Mei Sawai – Talking about Loud

Mei Sawai

I saw this comment by knarf:

“The squeals and yells are certainly exaggerated in the movies, but, in my limited experience, I have found that seemingly sweet, quiet, and shy Japanese women can certainly change character in the bedroom. The moan behind the closed door might well be the loudest sound you ever heard her make”

Mei Sawai is a Japanese pornstar probably best known for her roles in the SQ Evolution series. Well talking about squeals and yells, she is one “loud” performer.

Sorry for the lack of personal info about her. Perhaps someone here could help.

Mei Sawai

Mei Sawai

Mei Sawai

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  1. You’re welcome Kanyer! Unfortunately though, hot chess babes are difficult to come by. 😉

    For those who don’t know, the post Kanyer is referring to is here.

  2. Just.Plain.Wow.
    …And she did’nt shave her pubes.Perfect.
    Only Asian babes-the far eastern ones-can get away with that. Sistas’…White girls…don’t try this at home.;->

  3. My problem with Japanese porn is that the women all sound as if they’re being forced into sex. Not surprising, considering the amount of “rape fantasy” material out there, and the whole salaryman/schoolgirl dynamic. (Forced sexual activity is even a theme in “Triple Lesbian Hospital.”) That’s why I prefer Asian-American porn: the girls sound as if they’re willing participants, not victims.


    Yeah, you’re absolutely right. All the Japanese girls sound just alike when they are fuckin. At first I thought it was a stereotype but then I realized I could actually pic them out just by listening.

    Asian American girls who have English as a first language sound similar to white girls in porn – like they love the cock.

  5. i’ve ate many a girls asses and i would eat hers as well! with pleasure!!! you can all eat shit for all i care!!!!

  6. arf, maybe you can keep certain things to yourself.

    Consider this a friendly word of advice: your comments are not what we are hoping for here at Asian-Sirens.

  7. ARF

    I saw sex in the city last night and a guy started liking a girl’s back tasting her sweat. When he got down, he licked her ass and she freaked out.

    Some things just shouldn’t be done.

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