Mayuko Iwasa

Mayuko Iwasa

Mayuko Iwasa is a Japanese actress/entertainer/model. She was born and still lives in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. In her career she has debuted as Miss Magazine 2003 and made the biggest impact in various Japanese magazines as an early-blooming high-school girl. She stands foremost among today’s Gravure Idols in Japan.

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Mayuko Iwasa @ wiki.d-addicts.comSome Facts:
Name: Iwasa Mayuko
Nickname: Iwamayu
Date of birth: Feb 24, 1987
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Ethnicity: Japanese
Height: 155cm

Mayuko Iwasa

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  1. I think there’s a few other Japanese gravure idols who ‘stand foremost’ a little more, if you know what I mean. 😉 Still, this one sure is a cutie!

  2. Thanks Lee. Yeah I noticed the Japanese have lots of catagories for models.

    OK, while we are on the subject what do these catagories mean?

    AV Idol

    PS: I didn’t include “bukkake”, I already know that one! hahaha!

  3. AV Idol – porn actress.

    Urabon – don’t know!

    Kogal – those modern Japanese girls with sun tans, bleached hair and gaudy makeup.

  4. Strictly speaking, yes. The gravure idols do videos as well, but they’re still called gravure idols, not AV idols. The porn actresses sometimes do glamour modelling as well (e.g. Jun Kusanagi), often under a different name (Jun uses the name Mizuho Kanou for her hardcore videos).

    There is a category of models who don’t do hardcore, but do pose nude for shashinshu (photo albums) and videos. These are sometimes called AV idols too (because they appear on video), but I’m not sure if that’s really correct – I’ll double check this.

  5. The memory synapses are firing fully now. ‘AV idol’ covers both hardcore and softcore porn, so the last category of models I mentioned would be AV idols. Now I just have to remember what they call the nude models who only appear in shashinshu…

  6. OK folks, I found a Wikipedia Article describing different types of Japanese porn.

    Here is an excerpt regarding Urabon:

    There is also a thriving genre of underground pornography in Japan (called Urabon) that ignores these censorship laws: it has become especially prevalent on the Internet, as there are no mechanisms in place to prevent its transmission from Japanese nationals to the outside world.

  7. I usually can’t handle Japanese porn because of the high-pitched squealing sounds the girls make! Do Japanese girls really make those sounds or is it all staged for the movie? I’m almost thinking those sounds are dropped into the audio track during editing. Bizarre!

  8. The squeals and yells are certainly exaggerated in the movies, but, in my limited experience, I have found that seemingly sweet, quiet, and shy Japanese women can certainly change character in the bedroom. The moan behind the closed door might well be the loudest sound you ever heard her make.

  9. Well said knarf! The high-pitched squealing you hear in Japanese porn is as natural during sex as the outbursts of profanity you hear in American porn. By which I mean not at all, unless she’s trying to imitate an AV girl. In my experience of living in Japan for the past three years it’s time to put the whole idea of the sweet, quiet, and shy Japanese woman to rest. Japanese women are strong, smart and independent. They have historically been in charge of the house and money, Japanese husbands give their paychecks to their wives and are given a small allowance in return. In my opinion this strength is much sexier than the mistaken image of the docile Japanese woman.

  10. Japanese girls are surprising. No matter how ‘soft’ and reserved they may appear to be in day to day life, they can be surprisingly aggressive sexually. Perhaps all that ‘good behaviour’ has to be released somewhere!

  11. Um…I don’t think Mayuko is going to surpise anyone with aggressive sexuality dressed liked that! And that is just fine with me!

    And the whole ‘legal teen’ thing…yowsa! Gets me every time. Where were the girls like this when I was in high school?!? Hmmm, probably in Japan.

  12. Personally I don’t care much for the Kawaii look. Even in my misbegotten youth in NYC I never cared for the “cute” girls. I like darker, more mysterious and elegant beauty.

    I think the “Cute-ization” of Japan is more disturbing than it’s “Westernization” There has been modernization and westernization of the country since the Meiji period (1868-1912) while it still kept it’s uniqueness. But now the international image of Japan is rapidly becoming “Kitty-chan”

    Most women in Japan don’t care for the fetishism of the little school girl look, many people blame it for the increasing crimes against underage girls in Japan. It’s still popular in VA but very disturbing to see otherwise lovely woman in their 20’s and 30’s professing this look.

  13. Fair enough, Spook, but uh…you seem to overlook the FACT that Mayuko is still indeed an actual real teenager! It’s quite valid for her to be cute! Give her a chance to grow into your mold of “mysterious and elegant beauty”. Don’t force her to be 30 before she’s even 20!

    And from the looks of it, I didn’t see much, if any, Hello Kitty in her pics. Just a lot of Hello Bikini!

    Everything has it’s place, Spook, if it didn’t, it wouldn’t exist. And there’s nothing any of us can do to stop it.

  14. Sorry K4Kob, I seem to come off really judgmental in my posts, I think it has more to do with the fact that it’s past 5AM in Japan and I haven’t had any sleep yet!

    I cast no aspersions on Iwasa-san’s beauty. She’s got some shit on her, as we used to say in Brooklyn. As you say, everything has it’s place, they’re are many types of women and just as many men who find them alluring, or not.

    Just stating my preference and the reactions of most women in Japan to the young, ero-kawaii attraction. Of course most men love it!

  15. See…that’s the beauty of being a man — we are all attracted to the many different types of females…spreads the love around (if you know what I mean).

    Could you imagine if every single guy wanted only one type of woman?!? Yikes!

    Spooky….GO TO SLEEP!

  16. Actually, there is another girl category missing:
    the tarento (talent). A gravure model can be a tarento when she making her way into the daily TV shows and commercials.
    Every year the Japanese entertainment industry produces dozens of new female talents (tarento) whose only discernible talent in an ability to project certain qualities thought desirable or fashionable at the moment (girl-next-door cheerfulness, disco-diva sluttishness). Most are little more than decorative presences on TV shows or commercials, and are as interchangeable as the ikebana arrangement on the hosts desk. Others eke out evanescent careers as singers (who cant carry a tune or write their own songs) or actresses (whose effusions would never pass muster at a high-school dramaclub audition)
    [Quote: Marc Schilling: The Encyclopaedia of Japanese Pop Culture]

  17. I can’t believe this site hasn’t found/heard of Harumi Nemoto yet. She’s another gravure model with quite a following apparently. When I first saw pictures of her I thought ‘My god…a beautiful, curvy, voluptuous, busty asian girl? All my prayers have been answered. THANK YOU JESUS!!!’ Sorry I couldn’t make a link but Google her anyways…I think you’ll be as impressed as I was.

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