technique.I’ll have to send her some clothing from my mma start-up.

  8. She’s hot and pretty.

    I’d enjoy having a go with her at the ring. Some sort of Fight Club, but hotter… Could she bring me down? I wonder.

  9. 5’3″ and 52kg? That’s a lotta muscle. I reckon 42kg max for that height would be my ideal.

  10. By sad, I think knarf means she looked good in the bikini photos, but no longer does. I think she benefits greatly from the touch-ups in the bikini photos though – in reality (as shown by the more realistic recent photos), she just isn’t very feminine (or at least her body isn’t – no feminine curves).

  11. MMA chicks can be pretty hot. The bikini pics aren’t bad, but she gets bonus points for being a bad girl.

  12. I’m so happy to see Michelle featured here on AS. I’m a huge fan of MMA and I’ve been following her career since she started fighting. I mean, why wouldn’t I? I love the sport and I love cute, Asian girls! 😛

    Her current (official) record is 5-3 and I attribute her losses to fighting against some ladies who are much bigger than her. Though I may be biased. 😉

    That said, she may benefit from some doctoring in her bikini shots, but from the interviews I’ve seen, she comes across as sweet and genuine. Plus she can kick your ass – which is all kinds of hot! 😛

    Thanks so much for the post, Irish!

  13. Actually she still models in American car mags, she doesn’t look any different than she did before. Of course she doesn’t look like a model when she’s fighting, are you guys serious? Gina Carano looks exactly the same way when she fights, hair braided, no makeup. They are both really beautiful out of the ring, and very feminine to boot. Michelle’s still learning, but she’s a pretty good fighter overall.

  14. Mama said knock you out! I can’t believe no one has made a joke about submission holds — she wouldn’t even have to try one on me to get me to submit.

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