Shelly Tran


Shelly Tran is a Vietnamese model from Melbourne. Tumblr can be found here. I never know how I find some of these models but she doesn’t appear to have a modeling page anywhere so make her popular by following her Twitter.Stats:

Age: 20
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Located: Australia








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  1. Ya pic 2 is the best one. She’s hot enough…if she does have an Aussie accent, probably a little hotter to me lol

  2. The 2nd picture is very nice and I think she is OK overall. Not really special for a model, but pretty good nonetheless.

    One think that really turns me off about many of these models (and I hate to single out Shelly here) is their shallowness. Just how vapid can you get? I guess when you are attractive people pretend you are interesting when you clearly are not. Then you come to believe it and take any (and every) opportunity to share your mundane blather with the adoring public.

    I’m sure some of this drivel could be calculated commercialism. You know, give the kind of insipid answers (to clueless interviewers) the brainless readers of celebrity trash appreciate.

    Wow, that’s my first snobby rant of the day. It feels good to get it out of the way this early.

    Seriously though, I have no use whatsoever for stupid and/or uninteresting people. Stupid/shallow women are the worst, as far as I am concerned. I know some guys like their women dumb–but not me.

  3. Bigfoot Dean, thumbs up on your rant. I assume you refer to her answers at the link. The questions begged a ditzy response, so we cannot totally blame the model each time. Nevertheless, it is a breath of fresh air to find a model willing to sound intelligent. Natasha Yi comes to mind as a good example. Others? I would like to see a list of brains and beauties.

  4. Sachiko is an obvious example of what jleetchie is asking for.

    I didn’t bother reading this girl’s interview, but given how unremarkable she looks, I think she’d do well to try and stand out in other ways.

  5. I made the mistake of clicking her Tumblr link first, and reading that first paragraph nonsense about some guy who left her.

    Too much drama.

    Then I looked at the photos but it was too late. The horror….the drama horror.

  6. French and jleetechie, it was both her Tumblr and the interview that gave me that impression. First thing that hit me was the horrendous music on the Tumblr page, along with what little content I could manage to read. The interview merely confirmed my initial impression.

    Yes, Doc, Sachiko is obviously more mature and intelligent than the run-of-the-mill model/import/whatever. Unfortunately Sachiko does nothing for me in the looks dept. To each his own, I guess.

    We have had the rare beauty with brains/musical talent posted here in the past. They are truly a breath of fresh air.

  7. I think she’s very cute, I love the 1st and 5th photos. Her tattoos are very tasteful which is refreshing, considering the horrid pieces some models get done.

  8. I think she’s hot. Imagining that Aussie accent makes her even hotter.

    Her tattoos are more tasteful than average, I’d have to say. She has a great body!

  9. Ok, I have an example of beauty/brains combo: Luana Lani. Look up her interviews. The girl has a lot going for her aside from the beauty she exudes.

  10. I do agree that she appears a bit soft as others have mentioned, but I think she’s very yummy! Plus the thought of the Aussie accent just tops things off for me.

  11. I think she’s delectable. She’s young, there’s drama, get over it. If we don’t want drama we should be looking at MILFs. Come to think of it, there’s too much drama there too…. That’s why a picture is better than a thousand words.

  12. @luv: I don’t think young = drama. I know plenty of young women without drama.

    Will she really work at being a model? Or did she just drop $2,000 on some photos?

    Too many pretty women here on AS to look at. I choose to look at the ones who believe in themselves. To me, when there is this much drama, they aren’t models.

  13. Cute enough, I like her upside down photo the best. Didn’t bother to read her blog, I don’t usually find any of them that interesting.

    Not to be too sexist, but IMHO women = drama, which is why they are the primary audience for soap operas.

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