Dream @ PacificBeauty.com

Dream Photography by Adam Yurman

PacificBeauty writes: Her name says a lot about this smooth and creamy doll of a gal. Dream has an all natural body and a delicious smile that melts us like butter. Her look reminds us of a certain glamorous singer who has a very powerful voice and won several Grammy awards. Dream does not sing but you might after you see her photos in this club! Throughout her photoshoot she is polite, quiet and stunning. She is an all new face for us here at Pacific Beauty and we hope you will vote her in for a repeat photoshoot.

Well, we also hope to see more of this lady soon! Thanks Adam Yurman, for this exclusive photo in our own Asian-Sirens T-shirt 🙂

UPDATE: After the discussion here about Dream (below), Adam was kind enough to send us three more photos of her. Enjoy!

Dream Photography by Adam Yurman

Dream Photography by Adam Yurman

Dream Photography by Adam Yurman

Dream. Photography by Adam Yurman

Photographers: order your Asian-Sirens shirts here and send in your photo’s! 😉

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0 thoughts on “Dream @ PacificBeauty.com”

  1. Hmmm, are you sure she is original a girl? I have seen some rebuild-thai-models and I’m almost sure this is one of them 😉

    But what the heck, it’s a nice t-shirt 😉

  2. OT question for Adam: Have you ever shot a Thai model named Yoyo Kitchatha. She has an all natural chest that won’t quit and appeared in Penthouse. I haven’t seen those photos, only the semi-nude ones in a magazine called Star and Models. I thought you might have shot her at some time.

  3. Whoah, I always get a whippin’ for saying a model’s had a nose job, but that’s nothing compared to Marco’s suggestion here! 😉

  4. Haha, yeah I know I ruin some fantasies now 😉

    But seriously, what do you guys think? (S)he looks nice, no doubt about that but the first time when I saw her pictures I had a feeling that something was wrong.

    Adam, can you shine a light on this one? You are the master of thai models!

  5. In fairness to Marco, I have seen some pretty amazing ‘work’ come out of Thailand – I definitely can’t rule out the possibility that he’s right. On the other hand, I don’t see any particular evidence of this, so I’d guess she was born female (she may well have had some work done to her face though).

    Still, maybe you guys can go a bit easier on me the next time I suggest a model has had a little surgery! 😉

  6. Lee, I only give you a hard time when you state your opinion like it’s a known fact. If you simply suggest it or say it’s your opinion, that’s cool man! 🙂

    Lee, male or female, what do you think about Dream’s boobs? For me, if she’s female, they look like the perfect, natural, medium size I like. If she’s male (which i doubt) that would be some amazing boob job that looks very natural.

  7. You’re not the only one who gives me a hard time over the plastic surgery issue NorthMan – the way some people react to my suggestion that a model has had a nose job would make you think they’d only been invented yesterday!

    As for Dream’s boobs, the photos are inconclusive. But given that I can’t see any definite evidence that they’re fake, I’ll assume they’re natural for now. But I’m definitely not sure in this case!

  8. Hmmm, I vote for fake boobs… unless the photographer rubbed an ice cube over her nipples to make them hard because hard nipples are sexy (eh?) Either way, she looks similiar to Ingrid (another model featured on Pacific Beauty and was showcased a few weeks ago on Asian Sirens), but I say that Ingrid has the upper hand in the looks department because I loooove sexy long legs & long black hair on an Asian girl 😉

  9. Actually, her nipples are the main reason I think Marco’s suggestion is probably wrong – I find it hard to believe that a man could ‘grow’ nipples like this, no matter how much hormone treatment and surgery he has. But I could be wrong!

    Such large nipples are also suggestive that her tits are naturally a decent size, but this is far from conclusive. Indeed, breast and nipple size often seem to be inversely proportional!

    Anyway, at the end of the day, while it looks as though she may have had some facial surgery (perhaps even a lot), I see nothing to suggest that she’s done anything to her body. That doesn’t mean she definitely hasn’t, but I can’t see any clear evidence of it.

  10. @Robin, I don’t know who that Chinese girl is. I saw her on a website that offers “personal services” for gentlemen in Hong Kong. So if that photo is really her, you could hire her if you are in town. I posted about it here.

  11. Dr Lee! What the? Who the? Did you say Dream had facial surgery? Why of all the gall!! Who do you think you are to say something so insulting about any model!?!?!?!

    One order of sarcasm coming right up…


  12. ADAM YURMAN: (not being able to comment due to login problems)

    “Hi Marco and everyone,

    I will let Dream know that folks at Asian Sirens thougth enough of her radiant beauty to discuss the possibility of her being a Katoey, (Lady Boy). After all, Katoey’s represent the epitome of beauty and fashion in parts of Asia including my neighborhood. A Katoey is a man who has become a lady through surgery and of course, personal choice. I will admit that Dream is pretty enough to be mistaken for man made perfection but there is one thing that no one can change about a man with complete compelling proficiency, (yet) and that is the human voice.

    I worked 8 hours with this model in close quarters and I can tell you that she is a she and that is that.

    As a side note, Katoey’s, or Lady Boys, do not get petite silicone or saline boobs when they go under the knife. They get big ones just like the California Car babes. Dream has the most perfectly shaped and petite sized boobs I have seen in years and for me it is a rare treat given all the plastic and silicone I am often exposed to.

    As I also do some computer retouching on all the photos that I shoot I go over every square inch of a women’s body in my photos with a digital microscope and I would be the first to see any scars or tell tale signs of surgery. Dream is 100% female and her boobs are 100% factory original parts. I can not tell you if she has had eyes, nose or chin modifications because those surgeries leave no scars so who knows and more importantly, why does anyone care? Is she hot or not? Does she raise your body temperature? Does she catch your attention and hold it? That’s all I want to know about.

    By the way, she also happens to have a very cute and charming personality in person if that is of interest to anyone.

    Always a pleasure to read the colorful comments and views at AS.”

  13. i love all this confusion! is this all because she is obviously thai? ladyboys never, EVER have curves like that (no matter how many hormone treatments they’ve had), and if that’s a boob-job, it’s the best (and most understated) one that i have ever seen.

    but adam’s testimony about her voice is most definitely the clincher.

  14. Looks like my initial impression was correct: a girl to be sure – with an all-natural body – but one who has had a fair bit of facial surgery (the extra photos only serve to reinforce this impression). I’m guessing she’s had a nose job, chin job and eyelid surgery. I also suspect that Marco’s impression was because of all the facial surgery she looks to have had. I must stress though, in this case I think the results are excellent: although her face looks a little ‘enhanced’, everything is perfectly in proportion!

  15. Hi All,

    I think newarks says it best but out of respect for the unsure, I sent Robin some exclusive photos.

    In some parts of Asia we have a saying or joke if you will, ” She’s almost pretty enough to be a LadyBoy”. Those who have been in SE Asia will understand. I think Dream chose the right model name. Her look is very dreamy and where do we find that kind of beauty usually? In our dreams!

  16. thanks adam, and keep up the great work! i look at your work with a mixture of admiration and envy. love to meet up with you sometime if you are here in thailand again. best wishes!

  17. Okay, okay, I’m convinced! Next time I will do my home work before I start commenting.

    Thanks Adam for sending some extra pics and don’t forget to say hello to Dream from me 😉

  18. you guys need to come and live in okinawa for a little while. some nice sights that will make you hungry!!!

  19. Why. . . WHY did some asshole have to ruin my erection by suggesting that Dream may once have been a man. . . If I ran the world, that kind of surgery would be outlawed, then I would never have to worry about such things when I visit Thailand.

  20. That ‘asshole’ is still the ‘boss’ of Asian-Sirens… so you better watch your mouth Bouncin’ Bob! 😉

    I also was very surprised by that suggestion. It seems Marco spends too much time in the marketing field! 😉

  21. good thing you don’t run the world, bob… if you had a bad experience with a ladyboy here, i would have to say that’s just part of “amazing thailand”. if you’re buying sex here, i suggest you keep in mind the old adage “buyer beware”. 🙂

  22. speaking of which, i will be in Thailand in december…any recomendation for a really good “tour guide” someone who knows their ways around Bangkok:)..appreciated guys

  23. yikes..everything was fine until that gastly tat….too bad….hey doc..how easy is it to remove something like that?…

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