Kaya Kimura

Kaya Kimura @ superstreetonline.com (photo: Day Photography)

I found Japanese Kaya Kimura at SuperStreetonline.com. She says Carmen Electra and the Kano Sisters inspired her to be a model. She moved to California from Japan in 1996. Check out some more pics and facts inName: Kaya Kimura
Age: 28?
Ethnicity: Japanese (Chris at Home writes she is mixed Filipina?!)
Home city/state: Riverside, CA
Measurements: 32C-25-34 / 81C-64-86
Height: 5’3″ / 160 cm
Weight: 98 lbs / 44 kg
Hair: brown/black
Eye color: Brown


Kaya Kimura @ superstreetonline.com
Kaya Kimura @ modelgraphy.com

Kaya Kimura

Kaya Kimura

Kaya Kimura

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  1. Blonde! With boobs like that in my face, she could have pink hair and I probably wouldn’t even notice. My goodness, that is a nice pair. Legs too!

  2. YUMMY!…and she’s out in the 909.Me…Her…Two gallons of baby oil.Her on top.She’s pouring.It’s gettin’ really slippery in there.Yep.

  3. Deinitely 30something…and if she’s in the 909…probably got a kid.I’ll break my “NO SINGLE MOTHERS” policy to give that a good pounding.

  4. Hey Stripes. This is kind of a crazy question. But, how does a girl get out in the 909? And where is the 909 that you are referring to? Because I work at the 909th AMU at Kadena AB, Okinawa, and have never seen anything like her in the 909th, where I’m from. Sure would be oh so nice. Off base is a different story though.

  5. Hey Errol Flynn, with legs and boobs like that, she could be 58, and I wouldn’t give it a second thought. That’s my limit, though.

  6. Arf…the 909 is an area code here in Southern California. It is known for it’s large quantity of meth labs, double wide trailers and poor white trash. If you are familiar with SoCal, it is the Corno/Norco/Funtuckey area.

  7. Funny she is wearing a “Barely Legal” magazine tee shirt, when in fact she is very very legal!

    But very cute, too.

    And who the hell cares what her area code is if it isn’t 718?

  8. She looks mixed (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)
    My guess is she’s half Japanese and half Caucasian.

  9. Another gorgeous, busty, Asian model. Keep them coming. Speaking of busty Asians, I met Julie Ha last week and took a few pics of her. She’s a cutie.

  10. The fifth photo on Chris at Home’s site is not her. Taking that into account, I think the ‘mixed Filipina’ look is actually due to facial surgery (nose job, chin job and eyelid surgery). Given this, then she quite possibly is full-blood Japanese – they often end up looking this way after this sort of surgery.

  11. If she’s full Japanese, is a shame how she’s had so much facial/boob surgery resulting in not looking Japanese. She’s about 39 I’d say. Looks half Filipina. Not my type: like ’em more natural.

  12. No way she is 39 but she does look artificial. again, not nearly as artificial, plastic or old as some other models often featured here. her body looks tight and slammin. I think she is is north of 26 but still quite fresh.

  13. Am I such an old-fashioned relic because I prefer women with no surgery, body piercings, & tatoos? When did I become such an out of date old fart?

  14. Yeah, as LawBoy knows Thuy Chi is a Vietnamese girl’s name. Still, that doesn’t mean thuychi doesn’t have to comply with our guidelines. It’s alright to say “I don’t think this girl is attractive” or something like that, but simply saying “she is really ugly” is not acceptable. We welcome the ladies here thuychi, but please act like one. 😉

  15. hey thuy if you send doc your pics, i will bet he will be in the better mood:) he is still pissed at Phd….:)) or you can send me one 🙂

  16. Hi Thuy. I understand that if your English isn’t good you might not always be able to say things in the right way. Judging from your name, I guess you are from Vietnam? We really like Vietnamese girls here. 😉

  17. yes, im vietnamese girl. ehm… how do u post pictures on this site? i have here a collection of asiangirls pic, maybe is it interresting? and that robin can forgive me?

  18. Hi thuychi. You can link to images posted on other sites, but you can’t upload them directly to here. If you can put them up somewhere else, I will be happy to tell you how to link to them from here.

  19. most pictures i have from here:

    a few from:
    my boyfriend, like the first 6 pictures.

    for asialover:

    lawboy, i dont know where they are take the pictures, but in my place where i was born my xuyen was a really nice studio either.

  20. I know Kaya personally and can attest that she is all real, except for the boobs. She is actually very sweet and is 100% Japanese. I am going to try a new post with some other pictures that I have of her.

  21. I mean that she hasn’t had any facial surgery as other have implied. She has definitely had a boob job, which is fine by me.

    I am going to post some pics now..

  22. I’m always amused by these comments along the lines of “I know this girl, so I can assure you hasn’t had any facial surgery”. Unless you are an immediate family member or have been her boyfriend for her entire adult life, how on earth can you be so sure she hasn’t had any surgery?

    Anyway, to post images, put them up on an image sharing site, and use this code to link to them:

    [ img ] insert URL here [ /img ] WITHOUT spaces

  23. Thanks for digging up this girl…lol that sounds like she is deceased..I mean I wasn’t a regular back in 2007. She is pretty sexy, in my book.

  24. No, I mean they are both playboy vids and homemade porn of me and her that I have saved on my Mac. How to I put it on a share sight?

  25. I honestly do have several good homemade porn videos with me fucking her in a variety of ugly positions. If someone would offer a reliable site for sharing videos, I’ll post them. If you want to see her nude Playboy pics, just Google: Kaya Kimura Playboy and there are a couple of boards that have the spreads. It’d be great if you could post them on here for everyone to see as this original thread on her was done before she began to pose nude. As you can already tell, I’m not the most tech savvy guy or I’d post them myself.

  26. If you are indeed telling the truth fast life, it’s not cool posting those videos online, although I can see why you’d want to.

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