Even More Explicit Chinese Body Paint!


In my recent Body Paint and Real Estate? post, I expressed my astonishment at the fact that women wearing little more than body paint were at a recent Chinese real estate expo. Still, at least the girls were covering their private parts, but not so at the 8th China International Ceramics Expo. And although I’ve only just found out about this, it happened way back in 2008! What the hell is going on in China? I’ve even read claims of people having sex in the open, and that it’s now officially sanctioned by the state! I know we have readers in China – please tell us what’s going on!

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  1. it’s funny they choose to paint the bodies in a manner that highlights the naughty bits rather than the usual way which camouflages it.

  2. I live in Shanghai, and can say, China has been and continues to be in the midst of a sexual revolution, I suppose similar to what my parents experienced in the States in the 1960s. While I haven’t seen anyone having sex out in the open (although I have walked in on couples having sex in bar/nightclub restrooms multiple times), sex in general seems to have a central role in society here. Much of it takes place behind closed doors…love hotels, ktv bars, etc…but seems to be increasingly more noticeable. Prostitution, while technically illegal, is everywhere and highly commercialized. As a foreigner, I only experience a small part of the culture, but I have many Chinese friends who notice the same things with their local friends. In Shanghai, it’s not uncommon to be approached by a woman at a bar. One of the first girls I met after moving here picked me up at the bar…after 2 weeks of dating she then informed me that she was married with a kid and wanted me to be her boytoy…gotta love it.

    All I can say is that it’s a good time to be in China!

  3. Oh it’s non-stop orgies here these days Doc! And I have to echo mookjjipa’s comments.
    Now you have to ask: who would go to a Ceramics Exhibition? And in Zibo of all places. It’s just up the road from me in Shandong and I was in the general area in 2008. My mate is into ceramic making and I’ll have to ask him if he went – the sly dog if he did and saw these models and kept it a secret.
    Last Christmas eve I was invited to a big dinner party at an upmarket hotel and part of the floorshow was a gorgeous young topless model strutting about; her breasts adorned with body paint. It wasn’t sleazy – women and kids were there too. And it seemed to be no big deal, apart from a few of the lecherous and decadent western men present.
    China – so surprising – gotta love being here.

  4. Mookjipa, sounds like China is becoming like how japan was in the 1990s. good to be in China is you are NOT BLACK, is what you mean, I am sure.

  5. While I don’t disagree with anything already stated, for anybody living outside China I will try to add some further context.

    Porn, AV-stuff and prostitution is all illegal. However nobody enforces the rules. This also tends to include cases of raped and abuse, its really in the news or covered up, or victims don’t come forward often. I think, in my opinion, the reason is the local police and powers are either involved in or partake in these activities.

    Conservatism in men:
    Depending on the age and sex of the Chinese More and more younger men think gender equality is the norm, but the older guys still have the most power in a typical setting, so the older views are the norm in public. Also, those same young men would love to sleep around then one day find a “pure” wife. It is accepted and almost expected that young Chinese Men will have some good times and sow their wild oats. Just who these women should be is harder to explain.

  6. Conservatism in women:
    China’s official policy is that men and women are equal. Of course this isn’t true in most countries, so why would China be any different. Poorer and rural girls use sex like a tool/weapon. They know it can get them a lot if they play their cards right. Honestly I bet these girls/women know the most about the risks and dangers of sex( STD’s, Rape ending up a single mother). Once you move to the growing middle class is where things get scary for younger girls. For the most part, there is no sexual education in schools ( some cities like Shanghai in some schools might have a basic sex ed class). So most of their sex ed comes from their male classmates who are learning everything from Japanese AV (or something like that). However, they are growing up in a culture that tells them the best they can do is get a good job AND get a good husband so they can take care of their 8 grandparents and 4 parents one day. Basically a middle class daughter can never forget that she will marry into another family, and if her new family has extra money, they will take care of her old family as well ( so they have to plan who they sleep with and who they don’t, who will be worth it and when). They also know if they have a kid before marriage they are now “ruined/spoiled” (yet they probably don’t know about abortion for some reason, or wont get them). All and all, I expect most middle class women are more conservative about sex. Then there is is the Upper-middle class and the new rich. These women know about their options ( abortions, contraception, plastic surgery, family money, education) and they also know they have the most freedom to not give a fuck about their “purity value” since they have a much higher “material value”. I would say this imagine started about 10 years ago, leading to a wilder generation of women to follow.

    The Change:
    Now the thing is, China has always had sex, but it was one of their great “open secrets”. Foreigners where to culturally dense to get the traditional signs for sex, so a few cities became more in your face about it. Turns out those same cities have become wealthy, successful places as well ( Beijing, Shanghai even Shenzhen thanks to being close to Hong Kong). I think the idea of success and openess-about-sex got wrapped up together in the growing Chinese mind set.

  7. Some Random other ideas:
    Religion is also growing in China, since more and more people are finding being rich isn’t making them happy. Chinese-christian church’s are over flowing with members, to the point the Gov. is giving them a hard time about the size of their gatherings. I mean if church’s are doing booming business how could sex not be?

    Many older views/laws are still strongly enforced, like being openly critical of the Gov. At the same time, being innovative and modern is prized. One way for both business and individuals to express their modern ways would be to be critical of the Gov… but that could be more trouble then its worth. Safer to be sexually open, thus an acceptable act of defiance… Or simply as an outlet for any form of acceptable expression.

    Overcompensation. Gays/Lesbians are still not really accepted ( both are not illegal anymore, but still might be classified as a mental disorder or disease ). Promoting heterosexual ideas to keep a lid on homosexual ideas… That one is a long shot, over keep in mind that most of these people lived in same sex school dorms for over 10 years of their life and had restricted after school time (say just 1.5 free days a week, the rest was spent in classrooms). Many might be uncomfortable being around the other sex.

    wow, guess that was all going on in the back of my mind for a while now

  8. I think both places are more sexual open on a personal level, but using it as marketing your business? Not as blatant as the main land can be at time.

    I think the final thing to remember about the mainland is that there is over 1 billion people here. Out of a number that large, you just have to accept that weird things will crop up. If you could somehow watch about 15% of the worlds population for stupid/weird/sexual acts, I am use the numbers would come out the same.

    Also, anybody who would like to see thing from the Chinese point of view, but cant read Chinese ( like myself ), try the website


    They translate into English what Chinese people are finding interesting one week to the next. Plus you can search the post by topics ( such as sex ).

    Note: I don’t work for them, and sorry if I broke some AS guidelines by linking a site that wont have many naked women on it.

  9. Wushan:

    Erm, what? Chinese don’t have the cultural/religious taboo against abortion that many in the West do. Don’t assume that those innocent-looking middle-class Chinese girls don’t know about abortion or how to get it.

    Otherwise, a pretty good summary.

    Mores are changing fast (as is everything else on the Mainland these days). Many mainland Chinese are less open about expressing sexuality in public than more western HK & Macau, but when you’re talking about the younger generation, I don’t think you’d see any difference in attitudes between Mainlanders in big cities and HK & Macau.

  10. I think I might be a little bit bias. I teach history in a State run High-school in China. Every year for the last 4 years running there has been at least 2 or 3 girls in the senior class ( of about 700 students ) that gets pregnant. Senior year is a big year, since they will take the college-entry exams at the end, something you can only do once and they are not happy about letting you delay ( or it looks bad on you college entry letter if you are a year late on the exam).

    Anyway, its a big deal to miss those exams. However the flip side is, only 1-3 girls out of 350 get pregnant in a year… so maybe that is proof they do know. Also, after they leave the school, I don’t know if they keep the baby or not.

  11. Wushan:

    Yep. The percentage of girls in an average American HS who become teenage moms, for instance, is far higher.

  12. High percentage of american and british girls who become teenage moms. And still they are 1st world countries, plenty of information and money.

    But in some very economically deprived areas in these countries, we find the largest chunks of teenage moms. Education really is key. Rates are about 24 teenage moms per 1000, in the UK. And 50 to 100 per 1000, in the US.
    So, those chinese numbers (of course, just from one school isn’t very precise) representing about 10 per 1000 aren’t that bad, IMHO.

    AsianD and Wushan, thanks for the insights!

  13. Well, in the US, girls know about abortion, but that doesn’t mean they all want to get them. That religion thing I mentioned.

    Plus, in some segments of US society, being an unmarried teenage mother doesn’t carry much of a stigma, if any at all.

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