Christina K. Lee: the X

The X

Asian Sirens has categories: Asian Actress, Asian Adult Actress, Asian Dancer, Asian Model, Asian Musician, etc.. Asian Party Girl is not a choice, but that is what would best describe Christina K. Lee, aka The X. I put this entry under models because of the work she’s doing with Xoticus.Christina is what they call a publizen. Her day-to-day life is described on her blog (and other people’s blogs). The bottom line is that she can drink you under the table. Christina works as a bartender in San Francisco and Las Vegas. The clubs are listed on her myspace page. If you visit, be ready for a hot time.

The X

More about The X:
Myspace: /xtinalee
Myspace group: There’s Nothing Hotter Than an Asian Girl
Xoticus: christina
(she’s the cover model, but you might want to look at some of the other models or try her typing test)

Stats (from Xoticus):
Name: Christina K. Lee
Birthdate: March 17th Sign: Pisces
Ethnicity: Chinese
Location: San Francisco, CA
Height: 5′ 4″ Weight: 100 lbs.
Measurements: 34-24-34
Dress Size: 2
Shoe: 5.5
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

The X
The X
The X
The X

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0 thoughts on “Christina K. Lee: the X”

  1. fake boobs, fake eyebrows…what else is fake on this girl? too much tila “tequila” nguyen…all silicone, no substance

  2. god i love this girl’s hair in the last photo. she pretty much has my dream post-college slumming-around-before-getting-a-9-to-5 job. bartending!

    (sorry, that was rebel christine coming out)

  3. The bottom line is that I would love her to drink me under the table…or wherever else she desires…:P And then take full advantage of me like her little play toy. This girl is so bad, blowin fire and stuff like that. I feel giddy now…need a beer.

  4. i don’t really find her that attractive, but she’s so badass…i want to be her best friend. we could talk about how men suck and then get matching tattoos and polish off a bottle of jim beam. maybe after we could talk about how to perfect each other’s standing dropkick or spot each other while benching (that actually seems like something maya and i would do together instead but, maybe she could tone up too). SOOO badass

    sigh. in my wildest dreams! hahaha

  5. She seems very pretty, but I’m not a fan of fake body parts (eyebrows, breasts, etc.). I think she would look much prettier with her natural, flatter chest, and natural, well-manicured eyebrows.

    For me, natural beauty trumps fake beauty any day.

    And before any of you imply I’m a hater, let me say my measurements are similar to her’s, and I’m all natural. I don’t even wear make-up, though people think I do. I’ve been told I’m a Asian hottie by BOTH women and men.

    Also, because I’m natural, I can spot a fake from a mile away. I know what natural beauty looks like. 🙂

  6. You mean post pics of myself? Well, if that’s what you mean, I will have to decline that challenge. Nowadays, due to security, I am unwilling to post revealing photos of myself on the net. I have a professional reputation to protect, and I doubt my husband will approve of me sharing that side of me with you all.

    Besides, with all due respect, you’re all strangers to me. I don’t feel the need to prove anything to you.

    So, it’s your personal choice to believe me or not. That’s on your side of the fence. As far as I’m concerned, and for the love of God, I spoke the truth.

  7. LOL @ Arf. Me thinks you just want to see pics of a natural Asian hottie.

    Again, I’m sorry I’m unwilling to comply (for reasons I mentioned). The only way you will get to behold me is if we crossed paths in real life. Who knows, it may happen. 😉

  8. MoonLight ask your husband. Maybe a dark shade pic, not too revealing. 😉
    J/k, just be confortable the way you prefer. We will always sigh for your pics, anyway (just like christine’s).

  9. I don’t know, Arf. Be careful about wanting to see me, as I may be bad luck for you. During the past week, I almost caused a couple of auto accidents when I was walking in the street. Men were too busy gawking at me while driving, and almost collided with other cars. Thankfully, they were near misses, and nothing happened. I did feel guilty, though.

  10. No problem, but how about your age then? That’s good to make us form a pic in our heads, you know how it is. 🙂

    Christina has that hot look and is surely a badass, like christi says. Her myspace sure has some hot pics where her body is more revealed.

  11. Good lord…Moonlight, you should never walk the streets with your bikini on…causing near miss auto accidents. I’m sure I would have crashed up a tree too or worse. I’m a huge gawker…just ask the wife. She hates me for that…:)

  12. wow..! yummmy…nice post…hottie hottie…even southern cal.. i guess i am having boob withdraws :))

  13. i thought we were going to leave the self-aggrandizing comments back with the “show us your girlfriend” post. ::yawn:: lee, your thoughts?

  14. hahaha funny thought popped into my mind earlier – moonlight being guernica’s nonexistent wife.

  15. Don’t forget the posting guidelines below now guys. Personal attacks will not be tolerated…right? 🙂 I bet you guys are guys too. See…how does that feel…guys. You guys.

  16. arf..i bought one pump the hell out of it but still didnt work :)) guess i have to be happy with what i have 🙂

  17. “I don’t know, Arf. Be careful about wanting to see me, as I may be bad luck for you. During the past week, I almost caused a couple of auto accidents when I was walking in the street. Men were too busy gawking at me while driving, and almost collided with other cars. Thankfully, they were near misses, and nothing happened. I did feel guilty, though. ……..”

    only a guy would say something like this :)) talk is cheap show us your boobs!

  18. thanks for your comment dazn…but probably would have been better had Christine commented about the pump :)) you creep me out man :))

  19. I have to agree with LawBoy and Chrsitine – MoonLight’s comments in this post are very sus indeed. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence – even if you really are the hottest babe on the planet or whatever, unless you are prepared to back up such claims with hard evidence, no one will take you serioulsy when you make them.

    And Chrsitine, Christina K. represents pretty much everything I despise in a modern Asian woman – I hope I never see your fantasy badass side! 😉

  20. hey boobster, if you are already hung low, you wouldn’t need a pump unless you were trying to set the guiness world record for biggest penis ever

    maybe you’re not telling me your full name? like, hung notso low?

  21. If she’s going that hard that young, she’ll burn out, find a nice hubby (who doesn’t know better) and will be driving kids to soccer practice within 10 years.

  22. Did a little digging on MoonLight, and found a previous highly suspiciuous claim of being a very sexy belly dancer, which of course ‘she’ refused to back up with any evidence. So I think we can safely assume that MoonLight is in fact a guy, until ‘she’ sees fit to prove otherwise. 😉

  23. Christine – you’ll have to travel to Pasadena to beat up Moonlight, but I’m sure Asian Sirens can fund your trip if you bring back some video footage. 😉

  24. HAHAHA! why would anyone want to be walking in the street in the dead of august in some city like pasadena? the only reason she’d turn heads is because she’d be the only scantily clad pedestrian in that town, it’s HOT there right now. i thought no one walked in LA?

  25. oiii niners. my chinese is so bad! hahahaha 🙁 that’s what happens when you grow up in the US. i am going to delete my comment now

  26. Christine, don’t be like that. Chinese always have this saying: pu kuan ni cu cai na li, tan zhi wo men shi Chung Kuo ren.
    (if I do not make any mistakes in translating: it doesn’t make any matter where you live, once you become a Chinese always Chinese).

  27. i have heard of another saying…”once you boink a chinese, you always want a chinese” 🙂 or was it “once you go black you’ll want to go back” it was one of those fortune cookie saying. 🙂

    i think you have a Secret Admirer mui mui…. 🙂 laying on thick arent you niners…? 😉 doc will get jealous… 🙂

  28. Lawboy, it is not good to make Doc jealous.
    That saying only to remind or refresh they who stays away from main land, to still know your mother language. That’s all nothing more.
    Furthermore, I do not have any secret admirer mui mui.

  29. wow she could pour drinks and hold tree cups at a time and spit fire i think i found love =] plus she likes grey goose man

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