Bikini Cinema


Hot bikini girls do Pulp Fiction, The Big Lebowski and Star Wars, three of my favourite movies! Who can identify the Asian model? Click more for the vids.

Pulp Fiction

The Big Lebowski

Star Wars

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  1. Very talented. Veerrrry talented ladies. That’s it, I’m hiring them all for my dramatic movie interpretation of ‘Foursome With This Dude’, starring me.

  2. The asian girl is a friend of mine. Her name is Ivy. I used to play pool with her at Pro Billiards and Hollywood Billiards in LA. Wow, I’m really surprised to see her here haha. Check out her website.

  3. Star Wars 1:21 had me spitting my morning coffee in laughter LOL

    I’m having one of those Seinfeld Brain vs Penis experiences at the moment…

  4. ‘Luke, I am your father.’

    Nice promo, slim bodies, pretty girls. The asian girl isn’t so good with the lines, but she’s pretty. Good choice of movies too.

    I wished for some naked acting, I admit.

  5. … Haha! I couldn’t watch all of the Star Wars video, it made me doubt the existence of the Force and I am SO not ready to go there! The Big Lebowski… no too bad, I find it hard to listen to women cursing… I just don’t think its right, especially so if the woman is attractive. I did, however, really enjoy the Pulp Fiction reading… haha! I have to go watch it right after I write this comment… haha!

  6. @rkenshin0922

    If she is ivy teves, then tell me when she did het boobs, foor all the pics in her homepage show a lot less !!!!!!!!
    and where are the more updated pics ?

  7. @ omega,

    i’m not quite sure bro, but the last time i saw her, she was still all natural. i havent seen her for a while. i’m talking about years. i did notice on her recent pics on facebook that her boobs are a bit bigger than the last time i remember. either way, she’s still as fine as i remember her. too bad, her bf at the time was a good friend of mine, or else i would have tried my luck lol. we were all pretty good friends at the time, one big group. just lost touch through the years.

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