Anri Sugihara


I guess through a slip of mine a couple of weeks ago the cat is already out of the bag:

There are many names competing for the “Best Breasts” award in Japan, but the name that surely comes on top on each of those lists is that of Anri Sugihara, and looking at her pictures. It’s not hard to figure out why. There are mainly two reasons why she is famous. One, she has great breast, and two, she has great breasts.


She has been a staple of Japanese weekly magazines for some time and is actually, at her age, a veteran of the field (as she started gravure way back in 2003). If you like what you see make sure to get your hands on the Japanese drama-series “Toranaide kudasai. Gurabia aidoru Uramonogatari.” It’s a brilliant “fictional documentary” style series featuring some of the hottest gravure idols now in Japan such as Tejima Yu, Ozaki Nana, or Nitoh Misaki, Komatsu Aya. There is a whole episode dedicated to Sugihara Anri, so if you like what you see here check it out.


Birthdate: 1982 – 06 -12
Height and Weight: 157 cm / 39kg.s
Measurements: 89 – 56 – 80 cm
Breasts: Gcup






A gallery from a Japanese site

Another massive thread on Anrichan

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0 thoughts on “Anri Sugihara”

  1. DAMNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOD find XavierMelo!!!!!! Cute face and a hot body with nice BOOBS!!! I love her boobs and her waist!!!!

  2. Good to see this post back bigger and better. Like I said the first time I’m surprised she hasn’t been featured here before. Great post, thanks XavierMelo.
    @Doc I assume her boobs are enhanced, I really wonder why these aren’t the favoured type as they are begging you to bury your face in them.

  3. XavierMelo: Nice job, thank you.

    @Luke72: You are correct sir, they are begging to have a face in there.

  4. HOLY MACKERAL!!!!…I dang near swallowed my tongue. She just rocked my world and I haven’t even met her yet.

  5. As usual, I dissent. I hate breasts like that. Easily my least favorite kind of chest. They look terrible naked and they look like fat rolls clothed. But her face is very pretty. I like her waist too.

  6. I like my women to look like women. She has very large breasts and a very cute face. Maybe they are a little on the large side but hey….I know plenty that love those big naturals.

  7. Yeah, those breasts are enhanced. It’s kinda of a public secret. That does hasn’t stopped her from being featured every week in some way or other in the many weekly magazines that they sell in Japan.

    She is not really my “perfect” type (I will post others that are), but I thought a lot of readers would appreciate her.

  8. Hey Doc, you called her slim’n’trim.
    But technically, with such massive breasts, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say she is kinda above average in fat? :))

  9. I’m with Travis on this one. She is certainly cute enough. But those tits are too sloppy for me.

  10. Her breasts look okay in pics 2 and 3, but overall I find them too big and they don’t look all that enticing mashed together like in a lot of the other pics.

    There really is such a thing as too big, ya know….

  11. She’s cute and I know many guys as well as other AS readers like big tits.
    But I’m coming out on the side that prefers medium down to petite and perky.
    The last pic is my favorite because it de-emphasises her tits. Nice arse!

  12. I think most people here prefer perky tits as they come with the territory but these look soft and like they would be fun to play with. The harder/ rounder implant looks better in clothes IMO but don’t appeal to me as much as ‘FUN’bags.

  13. Agree with Travis, not feeling her at all. She’s actually the antithesis of what I like in an Asian woman.

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