Mirror mirror…

De Beers diamond commercial with gorgeous Asian girl aired in Taiwan.

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  1. The chick with the Diamond necklace really is sexy.

    …but do you mean to tell me that White Supremacist culture is so bad in Asia that a Taiwanese commercial doesn’t even have a Taiwanese man as the male role lead?

    Why the hell does that guy look like a bootleg Tom Cruise.

  2. Don’t you know that White people rule the world? (At least, that’s how some people act.)

    The dude looks like a Hapa to me.

  3. isnt that the norm that asian women are idolized as sex symbols and submissive objects but you rarely see asian men in the prospective of attraction in western medias. Even for good actors like jackie chan, he has to basically become clownish to be popular in western media.

  4. It’s not just in the media. Look around: How often do you see Asian men with White women? It’s a staple of Asian stand-up comedy.

  5. I thought Jackie Chan was popular in Western media because he is one talented, ass-kicking motherfucker who makes some pretty good movies from time to time…

  6. Perhaps you should write a letter to De Beers. Although it seems a more pressing issue would be how De Beers treats it’s diamond mine employees in Africa.

  7. Okay, I have to step in here – I believe the guy is actually Asian! He’s just had loads of surgery to make himself look white, as do so many Asian male models/actors these days – they’re even worse than the women!

  8. there is no dispute that jackie is talented and is an all around badass martial artist…but most of his roles are clownish and emphasize the stereotypical views of asian actors…jackie of course exploited that…i know this is beyond some of you guys time but Bruce Lee was the first serious leading asian actor that did not have to conform to become famous. the only one that come close now is probably jet li or that dude in crouching tiger…but they are not as widely accepted..western medias like to see pretty asian women and clownish not hypersexual (neuter (spelling?)) asian males. i cannot remember the last time we have an asian actor on the same level of popularity as say zizi, lucy luu (sp.) even wth the bond girl, she was paired with 007 :)…just my 2 cents…oh yea..brandon lee was also a pretty bad ass too.

  9. DR. LEE

    Even if the guy is a post op Asian, I still have to ask why the guy does not have a regular Han Chinese appearance.

    If all the women in the commercial are Asian, where the hell does this guy come from.

    Its not like the commercial was a part of a movie designed to show us lives of foreign people. Its a commercial about diamonds. If they shoot it in Taiwan, I want to see Taiwanese people.

  10. “there is no dispute that jackie is talented and is an all around badass martial artist…but most of his roles are clownish and emphasize the stereotypical views of asian actors”

    Have you seen any of Jackie’s earlier flicks, before his Western debut? He does a lot of the same stuff. Granted I’ve only seen a few, but I think that might be his “thing”… Maybe I’m wrong.

    Glad to see you mentioned Jet Li. He’s done quite a few movies here where he doesn’t play a “clown” and I think he’s been fairly successful in finding lead roles.

  11. BlueSkies

    One thing I find funny about Jackie Chan movies, is that he’s allways up against an Alpha male Asian character that does not personify the minority myths of Asian men. They can speak English well, are taller, handsome and sexually attractive.

  12. On a somewhat similar track…What is this freakish fascination/worship fetish that Asian
    American babes have for “TODD”? You know TODD…that dorky social misfit of a White guy that no breathing White female would give the time of day.(It’s NEVER a cool White guy)This clown could’nt get laid in a whorehouse…but every hot Asian babe on the UCLA/UCI campus is draped on his Camry-driving ass like double coverage on a deep threat reciever.Someone explain.

  13. stripes…really?…that sucks…so we asian men should make it a point to nail all hot white chicks:)..for me i find caucasian women not as challenging and or as attractive as asian women or women of color. bless this blog:)

    chineselover…that is exactly what i meant..jackie has always played the clownish type even in chinese movies..but that is exactly what makes him less threatening and safer for the western media. as for guys like my man Bruce Lee or his son Brandon..they are more of a leading man and therefore less as popular…remember the old jerry lewis movies guys…try breakfast at tyfany…there is an “chinaman” in there that was so insulting to the asian race. btw that part was played by a white dude.

  14. Time and time again I see too many hot ass Asian women fall in love with the lamest white guys. I could understand if it was someone cool, but the vast majority are some sort of social reject and I still can’t figure out why. It’s so fustrating.

    And Asians are being portrayed better in western media, but for every good portrayal, you can still find an equal number of stereotypical portrayals.

  15. I can answer this one. Traditional Asian women like geeks. They respect quietness and intellect – for them western ‘coolness’ doesn’t mean much, if anything. They also often like their men a bit chubby – once again, this is something that they traditionally respect and admire, and represents happiness and wealth to them (hence their buddha figure).

    I should point out though that those modern Asian girls with bleached hair and such are quite a different matter – they do care about ‘coolness’, so they go for skinny guys.

    I speak from personal experience. The westernised Asian girls don’t really like me, just as I don’t like them. But when it comes to those beautiful, slender, traditional Asian girls, I practically have to fight them off (a shame I’m already married to one)! I guess that tells you everything you need to know about me… 😉

  16. Yeah Doc…but that still does’nt fully explain little Jennifer-who has never seen Seoul/Shanghai-who probably has’nt even left Orange/LA County.What?…Is she actually listening to her mom or something?Does she think she’s taking a whack at dad? Annoying.

  17. Actually, there is pretty strong evidence that we are attracted to partners who are like our parents. On the other hand, there’s also plenty of evidence (and a sound biological basis) for our being attracted to the exotic. The psychology of sexual attraction is complex (I would have to do several articles to cover everything and explain all the apparent contradictions), but suffice it to say that being attracted to this kind of man is in Asian women’s blood. White geeks look exotic (because they are white) but they are also familiar (because their character and style are not too different from the Asian men they are familiar with). This is the ideal balance for them.

  18. hey, hey, this will be my last comment on this post…:) i am so glad that the doctor said that about asian guys…hmm..geeky, brainy, a little chubby, and some intellect…hey when do i start fighting them off ha doctor? :)…actually when i am in Vietnam to visit..the girls there goes for older, chubby, and of course financially secured man…looks does not mean much there for guys…i have seen the “cool” younger studs from oversea get shot down all the time where the little chubby businessman are always a hit…i guess this what you call “revenge of the nerds”..my wife loves it…same as you doc:)

  19. hey! i do resent being called a lame white guy. i’m not exactly a george clooney, but i’m nowhere near gilbert gottfried (or that clown jackie chan).

    why the hate? just because asian dudes cannot score with white/black/spanish and many asian chicks why do they feel obliged to put more successful competition down? if they loose to men they deem losers, what does that make them? math majors?

    on serious note- i worked with a thai girl. somewhat erratic mentally & prone to living in dream world, but hers was the most perfect body i ever saw. she got engaged to some korean guy. a pharmacist who will “make only 150K a year” according to her. scary, but kim il jong looks almost handsome next to him. to this day. i cannot figure out what happened. either he’s really a great guy, or he just used up his lifetime supply of good luck. or perhaps she settled for a comfortable lifestyle.

  20. I don’t care what a so-called ‘cool’ guy calls me – he’s not the one with the gorgeous Asian babe. 😉

    Still, even though I consider msyself a geek, I don’t really look like one, apart from being a bit chubby. Perhaps that’s even more ideal for traditional Asian girls? 😉 Seriously though, they have told me I have relatively ‘soft’ features for a white guy, which is more comfortable for them. Plus they say they like the fact that I am always laughing and joking around – traditional Asian girls really do like this.

  21. Oh yeah, one important thing I forgot to mention: traditional Asian girls like clean living guys – the fact that I don’t drink, smoke or touch drugs (and I drive safely) is a big plus for them. So-called ‘cool’ guys are usually anything but clean living, because it’s supposedly ‘uncool’.

  22. ok this will definitely be last time for this post:)…no hate for fellow white geeks…always better for us nerds to gain an upper hand with the babes…but to say that asian guys cant score with the non asian ladies is too harsh:)…no problem here with non asian ladies:)…i think confidence, and usually financial security are always a big draw…actually a lot of ladies say it is a sense of humor and sometime even power are very attractive features for men..not how “cool” you are….bottom line is women are beautiful no matter what race or color but there is something about an asian hottie:)

  23. Even if the guy in the commercial was a HAPA, it makes me wonder WHY THE GUY ISN’T TAIWANESE – or have a traditional HAN Chinese appearance.

    Let me rephrase this to be sure I’m getting it.

    There’s this commercial for McDonald’s in California, and there’s a white guy and an Asian girl in it. I have to wonder why it’s not a WHITE girl. After all, the commercial was shot in California.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but your comment, CLM, smacks of (dare I say it?) racism. Here in America, there’s a lot of diversity and miscegenation, and it’s a beautiful thing. Are you saying that Taiwan should remain purely Taiwanese (that is, ethnically speaking)?

  24. CURTIS G

    If my comment sounds racist – which it isn’t – then perhaps you should ask why I am asking the question.

    I believe that the positioning of White male roles and an Asian female role is a perpetuation of WHITE SUPREMACISM.

    You wouldn’t expect to see a commercial shoit in Africa with a White man and an African woman would you? So why would you allways EXPECT to see a White man and an Asian woman in a commercial or media shot in Asia?

    The problem is that White men are perpetuating their superity by doing things like this and Asian people are pitiful enough to fall for it.

    Why is it that asian American women betwen the ages of 13 and 25 have the highest suicide rates? Cause they’ve been taught that they have no value by White supremacist culture.

    Its not right to have a continous media presence showing that one group is inferior to the next. That’s what racism is made of.

  25. I believe that the positioning of White male roles and an Asian female role is a perpetuation of WHITE SUPREMACISM.

    That may well be the case in effect, if not in motivation. But then what you’re saying is that Taiwanese media is guided by white supremacism.

    You wouldn’t expect to see a commercial shoit in Africa with a White man and an African woman would you?

    In SOUTH Africa, I would.

    The problem is that White men are perpetuating their superity by doing things like this and Asian people are pitiful enough to fall for it.

    So it’s also your claim that white men are superior to Asians? I’m sure that’s not what you meant. Anyway, who shot the commercial? Was it white people? Or Taiwanese guided by the hairy hidden hand of the white man?

    I used to hear the “they’re stealing our women” and “white guys fetishize Asian girls because they look like little boys; therefore, it’s like pedophilia” (no kidding) BS over at AsianAvenue.com.

    The trouble with the belief in white superiority over, say, Asians is that it makes Asians look like powerless, gullible simpletons who will allow white people to shove anything down their throats. I don’t believe that’s the case; do you? So there has to be some other reason. At least, I certainly hope there is.

    Here’s my question: WHY does the guy have to be Chinese/Han/Taiwanese or whatever? What if it had been a black guy? Would you still have a problem with it?

  26. Once again, I just want to point out that I believe the guy in this ad is an Asian who has had loads of surgery to make himself look white. Still, I guess you might argue that’s even worse…

  27. Dr. Lee, I think you prove the adage that “When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” That is, perhaps you tend to see things purely from a surgical perspective.

    Occam’s Razor: the simplest explanation is usually the more likely one.

    Look at the guy’s brow, the bridge of his nose…are you telling me those are implants? Isn’t it more likely that the guy is just mixed?

  28. WOW! Seems to be a whole lotta white bashing going on here. Pretty pathetic really that we have to argue about seeing any type of a mixed couple in any culture or country in this day and age. There’s a show here in the states called Grey’s Anatomy that has a Black guy with a Korean woman but no one is complaining about that. What’s wrong with it? Nothing! But going by some of the logic I’ve seen in this thread all races should be restricted to only each other. At least on TV and in the media. What I’ve seen of Asian guys is if they are successful and have CONFIDENCE in themselves they can have any woman they want. Don’t blame someone or a an entire race or gender for your own hangups. It’s a new world gentlemen, better start to embrace it or your own insecurities will crush you.

  29. Hi Curtis G.,

    You are right, it is very possible he is mixed. However, this type of surgery really is very common these days for actors and models in Asia, so it really might just be surgical. It is also very possible this guy is mixed and has had surgery as well! What I can say however is that he almost certainly is not full-blood caucasian.


    I watch Grey’s Anatomy too. You are speaking of SANDRAH OH who his dating a Black doctor.

    But that still brings me back to my original point…. In American/western media, Asian women are NEVER matched with Asian men.

    They will match a Black man with a White woman almost just as quick as they will match an Asian woman with a White man. Only recently do you see lots of Asian women matched with Black men, and I think that’s because of media personalities like Kimora Lee Simons, Dave Chappelle and Wesley Snipes.

    The producers for these shows test match actors in order to draw the best response from their test viewers.

    Why is it that Sandrah Oh couldn’t be dating a Korean man like RICK YUNE? (from Die Another Day)

    I don’t have a problem with mixed race relationships, just so long as the producers are even handed. If I was an Asian man I’d start a boycott of these media types because the longer it continues the more it perpetuates Asian Male inferiority.

  31. i am so sorry my fellow caucasian males simply do not get it. It is very easy to not understand when you are not a minority and not knowing what it is like to have your race and culture sanitized. I am wide open to mix couples and or to any dudes no matter what race to pursue any women no matter what race. what we are really talking about here is not about mix race relationships but what is being perpetuated by the western media that is slowly dominating asian cultures in asian countries. it is easier for western medias to portray asian women as prey for mostly caucasian males and asian men as clownish or nerdy actors who are not matched with the hot asian woman or any sexually attractive women..can you guys remember the last time you saw a situation like that where the slant eyes get the chicks?…i can only recalled rushhour 2 with jackie chan and a hispanic girl. basically there are not a lot of lead asian actors that are paired up with hypersexual asian hotties or caucasian women. but to see a “cool” white dude and a lot of hot girls of all races are much easier to accept in western medias…again this comment is for western medias only and does not apply to the general society…you are free to date who ever you want to…but know this..our thinking and believes are effected by the medias…and slowly this bias is slowly leaking to our asian countries where for a while, caucasians are view as somehow a better catch…i guess because the medias are run by mostly caucasians, it would make sense to have their image idolized…again this only apply to medias and not to any one personally…i personally have dated women from almost all of the countries in the United Nations :)) ha ha…no qualms about colors at all…!

  32. My sister lived with a Korean dude for years. White guys gave them shit. They liked to spend a lot of time in the countryside, a lot of racist pricks seem to be roaming the countryside. They had their share of encounters with “Damn Asians are takin’ all of our women-folk” types. It goes both ways.

  33. I love both of those Helio commercials. But where’s the Asian guy in the romantic lead? Or doing anything romantically? In Grey’s Anatomy, they couldn’t pair up Sandra Oh with another Asian doctor? I still haven’t seen Jackie Chan get any bootie. Owen Wilson banged his sister in Shanghai Knights II. And look at this snippet for Camille Mana who’s on the show One on One. Why is it that the only Asian on the show happens to be the materialistic airhead? Brenda Song also plays an airhead on The Suite Life of Zach & Cody. If I was Asian, I would be upset. I’m still upset at how Black people are portrayed many times in media.


  34. I saw that Helio commercial.

    If you notice, the emphasis is placed on how White people think all asians look alike and are not diverse.

    The White girl gets mad when they call the Helio “just a phone”.
    Nevermind they just used Japanese and Chinese remarks on a Korean man.

  35. candyman…it is a lot better now but use to be blacks were usually portrayed as “uncle Tom”…or in characters that were so stereotypical like the earlier black movies in the 70’s…characters were either pimps, prostitutes or drug dealers…similar to rap videos now…for asian they were portrayed as mostly servants (bonanza), evil charlie chan like, or evil hypersexual temptress…but usually it is the white dudes that get the girls…but it is getting better now..check out the movie Harold and Kumar go to WhiteCastle..one of first few asian male lead movies. you are seeing more asian in the medias and on the news…i am waiting for the next asian Anderson Couper…would it kill ya to put some nice looking asian guys on this site too?…JUST KIDDING…PLEASE DON’T:)

  36. “The White girl gets mad when they call the Helio “just a phone”.
    Nevermind they just used Japanese and Chinese remarks on a Korean man.”

    Hello! That was the entire point of the commercial! Good Lord!

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