Where Is Tia Kai?

Tia Kai

Fans of Tia Kai have noticed she’s been off the radar for the last few months. The last anyone heard, she was very close to opening her official website but it never happened. Well, rumors are flying around now that her little hiatus is a precursor to a big surprise. Namely, a boob job! If it’s true, it’s a little surprising because Tia always said she would remain natural. But hey, Tia is one of the nicest and sweetest Asian models out there and her true fans will support her no matter what. Best of luck to you Tia and please come back to us soon! We miss you!
Tia Kai

Photos by Christopher Hartman

Links for Tia Kai

Tia’s official website
Tia’s temporary website
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Tia @ MySpace
Tia @ Asian Sirens 29 July 2005

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  1. Newworks, I agree with you to some extent because (in my personal life) I always prefer ladies that are 100% natural. BUT, I can understand the peer pressure these models feel when many of their friends are getting implants.

    I admit I enjoy looking at some models who have implants. But to me, they usually look better wearing a bikini top or bra. When they are totally topless, if I can see obvious evidence of a boob job, it’s sometimes not that appealing.

    I know I can’t stop the breast implant trend, so I reluctantly accept it.

  2. Newworks, thank you for posting up your Flickr pictures of Bangkok. My boyfriend is currently over there & he loves it. I’ve visited Bangkok once, when I was still a senior in high school, so I was unable to venture out on my own (due to my highly over-protective parents. Damn you Asian parents!) Anyway, now I know how truly beautiful and vibrant Bangkok is. πŸ˜‰

  3. ellie: glad you liked my pix! hope your b.f. is having a good time here, and you should definitely come to visit again. so much to do here! best wishes! πŸ™‚

  4. When women rag other women about boob jobs-I translate that as…”Gee.Iwish I could afford one.” When men rag on women about boob jobs I translate that as…”Gee.What politically correct garbage just came outta’ my mouth?!Hell yeah I’d hit it!”

  5. BTW Tia…If you’re reading this…would you care to try and suffocate me-nose first -with that thong?Just askin’.;->

  6. As I’ve pointed out before, if you believed the comments here you’d think getting a boob job was suicide. Yet Google search statistics and other such indicators all point to big fake tits being very popular e.g. Francine Dee and Lena Li.

  7. senor stripes: so that’s how you translate thigs, huh? my advice: keep your day-job and don’t become a translator. there are plenty of women of all sizes (and races, and incomes, etc.) who are perfectly satisfied with themselves as they are and don’t understand why a woman would stuff her chest with potentially toxic crap just to be more like someone’s ideal of “beautiful”, and they are the ones that you seem to have issues with. in my experience, women with boob-jobs and other “beauty enhancements” have far more self-esteem issues than ones who don’t. no doubt in my experience or mind about this at all.

    and what makes you think that boob-jobs are so expensive, anyway? have you gone out and comparison-shopped for one? they are available here in thailand from reputable surgeons for a couple hundred bucks! they can’t be THAT expensive in the U.S.

    and as for fake tits being very popular on the net: of course there’s no arguing with that, which is why i said above that if you make your living off your body it makes sense. i (and not only me, apparently) just personally don’t think that %99.99 of the silicone that i see looks nice, and it NEVER feels nice.

  8. If you’d felt submuscular, rough silicone implants, you’d know that they can feel fantastic. But such implants are not readily available in the US. They are almost always over-the-muscle, overfilled smooth saline, which feels terrible.

    People commonly make the mistake of dismissing all implants as silicone, when in fact the majority of them (especially in the US) are saline. Once again, real silicone implants can feel sensational.

  9. I agree with newworks. Nothing can compare with the shape, slope, and feel of real breasts. There are a few breast jobs that look OK—maybe 5% of them. The vast majority are aesthetically unappealing. Some of these bad jobs can make a woman look sexier—as long as she keeps her clothes on. I swear that some guys get all excited at anything projecting out of a woman’s chest—no matter if it has no resemblance to anything human. So many nude models are nothing more than average looking women who have paid a few thousand bucks for a bad boob job—and presto-chango, they become sex symbols. It is amazing, especially given the fact that there are so many naturally beautiful females around. Why settle for less?

  10. I’ve stated many times in the past how much I hate breast enhancements, and nothing has changed. I am very much into the natural beauty look – which also includes no-to-minimal tatoos and natural hair color.

    It would be a very sad thing if Tia really did get implants. I’ve met her; not only was she sweet, but she had a killer body that needed zero modification in my book. I really hope she didn’t succumb to that import scene crap about every model needing balloons on her chest.

  11. Tia may not have gotten the implants for her modeling career. It’s not even clear if she even wants to model anymore.

    She and her friend Diana Sang really never seemed to be into the modeling scene that much – it always seemed more like a very temporary thing to them.

    It does seem, however, that once an “implied only” model gets implants that they have a much more open mind to posing topless.

    If she did in fact get implants and she is getting back into the modeling scene, let’s hope that she only went up to a large B or something.

  12. I feel compelled to quote W.C. Fields here. When asked why he never married he replied, “Women are like elephants, I like to look at them but I wouldn’t want to own one”

    That’s how I feel when I see these over-inflated fake breasts, of course I look, hell I’m a man, but they are not that attractive. I prefer women as they are.

    I agree that the *physical-enhancement” industry prey on the insecurities and low self esteem of women and men alike. If it makes you happy ogle all the big boobs you like but don’t forget to love yourself and person you’re fortunate enough to be with no matter what they look like!

    And watch more W.C. Fields!!!

  13. I met Tia once at a model expo in LA. She’s a really sweet girl with a beautiful body. I’m disappointed to hear she’s getting implants.

  14. Tia Kai just opened up her new website. As was mentioned in the earlier posts of this thread she did have her breasts enlarged. From her forum she says she is happy with them, wanted them to appear natural and not too big. She feels that they may look a little too big in photos but much better in person.

    She is still doing only implied nudity but but seems open minded on the subject.

    A quote from her Q&A section sort of highlights the fallacy of trying to compare SoCal import models to mainstream fashion models and to subsequently pound on them for not being revolutionary or remarkable.

    Hahahahahaha…it’s funny when people ask about my “career.” Import modeling and the things I do don’t even compare to the real entertainment industry. I feel anyone can do what I am doing if they take the time and dedication. This isn’t a gold mine and no one should make this a goal to be a famous import model. The sad reality is the import industry is so small. I will never be 5’ 7”, have huge boobs and be what our society views as sexy. I will never make the cover of Vogue and it will never be a goal to. How I look at my so called modeling career is, I take it as it is given. I’ve had the greatest opportunities and I feel I have achieved so much already. I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

  15. Ok, somebody already wrote on her forum about this page here. She should be here soon visiting, seems she is really answering personally things on her forum.

    And have hope guys: she’s single and available (but without free time right now): ‘Who ever gets me in the end will truly be a lucky man.’


  16. but…oh i mean butt:)….nice rear view….:) hard to find a asian girl with the booty….is K4K MIA?….

  17. I don’t know if she really does have any more booty than any other Asian girl – that photo is calculated to emphasise it as much as possible.

    As for K4K, it looks as though he’s sulking after I cautioned him about borderline comments. πŸ˜‰

  18. Tia doesn’t have a booty. I rather see Tia with a booty than with fake boobs. Any chick can go out and get breast surgery done, but to have a booty is rare. I loved her just the way that she was, but it is real tough to make it as an import model unless you have a certain look, big boobs, or transition into nude modeling.

  19. candyman…very rare for asian women to have a good booty..dont know why…my only guess is that western woman or those who live in the west tends to play more sports or exercise in school. examples sprinters, volleyball players…this is just a guess. a lot of asian women i know from the far east tend to have flat ass or not toned….we should endorse phys ed for young asian women to build up the booties :))

    there is not guess for why hispanic and african american women always have such nice butts…look at j low…i prefer a more balance look of both toned butt and a nice rack, fake or real…eh doc πŸ˜‰

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