Meet Joanna Koh

Joanna has been based in Singapore for modeling since 2002. She has worked in China, Philippines and Malaysia. She is also the face of Amore Fitness and I-Slim, and has appeared in magazines such as Cleo, Maxim, Elle, Her World and Shape. Above a YouTube video of one of her underwater shoots.

More info:

Height: 1.80m
Bust: 86 cm
Waist: 64 cm
Hips: 91 cm
Dress Size: 36-38
Shoe Size: 40

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  1. I’ve often wondered why, when there are so many drop-dead gorgeous Asian girls on the street, Asian fashion models usually border on the unattractive (ANTM’s Gina is a case in point.)

    I’m certainly not likening Joanna to a car wreck, but I think the analogy is apt, because I keep looking at her, analyzing, wondering exactly WHY she doesn’t work for me (mid-face too long, nose too big, mouth disproportionately narrow, etc. She reminds me of those Japanese “banana face” women.). And that, I think—Victoria’s Secret notwithstanding—is what fashion models are for: getting noticed, even if it’s not for the typical reasons (which might explain Carmen Kass).

    On the other hand, I’ve noticed a whole lot more Asian women in mainstream print and web ads, and elsewhere, and they are what I would consider “typically” beautiful—see, for example, Kahi Lee. (OK, maybe she’s not the best example, but I just saw her on “My Celebrity Home” yesterday and fell in love.)

  2. I have mentioned previously that I think fashion models are rarely beautiful, sometimes even bordering on ugly. However, I draw the opposite conclusion to Curtis G.: I think the fashion designers don’t want them to look too remarkable, so they don’t take too much attention away from their clothes. To me, they almost always have the same ‘look’; Joanna’s face may be very unattractive for me, but it does scream out ‘fashion model’ to me.

  3. i agree with the good doctor. too many times asian models who model for western designers are too andro looking or just plain…just tall and lean. I guess for some designers, they look for the strange look. Too bad. If you look around this site and or the japnese idols, there are some amazingly good looking asian women who also model but not looking like a dude:)

  4. yeah, the doc and i have commented on the fashion model vs. glamour/nude/porn model thing before. different species entirely. i find myself liking a bit of both, depending on the model. but i am definitely into joanna’s look…

  5. In fashion, most photographers and art directors want a unique look, edgy, some attitude, not the “cute sweet asian” that many of this audience seem to be drawn towards. The “cute girl next door” would never make it in the fashion world, while some men’s magazines might make her a star. But unless there are some unique features and distinguished qualities, these “stars” become “starlets” quickly, and then even quicker they become “nobodies”.

  6. I’ll take Joanna’s engaging imperfections over hyper-glossed, cut-out types like Kahi Lee any day, thank you.

    One side-bar, if I might: fashion model, girl next door, “unique look” types aside, I just want to club to death the person who launched the trend of navel piercing. It’s just ass-ugly, and becomes an instant eyesore on any woman.

  7. what about navel tatoos?…it looks like they have a dirty bellybutton..yuck. the lower back is ok though…like a target:))

  8. I used to be fairly pro-tattoo, lawboy, but now there’s just so much bad artwork around, it’s painful.

    The thing about naval tattoos is that any tattoo on that area of the body is going to turn into a Dali painting when our lithe beauties get pregnant or mature into Ruben-esque shapes.

    However, yes, lower back artwork can be sexy as hell. What’s more, it’s a part of a woman’s body that does not change much throughout her life.

  9. ditto erosdeliria…that bellybutton would looked pretty weird all distorted and what not:)

  10. that is pretty funny…i change my vote for lowerback tatoos….as long as i dont see it later when they are older:)

  11. Curtis has got a very strong arguement:

    “I’ve often wondered why, when there are so many drop-dead gorgeous Asian girls on the street, Asian fashion models usually border on the unattractive (ANTM’s Gina is a case in point.)”

    I’m like looking at my own friends and quite frankly they blow Joanna pretty far out of the water.

  12. Same here. And quite frankly, it isn’t just the fashion models they blow out of the water. I suspect the best looking Asian women still have a tendency to just marry themsleves off to rich and/or well-educated guys, instead of becoming models or whatever.

  13. I agree and I wonder how Joanna even became a professional model?

    I think the majority of us agree that there are much better looking girls out there, which is why it is up to us all to keep a look out for them and post their pictures on this site!

    Preferably in sexy lingerie….

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