Sultry Filipina singer Cherry Hazel “Sheree” Bautista is an original member of the Viva Hot Babes. Discovered and mentored by fellow Filipina singer Patricia Javier, the 26-year-old singer and FHM Philippines cover girl began her career lounge-singing in her hometown of Cagayan de Oro at 16.

I’m listening to her one-year-old debut album My Sheree Amor as I type this. Her smooth voice is perfect for a mellow evening Web surf. In fact, it’s almost too perfect: looking at her sexy pictures is about the only thing keeping me from dozing off right now. Unless you have a woman as hot as Sheree in the passenger seat nibbling your earlobe, do not listen to this album while driving or operating heavy machinery.





“Believe it or not, I’m not comfortable in sexy clothes.”
Sure. Could’ve fooled me girl. Here’s where to send your love on her birthday, April 20:

Sheree’s Official Site
Sheree on MySpace
Sheree on Friendster

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0 thoughts on “Sheree”

  1. It looks like she has been losing some weight.

    Great post. Looks like I’m moving to the Philippines soon.

  2. I love the Viva hot babes.
    They make life worth living.
    You guys sahould try and get a copy of the Viva Hot Babes live show on DVD.

  3. Lee, yet again, you have stated your opinion as a definitive statement. Let’s be clear so eveyone knows. It’s your opinion that she has had a nose job. There is always the possibility you could be wrong.

  4. Strictly speaking, what NorthMan says is true. However, in this case my degree of certainty would be something in the order of 95-99%.

    And Mike, Alodia certainly does look cute! Perhaps you can do a post on her next time? 😉

  5. i’m just hungry for some more pilipina beauty. my goodness gracious. asian persuasion kicking in again!

  6. Another girl trying to make it out from the sexy scene and trying to become a singer!
    Sheree, Patricia Javier, and Jessica Zaragoza should all put down the mic and just do what they do best, which is just stand there and look hot!!! Singers you are not, but smokin’ hot you are!!!

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