Maya Murofushi


According to her profile, Maya Murofushi has won several different awards for her modeling work, and is currently working on becoming an actress/singer. She’s also apparently an author, so clearly this young lady has high ambitions.Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 5’6
Located: Japan
Ethnicity: Japanese






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  1. I really like the first and third photograph of her which shows her remarkable beauty! She has a very nice set of legs displayed in #5, that also adds another positive attribute towards her elegance! She is a really beautiful flower!

  2. One of the prettiest sirens I have seen in a long time!

    Would love to see more of body, but according to her profile: NOTES: I do not do Nude, Lingerie……….sigh.

    Nevertheless, I predict near unanimity regarding Maya here (there’s always at least one naysayer).

  3. Sorry Wings… I guess the naysayer duty falls to me.

    While she is most likely smoking in real life, her photos don’t bring out the woody in me.

    Also, did somebody photoshop her neck in the first pic? Doesn’t quite look right, and whats up with the collar bone?

  4. Interestingly, many Asian girls have creases on their necks from a very young age (often their teens) – I’ve seen some ignoramuses falsely judge an Asian woman’s age on this basis (even when they look their age or younger otherwise). So I’m guessing that’s the case with Maya – it doesn’t bother me, but we all know how evil any wrinkles are in current glamour and fashion photography.

  5. I’ve seen some smoking hot pictures of here elsewhere, but I agree that she’s more than likely stunning in real life I’m not too infatuated with the photos here.

  6. I do agree with Dr. Lee, she is very pretty and classy! I did a little research on the collar bone issue. It does appear to be somewhat pronounced, at her modeling site the same photo as well as many others depict the collar bone nicely. Perhaps it was just the angle of tilting her head and neck for the shot. She is quite the beauty. If I may extend the following web site, Maya Murofushi openly displays many more fine pictures of her to enjoy!

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