I Want Your Sex

Another nice videoclip from the 80’s. “I Want Your Sex” by George Michael. I’ve read that at the time this Asian lady was his actual girlfriend… Quite ironic now that we all know he is gay. Does anybody have more info on the model?

Kinda weird looking at this now, and realising how controversial this song was back in 1987. I remember some tv stations wouldn’t even play this video, while others played it only during late hours. Seems quite tame by today’s standards, but still very sexy.

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  1. I KNEW THIS WAS THE VID YOU HAD IN MIND!! We must have a mind meld going Robin! Sorry for the Caps Doc. Of course maybe it had something to do with the fact that only two videos in the 80’s featured Asian talent. So it was just a process…of…elimination. Ah crap anyway she was AMAZINGLY (sorry again Doc) hot and I heard she got majorly wrapped up in a Coke addiction that kinda destroyed her career. Don’t remember her name but remember wishing back then I was GM….not so much anymore. 😉

  2. It’s obvious that you guys don’t know your classics 😉

    It’s Kathy Jeung, a make-up artist from the LA area. As far as I remember, Michael had a long term relationship whith her.

  3. for another 80’s vid,how about Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded me with science!”…”why, Miss Sakamoto,you’re beautiful!”

  4. Hey I tried looking her up but everything with “George Michael” or “I want your Sex” brought me to 5 billion gay sites to choose from. Way to hang in there Marco!

  5. No, no and no.

    The girl of video clip”I want your sex” was Gloria Rodriguez(sure).
    She is Spaniard from Asturias(Spain) and no chinese or a japanese girl, etc.,She is a european girl.

    In my country Spain was famous by the videoclip too by nude and cover adult magazine interviu, etc.

  6. With all due respect Noumique, the girl in the video clip looks a lot more like Kathy than your photo of Gloria. She also looks more Korean than Spanish to me too.

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