500 Person Sex in Japan

500 Person Sex in Japan

Those Japanese sure know how to come up with something special! I just found this story about 500 Japanese people having sex together in a big room at the same time! Soft On Demand’s largest ever group sex extravaganza! 250 girls and 250 guys go at it together in a large warehouse. Every sexual action is in sync. You can download the movie, but need to be a member. I am guessing it will only be a matter of time untill it’s available at YouTube

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500 Person Sex in Japan

500 Person Sex in Japan

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  1. the japanese are group-sex-crazy!

    i lived there for 8 years, and i can tell you that the whole “group mentality” thing there definitely applies to sexual activities (in the right circumstances:-) as well as so many other things there.

    not a brag; just an opinion based on (a bit of) experience.

  2. I may have said this before: In Dave Barry Does Japan he writes that it would be easier to get all of Tokyo to wear the same outfit on the same day than to get two Americans to agree on what to have for Barbecue….

    This is some agreement here….

    Beats the Korean mass weddings for sure!

  3. That just blows my mind. The guys? No-brainer. But that so many women would be so seemingly casual about posing for the picture, not to mention the actual sex (with someone they know, or with random strangers?), is hard for me to get my Western mind around.

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