Julia Abenes


Copenhagen based Julia is a rather top heavy Filipino model. Seems she’s had 2 separate breast enlargements taking her to a whopping 34G. She seems to be a wonderful little lady, nuff said really.













Age: 26
Height: 5’0 152cm
Ethnicity: filipino
Located: Copenhagen

Pics 1
Pics 2
Pics 3
Pics 4

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  1. I’m not a big fan of big fake tits but if she were to give me any kind of attention who am I to refuse her advances. She is still a very god looking woman.

  2. Really funny that their being cartoonishly huge isn’t good enough for whoever put these out. They are still heavily photoshopped to even further engage in overkill!

  3. I know she’s gonna get trashed by a lot of people here, but I think she’s sexy as hell! With implants this big, it isn’t just the sex appeal of the tits themselves, but also the attitude behind them – it takes guts and a real desire to get sexual attention to go this large. And my impression is only reinforced by her raunchy outfits and posing, plus she’s very fit, and has nice, long, natural hair too. And she’s pretty enough to not detract from it.

  4. No complaints from me about her, even though I am not a fan of such large boobs. She is pretty, and in good shape as the doc points out. I think she had a pretty competent surgeon too – they look well matched; her nipples don’t point in different directions and they stand up well. Especially pic 2, which is HOT!
    Only problem I have is with her photographer who I’d say is rather sloppy. Look at pic 2: the backdrop is too reflective – look at the floor, and then notice her leg. Could have photo-shopped that out or at least notice that the thing reflects in the first place.

  5. No thanks! There are SO MANY better looking girls from the Philipines…and as my Chinese wife would say, “Filipino’s are not Asian”.

  6. I think I may be hyperventilating right now just a little. If loving her is wrong…then I don’t wanna be right.

  7. Shuai Ge, of course Filipinos are Asian, but I’m sure some Chinese think of them as less than “pure Asian” because of the obvious Hispanic influence. I know some Filipino women who look more Hispanic than Asian, and others who are very typically Asian looking. (I tend to prefer the more Asian looking Filipinas.)

    I’m also guessing AmericanArsenal’s wife is having a little joke in the same way Italians do with people from Sicily. (My father’s family is from Italy, my mother’s side from Sicily.) Many Italians think Sicilians are “less Italian”. Certainly Sicilians have been mixing with the people from Africa over the centuries.

    I see these kind of comments as more of a joke or remnants of cultural clashes over the years. I wouldn’t take it too seriously.

    As for Julia, it’s hard for me to see past the cartoonish implants. I don’t find this look sexually attractive at all.

  8. Filipinas are Asian, but they aren’t oriental – they are islanders, mixed with (as Bigfoot says) a lot of Spanish these days. It’s never made much sense to me why they’re lumped together with orientals as ‘Asian’, when they have virtually no common descent, and look quite distinct. But I guess this is what happens when Asian Americans decide that oriental is an offensive word, hence their redefinition of the word Asian.

  9. Francine Dee’s nipples point straight up; Julia’s breast should probably been made a bit smaller but are much better looking. I like Julia a lot and will continue to like her up until the time she does something like dye her hair blond.

  10. Julia could have walked by me the other morning at breakfast in my Beijing hotel. Gawking at photos is one thing – seeing such a disproportion live is another. I can’t say that I was particularly attracted (the girl was not Chinese.)

    Still, should I find myself in Copenhagen………

  11. I noticed the black, long hair too. She’s the bomb, very sexy!

    She’s very fit and that smile is gorgeous. A true beauty, just wish she was taller, then she would rock.

    arf, you feeling ok? Want us to call a filipina nurse to come by and check on you?

  12. A few things to say about those fake hooters… They taste funny and at least she will have a strong back.. .. Must really have a body image problem with those two really good friends 🙂

  13. I really hate it when people jump to the conclusion that a woman who gets large implants “must really have a body image problem”. Women who get large implants do not have lower than average self esteem – in fact psychological studies suggest the exact opposite. As I say above, it actually takes a lot of guts and determination to go this large – the woman has to have enough self confidence to withstand all the taunts.

  14. Thanks daznlover…butttt I already have a live in halfway sorta philipina nurse wannabe. She doubles as the nagging little wife on the side. 😉

  15. Doc, i tend to disagree with your statement. How would you explain the ones who cannot stop enlarging their breasts, sometimes to the point of losing their life to the extreme surgeries? Similar to the ones that cannot stop cosmetic surgery, botox.. it’s all done to try to fix their lack of confidence.

  16. As with everything there are always exceptions to the rule.

    Again I do not car for over inflated boobs. But this girl and the aforementioned Francine Dee I find both to be attractive women. There are others with smaller silicone implants that have an attractive face but one I see the boobs they are not attractive to me at all.

    But everyone has their own tastes which is why what I like someone else may not.

  17. Sucez: there is a huge difference between a plastic surgery addict and a woman who simply wants to have huge tits, often for very hard nosed business reasons (a US stripper’s income is directly proportional to the size of her breasts, for example). Plastic surgery addicts will have extensive facial work done, and as far as I can tell, Julia hasn’t had any at all. And you will find this is the case with most super-breasted models.

  18. I really like pic 7. For me the tatts rather than the tits are a bit of turn off but overall very attractive.

  19. Too big of breasts and tats for me are a turn off! Nice face though, too bad on the rest!

  20. beautiful woman huge fake tits look fake but gotgeous. pamela anderson can pull them off and this girl is way hotter (younger too)

  21. I agree with the Asian vs. Spanish influence in the Phil. Not a bad thing – just different from other Asian groups.
    Julia – and her chest – is fine by me (minus the nasty tat). As long as she didn’t get implants that big so she can gain 10-20lbs.

  22. She would have looked better with smaller tits, and toned up that waist line. no curves at all just huge fake boobies. took the easy way out

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