Mei Qi


Mei Qi (美琦) is someone whose history confuses me, because I could only find evidence of her in photos, not in words. She may be a yoga instructor, or she may be an artist, or she may be really cute in yoga positions. Or she may be nobody. Who cares, really. Well, she’s definitely not a nobody. She’s Mei Qi. Or May Chi, if you want to translate it some other way. I don’t really know what her name is but it Google Translated to Mei Qi so that’s what I’m going with. You’ve just read a lot of words about nothing.Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: ?
Located: ?









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0 thoughts on “Mei Qi”

  1. Those are actual yoga poses. Not anywhere close to the best form I’ve seen, but lovely as she is she can get away with it. I’ve attended maybe 1500 classes in my life, but if she were in the mat next to me I’d have a hard time focusing on my practice!

  2. I’ve seen average girls become beautiful over time, after practicing yoga regularly.
    Coco Chanel said “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones”.

  3. I’d like to see all of the poses done in the nude:-))

    Flexible, cute and Asian – the Triple Crown.

  4. ohhhh… thats got the imagination firing!!!

    hmmm… a yoga mat, jar of vegemite, a rubber chicken, and Mei Chi. ooh la la

  5. Don’t quite get the negativity on this one. Very cute, fresh-faced girl next door. Tight and flexible. I’ll take a dozen, please.

    I’ll take a girl like this over a bimbo with huge fake tits any day.

  6. Oh! the things I could do with her…Um…while doing yoga together with her of course. I’ll take some classes.

  7. Jeez Wings, you need to get out more. Peanut butter is too fattening, and using a real chicken would get the RSPCA involved….

    *rolls eyes*

  8. I like her vibe. She exudes a sort of mature beauty without the obvious stuff. A thinking man’s siren maybe.

  9. @kroos, I only know about vegemite from “A Land Down Under”, and I really don’t need any chickens (real or rubber) to have fun….

    *rolls eyes*

    *shakes head*

    g’day, mate:-)

  10. She is pretty! I concur with Basho’s words.
    And by the way real men eat Vegemite…on toast cut into fingers.

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